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Nobu @ Kuala Lumpur


We flew into KL just for Nobu. You read that right and that has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever done, all thanks to a girlfriend who did just the same and spread the evil sin around. One and a half months in advance, I tried to be kiasu and book a table with a window seat.

Replies were prompt and I was rejected on the basis that reservations only opened one month in advance. So yes, I had to try again. All these just made me appreciate Lung King Heen a whole universe more - they actually bothered with a six month advance notice for a table. Maybe that is what also contributed to the Michelin Starred dining experience, except Nobu better be bloody darn worth both the trouble and the fuss.

Nobu was not difficult to find, hail a cab or take the LRT to KLCC for a minimum 10 minute walk - it is just outside KLCC, next to Mandarin Oriental.

Two lifts and a warm welcome by their service crew before we made it to the "best seats in Nobu", the lady behind the counter chirped. We were assigned a server for the night - which turned out to only appear to explain the menu and fill in the moments where we were left unattended, not forgetting she was also serving 5-6 other tables in the same section of Nobu.


Sushi counter seats, anyone?


The bar counter where tipple dreams come alive.


The view before sundown of KL city.


I love a pastel hued sky.


Twin towers upclose and personal.


I get why my seat is considered best in the restaurant.


The Nobu experience awaits.



Salmon Tartare

Minced sashimi served in a shoyu laced with wasabi and topped with caviar - sublime despite defying sashimi etiquette of having shoyu served separately.

The additional touch of olive as a palette cleanser was equally refreshing, laced with a certain sweetness that made me love olives.

Sushi Platter
Otoro, Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna

Sushi can hardly be bad if the fish is fresh, no hat tricks here and I loved Otoro best for that mouth popping moment of overflowing fats. Finding a random scale in my sushi was a highlight - for one, I would have expected more attention paid to descaling the fish. And for two, any self respecting Japanese restaurant would have frowned heavily on this mishap, and no apologies, no explanation was made by their kitchen though feedback was given.

The normalcy started here and continued for the next few dishes unfortunately. Almost like a stoke of bad luck.


Seared Salmon Salad

Nothing extraordinary beyond seared salmon on a bed of greens.


Tenderloin with Asparagus and Mushrooms

Flambed with sake, it was most theatrical arriving in a hot plate and my beef was served sizzling. Lacking in flavour, this was mostly bland and boring.


Black Cod with Miso


At least things picked up with their signature black cod served. The hubba's portion was burnt which is another huge kitchen mistake that can be rectified and once again they chose not to.

Mine thankfully was done well, crispy skin and that delicious fatty flesh.


Soup Soba


Enoki mushrooms and soba was a bowl of merriment.


Chocolate Lava Cake and Matcha Icecream


I would have expected warabi or a Japanese infused dessert instead of a molten lava cake for an omakase ending. It was somewhat underwhelming and disappointing.

Nobu Signature Omakase (RM 380) turned out to be a 7 course dinner with some idea of what Nobu could be great for and also showcases what they are lacking in. I would recommend just going for their classics but do not expect an authentic omakase experience here.

Level 56 Menara 3 Petronas Persiaran

Durian Fest 2015 @ Resorts World Sentosa

~Invited Session~


I and durians come a long way - Until 10, I loved them with a burning passion. More than the chou chou that I developed such an attachment for. Then came a strange thing called puberty and possible a whole universe of change in preferences that this became a foe.


I am almost non-Singaporean who does not consider the Durian Season as important as a good sale. Come to think of it, I have queued for a Hello Kitty toy but not for durians.


Durian Fest by Resorts World came and went with a full subscription, so did I - like a traitor, I felt I was wasting the ticket since I was there to soak up the atmosphere and smells (categorically, what is aroma to the durian lover is poison to another, if I may classify it - it is like skunk fart).


I've never seen a nation of people so obsessed with thorns. No pain, no pleasure.


Visitors got to dig into  six premium types of durians this year, along with other seasonal fruits like mangosteens, jackfuits and duku langsats. Also available were coconuts. 


See what I mean? Acupuncture probably elicit more squeals than holding a durian by its thorns.


I was possibly the only one who was there for the concubines of fruits, truth be told, I never had such juicy rambutans or mangosteens before! 






Free flow of coconuts to quench the thirst!


Yellow gold.


Mao Shan Wang


The King of fruit reigns with almost every table having at least one of these - pungent laced with an incredible creaminess and sweetness. 


Red Prawn


The bittersweet aftertaste with hints of liquor made this my personal favourite of the types of durian available. It is almost acquired like whiskey.  




Just mouthfuls of sweet pulp, entry level methinks for those who prefer something one dimensional tasting.


