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Hong Kong - Macau

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Hongkong is one of those cities that I adore so much. I am more than willing to shell out moolah for a holiday that revolves around eating and shopping. Period. Sightseeing takes a backseat. Everytime I'm there I overplan what to eat and there never seems to be an "enough".

I love HK for more than the reasons below but also for the vibrancy of the city that never sleeps. Imagine trotting down the streets at midnight and the food options are still so varied! Mega love the discounts given for eating at non-regular hours too!

Pearl of the East...I cannot wait to be back soon!

How to go!

Cathay Pacific / 2016 - I prefer their national carrier mainly for their timings and entertainment in cantonese!
Scoot - Budget, budget and maximise your trip with a red eye flight!

Where to stay!

Chi Residences - A series of short term rental accomodation at accessible locations.
Hop Inn -  Hostel accomodation in the heart of all the action. I would recommend going for the twin instead of double if you are travelling in twos!
Mia Casa - Not the best but as small as Hop Inn.
Butterfly on Waterfront - Another butterfly property! Loved the location. 
Hotel Pennington by Rhombus - Comfy and well located hotel in Causeway Bay, easy access by airport express bus!
Regal Airport Hotel -  Perfect for the early morning flight.
Holiday Inn Express -  Surprisingly comfy, except the fridge is barely cold.

Beef Brisket

潮成園 - Beefy goodness at this neighbourhood joint.

Clay Pot Rice

Four Seasons - The HK favourite along the street of similars.

All things roasty

Lei Garden - HK style siew yoke.
Xin Dau Ji - All things roasted! Their suckling pig is TO DIE FOR.
源記燒臘 - Just to satisfy the Yung Kee craving
Yuen Kee - Huge plates of roast goose rice and pork chop buns.Yet another franchise.
Yung Kee - A touristy must go.
Kam's Roast Goose / Again - The best of roast goose and goose liver sausages.
Yat Lok Roast - In the battle of roasts between Kam's and Yat Lok, this pales in comparison.
Tai Hing Roast - Only for the char siew.
Joy Hing Roast - Because Kam's sold out on me. 

Starbucks x G.O.D. Collaborations

Duddell Street  

101 ways to eat instant noodles

Sun Kee - Cheese instant noodles anyone? Grilled pork neck is divine.


Lin Heung /Again / And Again! - The unforgettable 蛋黃蓮蓉包 and almond cookies...lard never tasted better.
Luk Yu - Where the tycoons hangout. Dimsum without the crowd but plenty of old school.
Chao Inn -  Here, there...everywhere!
Tim Ho Wan / Again / Yet Again  / And Again / Again  - One Michelin star worth...the cheapest ever!
Majesty Seafood Restaurant - Best molten custard paus! 50% if you leave before 12pm.
Super Star Seafood Restaurant / Again - Huge morning breakfast discounts!
Tao Heung - Dimsum for the masses
Social Place - A modern take on dimsum.
Sun Hing - Old school and oh-so-tasty, their molten custard paus are the new best.
Saam Hui Yaat 叁去壹 - The oldest school and most authentic yum cha experience. 
Shang Palace -  Michelin starred restaurant with lunch time discounts.

Cafe Culture

Cupping Room - With a world's ranked number 2 barrista!
Dead End Cafe - In the up and coming Tai Ping Shan district.

Cha Chan Teng

Tsui Wah/ Again / Again -  Pork Chop Bun! Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk! A HK Style cafe gone upmarket.
南龍粥店 - Porridge is their version of breakfast.
Lan Fong Yuen / Again - Known for their stocking milk tea!
Ocean Empire - Quick fix at airport!
Capital Cafe - Endorsed by Hongkong celebs
Cheung Heung - Kennedy Town pitstop!
Nam Loong Cafe - Gone upscale like Tsui Wah.  
新五龍粥麵茶餐廳 - Pork Chop buns and late night supper. 
新香園 (堅記) - Beef omelette sandwich makes this cafe tick. 

Wanton Mee

Lung Kee Wanton Mee - Wanton mee hk cafe style!
Mak's Noodle - Wanton mee with Anthony Bourdain's stamp of approval.
Wing Wah Noodle - Worthy of that Michelin recommendation. Wanton mee, never ever ever the same again.
Ho Hung Kee - Michelin recommended wanton mee
Ho To Tai / Again - Worth the trip to Yuen Long.
Lau Sum Kee - Soup wantons so so so so good!


