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Ninja Cut @ Seah Street


Ninja Cut's squid bowls made their rounds on instagram before I made my reservation and end up not eating it. What an irony. Granted the dishware that the food was served in were huge - and pretty too. Lights were on point, hence the beautiful pictures too.







Oceans of Mentaiko ($18)
Mentaiko Butter Cream Sauce, NZ Mussels, Hokkaido Scallops, Prawns, Toast

This would have been a chowder, deconstructed. Mentaiko butter on toast was already tasty enough, honestly anything with mentaiko is good enough to make the dish sing.


What's Your Beef? ($18)
Roast Beef Ribeye, Grilled Corn Furikake, Sauteed Mushrooms, Onsen Egg, Honey-Glazed Carrots, Garlic Chips


We swopped the rice for greens and turned out to be a reinterpretation of  bimbimbap gone skinny. The flavours were lacking though colours more than made up for it.


The Cheeky Cheese ($18)
24 Hour Braised Japanese Curry Beef Cheek, Garden Greens, Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I possibly got obsessed the imagery of melted cheese strings in a cheese sandwich which resulted in a slightly skewed expectation since this was neither stringy nor melty. Just a regular cheese sandwich and a flavourful beef cheek curry.


Sweet Potato Fries ($10)
Mentaiko Cream, Torched Marshmellow, Bacon Bits, Melted Cheese

I seriously concede defeat in the name of whims and fancies. And to think, it was over marshmellows. I like the idea of melted cheese on fries (visually it looks awesome), but the cheese did not stay melted for long which then defeated the purpose of having melted cheese on it. Overall beautiful on paper and that was it.

Before I completely strike this place off as just another instagram-friendly venue, I would classify this as another brunch alternative.

Ninja Cut
32 Seah Street

Christmas with Cold Storage

~Invited Session~


Christmases are a big deal for the family - a time of the year where weighing scales are tucked out of sight and merry making begins as early as December arrives. Family feasts are a must, and almost tradition to have all of us present our best dishes on a single dining table for one night and the leftovers are always more than enough to feed us all for several meals after. I have eaten too many creative other uses for turkey to even lift and eyebrow by now.

With the bub joining us this year, I have been flipping magazines and scouring websites for an alternative to the insane cooking that happens in the kitchens every year.

Why not, takeaway?


Cold Storage is here to rescue shoppers like me with their wide selection of traditional christmas favourites - PLUS, there are gifts like sports cooler bags, cheeseboards and wine decanters that are gifted along orders!

The options are endless, honestly. From ala carte options to communal feasts - there is seriously something for everyone.


Lavish Christmas Feast ($159.95) for 8 – 10 people (an allround dinner that includes a Medium Butterball Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing and Turkey Gravy, Primo Banjo Bone-in Ham, Ribeye Roast Beef with Black Pepper Sauce)


Festive Christmas Feast ($89.95) for 6 – 8 people (includes Burgers’ Smokehouse Roasted Herb Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, Brown Sauce and Cranberry Sauce, Honey Baked Ham).


Exclusive Burgers’ Smokehouse Turkeys are available in Herb Roasted and Honey Roasted flavours. The Turkey Breast with Pistachio and Chestnut Stuffing and Three Bird Roast (a delicious mixture of Turkey, Duck and Chicken).



I found the turkey tasting more like chicken and ham than turkey itself though the stuffing was really delicious.



Beef lovers will relish the rich and tasty Ribeye Roast Beef ($49.95 - $59.95), with its luscious marbling and boneless cut.


A must-have is the Bone-in-Ham ($49.95 - $89.95). Hand-made and slow cooked with a special recipe glaze, the ham is exclusive to Cold Storage stores.


Panettone, is a sweet bread loaf typically enjoyed during Christmas and the Bauli Panettone Mignon ($3.95) and Amaretti Virginia Panettone ($12.95) are great choices. These taste just like raisin bread, except shaped differently. Pair it with hot chocolate or a mug of milled wine, the night is ready to roll.

Pre-orders have already commenced, and I say - hop on the bandwagon for a merry christmas.




Otherwise, their range of snacks and drinks also make a great christmas hang out - chips, pasta chips, ciders and cookies galore! 

Shang Palace @ Shangrila Kowloon, Hongkong


Who would say no to an Early Bird menu? From 1030am - 12noon, the menu went for a song of HKD 200, afterwhich (anytime after 12 noon) goes for a tune of HKD 338. Shang Palace, synonymous with the Shangrila brand name, is a two starred michelin establishment in Hong Kong. Reservations was not hard to make, as opposed to the likes of Spring Moon, Yan Toh Heen and obviously Lung King Heen that needs weeks to a month's worth of advanced notice given.



Spiced cashews and a trio of chilli sauces for the rest of the meal. It is uncommon to find habenero as part of the condiments. I was completely prepared for sliced chilli padi and preserved green ones. 


Tea on the house, chrysanthenum with wolf berries - a family favourite and interesting way to cleanse the palette before the indulgence commences.