The thoughtful management made sure every table was well equipped to fend off heatiness.


Everyone went prepared - to queue and eat like no tomorrow. The amount of empty shells that stacked up at the end of the event was a horrifying pile. 

A star of the event is the largest stack of durians in the world exhibit, one that dimished so fast that by the time I managed a decent snap, they had ran out of durians and the seating was about to end. 


Their durian mascot also joined in the fun - I can only imagine if he were a durian lover and being above to see and not touch the stack would be incredibly torturous!

Then the unimaginable happened, I fell in love with the king of fruit, again. I have been badgering the dad for red prawn durian to no end ever since - oops!


So long Durian Fest 2015, I am already looking forward to 2016!

Word has it that the latest durian breed is 皇中王, one that even trumps Mao Shan Wang for premium. Let's see if I can get an ally on this to sneak in some bites this season. 

Have you had your durian this season? 


~Sponsored Review~

Next to the elections, #jiaklocal is possibly the next best thing to #buylocal and showing some of our kampung spirit. Having been supporting local by being the ever ardent supporter of Naiise, I now lend a hand to spread my love for Sugar. Sugar is an interactive city guide that seeks to encourage a culture of exploration in Singapore, and in so doing, help local small businesses get discovered.

The app is free and helps me discover new indie cafes, boutique bars, heart-thumping activities, and novel events near me - this sounds like a dating app already.

So I dated Sugar for two weeks and here's my 7 things I discovered about her and myself.

Spending money faster than I earn

Loading the kitty in the app is easier than doing a fund transfer, and that is a major major major turn on for me. The times that I have spent being a keyboard warrior on Taobao's online help and trying to pay for my purchases have made me appreciate fuss free transactions.

I can lose my fortune in a stock market 

Unlike mass purchase voucher websites like the Groupons and Deals where prices are standardised, here comes Sugar with prices that rocket, fluctuate and nosedive like an Olympic Diver doing the perfect dip. I have seen my redeemed cream puff transact at $0.60 and I paid $1.20. Holy dang.

The science behind this is simple, gather enough people to bring the price down and ta-dah, you get the lowest deal for the day! Better still if you set the lowest price of all time, skimming reduces the price by 20 cents #dontsaybojio. While I have not seen a deal lower than 60 cents, seeing the price drop is no joy greater than this. Plus, purchasing that last deal sets on enough endorphins to make me grin like a silly.

 Early bird catches the worm

I have gotten so obsessed with this, this is the first app I actually bother fiddling with half awake every morning. And it is not even to reply whatsapp messages nor check facebook. With the limited deals, you truly have to be an early bird to catch the worms - even at 730am on weekdays there are deals already sold out and all I can muse is - try again tomorrow.

14 days until the next purchase, BOO.

The greatest bummer comes when I revel in joy after nailing a purchase is I have another 14 before buying from the same merchant again. I suppose this prevent bulk buying and the kind folks at Sugar think consistency is boring.

There have been times when prices hit a new low and hitting the button gets me an alert that I have "X more days before I can buy this!". #truestory

Buy more = Save more  

Things have gotten so sweet that with every top up, you get more credit! Here goes, with every $100 credit they top up another $100, shaving off your future transacted prices by HALF. I am already sold on this and have plans to just rely on Sugar for my future entertainment and meals.

7 days too soon

Given how most deals expire in 7 days, I end up planning where to go ahead of time and that unfortunately leaves little room for changes. The great thing then is, the app helps you track the date and time of expire.

Terms and Conditions are meant for reading

It is very important to read the terms and conditions before clicking buy because some deals only apply on weekdays at certain timings.

Have fun and play around because it helped me save a fair deal of lunch money and lowered my dissonance post purchases since I got them at discounted prices.

Hvala Waffle Bar, 313@Somerset
Vanilla Bean Soft Serve ($1, RSP $

The Bakery Chef (Bukit Merah Central)
Rainbow Cake ($1.20, RSP $)

Flourish Pastries, Tanjong Pagar Complex
Cream Puff ($1.20, RSP $3)

Oka Sushi Bar (Tanjong Pagar)
Sushi Pack ($2.80, RSP $7.80)

Kuay Chap Set ($3.80 , RSP $7.60)


Rabbit Hole
Craft Salad ($3, RSP $9)


Bread and Hearth (Telok Ayer)
Croissant ($1.20, RSP $3)


It is a distraught affair seeing my redeem list empty, onward to more shopping on sugar!

In celebration of Sugar's first year, they are giving all new sign ups $10 extra Sugar credit so all you need to do is sign up at with the referral code "we1sugar" for the extra $10 Sugar credit and the credit will be sent to you within 3 working days! This promotion ends end July so hurry!!