Honeymoon Dessert - Durian in HK, not for the hardcores. We've got an outlet at Vivo!
Turtle Shell Jelly / Again - I swear by this herbal dessert to soothe ANY impending sore throat.
Hui Lau Shan/Again - The next famous HK export that has found its way to SG but somehow did not kick off.
See's Candies - Hails from US...another lil chocolatier that dishes out complimentary chocolates.
Maxim's - Maxim to HK is what Bengawan Solo is to SG...ubiquitous!
廖同合 - Soyabean curd done the most traditional way.
Roll - Froyo the HK way...and the yummiest charcoal black sesame swiss roll!!
Pie and Tart / Again - Through the years, still as good...their milk tart's divine! Rival's our L.E. cafe's soyabean tart anyday!
Lucky Dessert / Again - Hidden gem....better than the other over hyped.
Paul Lafayet - All things sellers include creme brulee, mille feuille and macarons!
Crumbs - Froyo alert! Scones alert!
Pastry Gems - Ritz Carlton's Deli..
Yee Shun Diary - Double boiled milk.
Wu Dai Tong Tang - 2am crowds. TST's buzzing dessert kiosk.
LGB - The quest for awesome macarons in HK.
Pierre Herme - Finally the God Father of macarons makes it to HK!
Passion by Gerard Dubois - To be seen sipping a cuppa and nibbling a macaron.
Oddies Foodies -  Overhyped egg wafflets and soft serve.
聰嫂私房甜品 -  A crazy popular dessert joint, all for that longan coconut dessert. 
Godiva - Even this Belgium chocolate brand has found a place in my heart in Hong Kong.


Urban Bakery -  That molten custard croissant. 

La Boheme Bakery - Er, to fill the tummy at the MTR stations.
A La Bakery - Croissants and macarons sparkle at this French Bakery.

Disneyland Hongkong

Overpriced food - Well...for the childhood's totally forgivable...right?

Eat along the streets

明華餅家 - Traditional goodness.
Mister Softee - Straight off a roving van...catch it if you can!
Egg Wafflets / Again  - Hk's twist to street waffles!
Tasty Reminisce - Famously cheap handrolls. 

Egg Tarts to HK are like Macarons to Paris

新逸茶餐廳 - Eggtarts in HK are to-die-for, wherever they are.
Tai Cheong  / Again / Again / Again for their sugar donuts! - If Chris Patten loves it, you have to...TOO.
Honolulu - Tai Cheong's greatest rival

Food Seen on Tv

Fishballs that the HK actors make to be oh-so-yummy
Wing Kee Noodles - Trishaw man noodles 

A wee bit of pampering

Peninsula High Tea - Luxury, redefined.
Caprice - 1 star, Hongkong harbour...
Bo Innovation - 1 star, Extreme Chinese Cuisine
Le Atelier Joel Robuchon -  Another starry one. The best so far.
81/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana - 1 star,  the legendary two month waitlist
Clipper Lounge High Tea - See and be seen. Those amazing rose petal jam and scones!
Lung King Heen  / Again - 3 stars and deservingly so. Prepare yourself for the wait list. 
MO Bar - Overcrowded and well, it's always tea time in this land of dimsum!
Upper House - Worth a splash.
Man Wah -  Not quite worth the hype methinks.

Some European Influence - aka the chichi and upmarket

Madam Sixty Ate - All of hype and location
Frites Belgium On Tap - Beers, really.
Fofo El Willy - Spanish gone delicious! Michelin recommended, I hope they get their deserving star soon!
Burger Room -  Solved my mystery and curiosity on burgers in Hong Kong.

Some Asian Influence - aka the im-so-bored-of-cantonese-food

Hongkong Lao Shanghai - Old school.

Chillaxing amidst the hustle and bustle

Woo Bar - Gone drinking at this hypnotically beautiful place!
The Woods - Cocktails are in vogue here, almost like our 28HKS.
Ping Pong Gintoneria - Sai Ying Pun is hip with this Ping Pong Association turned bar. 


Kanamizu Sushi - Yes, HK serves up really aweeeesome Jap too!
One Sushi - Conveyor belt style, it was all cheap uni for me.
The Mon - Once upon a time, so good according to the Hongkies. Even their legendary tamago is well..meh.
Beppu Ekimae - Affordable dining.

Meant for shopaholics and gluttons

Horizon Plaza - Eat and shop till you drop!

Hotpot for the kill

Bu Dao Weng - A notch above the ordinaries.

Made in Hongkong Edibles that I lug home so relentlessly i.e. souvenirs

Kee Wah/Again/Again- Pineapple shortcakes....!
罗坤发粉面厰 - Handmade noodles
Wing Wah /Again - Old Wife's Biscuits.
Chan Yee Jai - Bird's Nest Cake.
Hang Heung / Again- Old Wife's Biscuits...the authentic traditional way! A ferry's ride away from Hongkong..the settlement is largely influenced by the Portugese and is very evident in their cuisine.
Jenny Bakery / Again / Jenny VS Mr Rich - Queues expected for these crazy delicious buttery treats. Maximum two tins per customer.
Limited Editions - Vitasoy!

Eggtarts are the heartbeat of Macau snacks..the same way almond cookies are. It's quite an oligopoly with a few brands dominating sales. Its over franchised stores are dotted all over the island, getting them is way too easy.

Pasterlaria Koi Kee - Monopoly of Macau snacks...priced higher at Venetian!
San Hou Lei - Bird Nest Tart!!!

All at Venetian

Cafe Deco - Biggest Breakfast area
Fogo Samba - Brazilian buffet!
Lord's Stow - Macau's famous export.
Belini Lounge
Food Court - Cheaper food options, great for quelling supper hunger pangs.

Pork Chop Bun Frenzy

Tea Plus - Because the Flowers Over Boys handsome dude says so
Cafe Tai Lei Koi Kei - MY definition of the best pork chop bun