Dimsum combination


Steamed Shrimp Dumpling


Steamed Minced Pork Dumpling with Black Truffle Paste 


Steamed Assorted Vegetables Dumpling

It seems that Shang Palace is not the place to be at if one is seeking dimsum surprises, don't get me wrong - they do fine dimsum and the craft is tasted in the freshness of ingredients and fine skins but these probably would please the traditionalists more than those seeking fads.


Baked Barbecued Pork Bun


I cannot help but compare this with Lung King Heen's and clearly or perhaps the bias was always on the latter. Visually undercooked though it was a really pillowy soft bun with a sweet topping and filled with char siew. Good, just missing out on great. 


Mini Egg Tartlets

Once again, a traditional flaky egg tart that wowed on skill - the easily destructible layers and smooth custard.


Barbecued Meat Combination

Roast duck 

The roast goose and duck debate can continue forever but one thing's for sure, the cantonese sure know how to do a good roast. Crispy skin with an incredibly tender and juicy duck meat - well with eyes closed, it can be passed off as goose but it was a tad too salty.

Soy Sauce Chicken

Equally delicious is their soy sauce chickens, so easy to debone - skin and meats.


Sauteed Seasonal Vegetable

The portions definitely had me amused but quality beats quantity anyday, stir fried spinach served piping hot. Very hearty stuff.


Braised E-fu noodles with Wild Mushrooms

To be honest I frowned when this was on the menu and half expected this to be average and soggy, as with our banquet menus. Lo and behold, the chef sprung a surprise by pulling all stops and presenting a classic noodle dish done al dente and served with just mushrooms.

Sure tells a tale of craftmanship and pride, all in a bowl. Just like how the companion's childhood tastes like.


Chilled Sago Cream with Mango and Pomelo

Thick mango juice with pomelo pulp and sago, as simple as it sounds takes rocket science to pull off a masterpiece it seems. This was one delicious one and just the right consistency - watery desserts are a peeve.

Almond Cream with Black Sesame Sticky Rice Dumpling

It sounds almost insane saying this but the almond creams I have eaten pale in comparison up and against this pure almond cream - none of the synthetic nonsense, barely sweet.


Two stars worthy with a value for money set lunch to boot - experience good old Hong Kong at Shang Palace.

Shang Palace
Shangrila Kowloon

Tasty Reminiscence (勁回味) @ Hung Hom, Hongkong


Thanks to Openrice's monthly chart of readers' favourites, I found myself hunting down this hole in wall handroll specialist - it was definitely a case of blink and miss it. Infact we went round the building more than twice and nearly queued for the wrong shop before landing ourselves right at the door steps of Tasty Reminiscence.


Order and pay before a post it with my order number written was issued.


I caught sight of these condiments and marveled at the different levels of spiciness for wasabi soya. I'd love a pungent whiff of the spiciest - infact, that nostril chilling sensation is, addictive. 


Canadian or Japanese, I definitely was not expecting the best of its kind in a hand roll. Afterall, it is but HKD 50 and well, it is classified as a street eat.

I would have expected more rolls of sea urchin piled onto my handroll but this was good enough. I probably squeezed enough wasabi sauce for this crispy seaweed draped roll to be finger licking good and wished I ordered another without having to endure another queueing process.


Uni with salmon (HKD 40)

This looked more with the cushioning of salmon at the bottom. Fresh salmon and delicious sea urchin once again.

I don't usually agree with the chart toppers but this is legit and worth the hunt!

Tasty Reminiscence (勁回味)

Shop 21B, G/F, New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

新香園 (堅記) @ Sham Shui Po, Hongkong


Sham Shui Po is one of those neighbourhoods that is fast gaining popularity for its food gems and night markets - and even with my frequent Hong Kong travels, I honestly am not even close to checking off all the neighbourhood eats yet.

新香園 (堅記) is a marriage of convenience (porridge sold next doors and everything else in the main shop) so there is alot of takeaways going on for almost every dish one can think of.


Breakfast, lunch or dinner, they have got it all covered. And yes, sharing of tables is perfectly encouraged and the hongkong vibe runs strong here too - local regulars and loud booming conversations in cantonese. I cannot help but wonder - there really is no concept of privacy at all.


Beef Noodle (HKD 21)

I'd very much prefer to try their famous pig trotter noodles but with the heavy lunch planned, I better not kill my stomach with an equally heavy breakfast.

Alkaline wanton noodles with a dash of oyster sauce and over tenderised beef slices. Somehow I am not such a huge fan of this dish, though oyster sauce with anything works on any homecooked dish.


Beef Omelette sandwich (HKD 19)

Trust the hongkongers to make delicious of minced beef, egg and toasted sandwich bread. The bread in itself is barely impressive - browned and flimsy but stuff in a pan fried beef omelette and we are finally talking business.

Hearty, delightful and somewhat very comforting even for a takeaway. The only time I indulge in sandwiches without my side salad or even a ketchup dollop.

Best sandwich? I may not concur but it was a mighty satisfying one.


Not to mention, their chilli sauce which is quite the bomb too. For future visits to eateries, I have to pay attention to their condiment corner!

新香園 (堅記)
38 Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po