Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wedding Dinner @ Raffles Hotel


With the sister's nuptials coming right up, I have the privilege of reliving the pre-wedding days sans all of the jitters and stress. Hooray for siblings. 

Off to Raffles Hotel for our closed door tasting - no signage at all but we had the glittery ballroom to ourselves and a dedicated waitress who would plate the dishes and ensure we were served well.


Homemade Iced Lemon Tea


Logo-ed plates, old school and really classic.


Eight Harmony Treasures


I marvelled at the way this was plated, every item was strategically placed in order of flavour I assumed. The crispy five spice tofu was lacking in flavour and my favourites were actually the jellyfish, money bag and roast duck.


Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Roe


Everytime shark's fin is served, it does elicit some form of guilt. However, that being said I still enjoy this delicacy very much. Best eaten with fish roe, decadence in its highest form.


Steamed Live Water Prawn with Chinese Herb in Bamboo Basket


A well executed live prawn dish with such freshness and succulence. There is no better way to eat fresh prawns than having them steamed.


Steamed Red Snapper with Supreme Soya Sauce and Julienne Leek


Fresh and meaty, for once I relished every bite, including the leeks. Delicious much. 

Slow Braised Eight Treasured Duck with Chestnut


The server niftilly dissected the sprawling duck that had its belly brimming with treasures. It is a close cousin of braised pig trotters and black moss, a very festive CNY dish. While I find the breast meat dry, the drumsticks were flavourful and juicy.


Steamed Broccoli with Wolfberry in Crabmeat Gravy


Crunchy brocolli with a crabmeat gravy so decadent, I actually wish there were crab pincers thrown in too.


Braised Ee Fu Noodle with Mushroom and Yellow Chive


These were done the authentic cantonese way, so says the hongkie. Noodles are soft with a foamy texture rather than the usual springiness that I thoroughly enjoy. Not a fan of this one.


Chilled Homemade Bean Curd with Black Sesame Paste

A pleasant surprise awaited us at the end of the meal with a western interpretation of an asian dessert. Almost like panna cotta in black sesame paste, very light and it provided a comforting finish for this food tasting session. 

I look forward to the real deal later this year!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Matt's The Chocolate Shop @ UOB Center Basement


Matt's has opened a second outlet at Raffles Place, tempting the office crowds with more of their sweet treats. There is a comprehensive range of chocolate treats available, from chocolate chip cookies to chocolate fudge cakes.


Available in full cake or cupcake sizes ($4), the moist chocolate cake is fluffy too and the layer of chocolate fudge frosting takes the cake home.


It can be a tad sweet but otherwise, it is one incredibly soft chocolate fudge and terribly decadent too!

matts cookies

Their chocolate chip cookies, sold by the box cost a pricey $6 but oh-so-divine! Thin biscuit slices with enough crunch and peppered with enough chocolate chips.

Matt's The Chocolate Shop
UOB Center Basement

Friday, October 24, 2014

Alfero Gelateria @ 313 Orchard

I never had a good gelato since we left Italy.
Sounds like a tall order?
Sure indeed but I found a good replacement in the form of Alfero Gelateria and this is not a sponsored review. 

Bacio and yuzu in the same cup sounds like a recipe for a weak tummy but boy it worked, so well. 
The zestiness of yuzu made every melting bite taste so good, plus it helps with indigestion!
Bacio, their signature flavour was a hot favourite and I can totally comprehend why. It was like ferrero roche in a gelato, rich, sticky and chocolatey!

Alfero Gelateria
313 Orchard

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pelican Seafood Grill Revisited @ One Fullerton


Back at Pelican because I craved the Snapper Pie to bits - and the Great Pelican Boil but the company were not fabulously over the moon with the crustaceans hence I had to can the idea.


The all too familiar and terribly scrummilicious bread with unsalted butter. Rely on this for comfort when the wait gets trying for the Snapper Pie - takes approximately 20 minutes if the chefs are in tiptop mood and skill.


For the dainty, seared seabass with all the juices locked in so gorgeously - I may consider turning Pescetarian just for Pelican Seafood Grill.

tuna steak

Ever met a fish chunk so bulky that it can pass off as the red meat giants? Here is tuna steak with a beautiful sash of beans.

blue cheese spinach

Blue cheese and spinach, healthy is definitely not on the index in this fork licking delicious number.

snapper pie

Snapper Pie ($38)

Friends and family can attest to how much I do not appreciate fish as much I do for beef, pork, lamb, mutton and even chicken. So having ranked it so far down in the ladder of preference, I actually fell so deeply and hopelessly in love with this.

