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Starbucks x G.O.D. 2 @ Mongkok

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Following my first visit to Starbucks x GOD's outlet at Duddell Street, I made it a point to check out Mongkok's outlet too - this was a collaboration between G.O.D. and artist Stanley Wong (a.k.a Anothermountainman) in designing for this 6,000 square feet two-story store. The shopfront bore no mention of its nostalgic touches, pretty much like just any other Starbucks outlet.


Exclusive to the store are a few of the Hong Kong street favourites.


Old school replicated.


An art installation made of mahjong tiles - uber duper cool even for a non-mahjong fan.


Even the walls are not spared, going with a full cement look and feel. Feels just like the 60's?


A pity this was down but otherwise doubled up as a perfect photo prop.



Tongue in cheek rules made in Hong Kong. Have a good laugh!


Remembering stars from yesteryears in a magazine mâché.


Our modern day drinks in a not-so-modern set up. Between the two outlets, I am loving Duddell's Street more!

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