The layer of crust is so thick and flaky, I can almost cry out of gratitude to the chef who finally understood the real meaning of pie. Thick, buttery and chewy all at once.

snapper slurp

I shamelessly created a mess on the table trying to weed out the fresh boneless fillet in midst of the creamy broth.

It was gratifying, and worth all the calories packed into a single pie. Man food, truly and I am already drooling for the next visit.


One of the reasons why I love One Fullerton so much is the priceless view without pricey meals. My oh my Singapore, you are so beautiful.


And I let the cat out of the bag - they have a view of the fireworks so awesome that I wish I had better shots of the displays that we were treated to.


Spray after spray, they do cost some hideous sums of money don't they?


Colourful ones that got me all excited.

fireworks 3

One of my favourite shots.

fireworks 4

As I ponder if I should make that August 9 booking at Pelican, the other rehearsal dates sound just as enticing too. Snapper pie, me, love of the life and a priceless fireworks display.

While National Day came and went and I never made it back for the fireworks display, I returned for the snapper pie that was constantly bugging me.


A different seat this time. 

tuna steak

A dressed down Tuna Steak as compared to the last attempt. The chunkiness still remained.

clam linguine

Double Atlantic Linguine and Clams ($58)
Garlic, chilliflakes, white wine

Mediocre I'd say, the noodles were simply tossed in white wine and clams. No fire works, no surprises, something I may be able to replicate in my own kitchen.


Broccolini and Lemon Butter ($12)

Buttered greens for the quota.

snapper pie

Snapper Pie ($40)

They have since upped the prices from my last visit.


I was digging into my freshly baked butter pie for a justification of the $2 price increase. I suppose all increases need to be justified.

snappe pie

The deeper I delved, the amount of snapper was visibly lesser and while all else remained the same, I was somewhat disappointed. This used to be one dish that drool over countless times. It is still a good snapper pie but something was missing amidst the price hike.

My experiences with Pelican Grill have been pleasant to date, they try to be warm and accomodating and food has been above average. Perhaps more of their seafood platters next?

Pelican Seafood Grill
One Fullerton

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Horror Nights 4 @ Universal Studios


This is the third Halloween that I have spent with Universal Studios and the historical bits can be read here:

Halloween Horror Nights 3 
Halloween Horror Nights 2

I suppose going through more than one of such event makes me smarter every subsequent attempt. We decided to get the fast pass (From $50) to ensure we made it through all 4 haunted houses and still have time to preen and pose and also the rides.


The ritual is to don a halloween band, blinking horns or in my case, a dimwit of a clip on hat to try to look ready to the night. We also indulged in jello syringes ($6) this year, a delicious blueberry flavoured jelly that was easier to stomach than any of the blood packs or mugs of sugary drinks.


Prices have remained constant throughout the last 2 Halloweens too. 


Jack's 3 Dementia 
A funhouse gone ghoulishly wrong, this den of deadly deceptions is crawling with demonic clowns, who would like nothing better than to practise their sick gags on you. But can you spot them before they spot you, beset as you are at every turn by distorting, disorientating illusions?

We were handed 3D glasses for the full effects of this mind boggling funhouse. Impressive display and truly, I was horrified by the popping clowns. The best concept was in the swirly room that started turning upside down. 


Jing's Revenge
Hua Xing Secondary School has never been the same since one of its students, a bully victim called Jing, hung herself ten years ago. Step foot on its premises and you will sense something is not right. The horrors of the past are about to be reenacted, with you as a witness – or participant!


I loved this most! At least it was scarier than the rest for me and maybe I have a penchant for the whole chinatown-school set up for halloween houses that made this tick. 


Mati Camp 
The Minister of Evil has put the Sergeant Major in charge, and he takes the torturing of recruits very seriously indeed. Do you have the stomach for his training methods, which include cannibalism and mutilation? Take a tour of his camp for atrocities you will wish you can unsee.

This looks like every recruit's experience on replay in camp and the Hubba thought this was child's play. 


Scary Tales is home to The L.A.B. (Laboratory of Alien Breeding), located deep within the earth’s recesses, this is the secret site of alien experiment on the homo sapien! Within the haunted house are human-alien hybrids that are the grotesque results of these grisly experiments and also their gruesome creators, the Alien Reptilians.


I somehow did not enjoy this as much though the props were amazing. Rapuzel without her hair and Hansel and Gretal looking outlandish.


I applaud the effort put into getting scare actors who aced their way into horror.


One of the theatrical le noir performances held.

A great pity we missed out on Jack's Nightmare Circus which promised the serial killer clown and his show with his captives since timings were a little off at 830pm, 1015pm and finally 12 midnight.