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Buttertrade x A.HanBakes

~Invited Session~

Newly launched Buttertrade is a one of its kind marketplace of boutique bakeries that offers a complete solution for cake buying.

There was a joint promotion with one of their partner bakeries, A Han Bakes for a miniature cake series that can be completely customizable from topper, flavour to colour of cake and I had a privilege of putting together my own cake! 


This is a sleek and elegant cake suitable for intimate celebrations amongst loved ones and friends.

Hence the very apt tagline...

If you are happy and you know it, order a cake!


Ordering has never got easier than this and here's why Buttertrade appeals;

Choices – Buttertrade offers overwhelming choices for customers and their loved ones.

Buttertrade partners with well-loved boutique bakeries to offer more than 100 cakes including all-time favourites, novel and local flavours, vegan, halal, gluten-free and even a dedicated section for our four-legged furry friends. There's a cake for everyone!

Convenience – Buttertrade keeps it simple.

Customers can focus on preparing their celebratory events without worrying about getting the cake. They can order anytime, anywhere and pay a flat delivery rate with no minimum order required. Depending on baker, some cakes can be ordered with just one day's notice given!

Reward – Buttertrade always look for ways to reward its customers.

Customers earn a rebate of 3% of their purchases and these rebates can be used subsequently to redeem a free cake.

From time to time, Buttertrade works with partner bakeries on seasonal promotions so that customers can get the best value.


My very cute topper that matches my listed mood of "happy" when filling up the online form.


Matcha black sesame. Luscious layers of matcha sponge lathered with a light black sesame cream and polished with frosting. I have to admit this was really delicious, it made sharing difficult because we were all hawking over our slices of cake.

Irodori Revisted @ Four Points by Sheraton


Since 2012, I have been faithfully paying Irodori visits annually and really, apart from the price and variety that keeps us going back there is no bigger pull factor.

I managed to get a private room this time for 11 of us and it was already quite cramp, the other available dining room could only accomodate 6 so large parties are not recommended. As much as I tried not to over order, we always end up with a table filled with so much food, just looking at it makes me go into a food coma, much less attempt to eat up a storm.

Here's what we inhaled and had more than seconds off!


Instead of green tea tofu, there was ordinary tofu this time round topped with tempura bits and fish roe.


On top of their complimentary mentaiko prawns, salmon belly was also served. Unctuous slabs of omega 3.


Sashimi Moriwase

The first order was the most generous, subsequent rounds become shoddier for obvious reasons and knife work was lacking.


Irodori Maki

This is still a favourite of all the maki rolls at Irodori, plumped by a delectable lobster salad filling and rolled in rice finished with fish roe  and squirts of mayo - as decadent as that sounds, it was definitely yonks away from authentic but so delicious!


Spider Handroll

Horribly disproportionate in terms of rice, soft shell crab and seaweed yet no complaints on this.




Hiyashi Tomato

This was probably no imported Japanese tomato yet the plum dressing and chilled tomatoes were exceptionally refreshing.


Mixed Tempura

Thick batter which is synonymous with most tempura dishes but there was good variety.


Fried Rice

Consistently yummy with fresh prawns too! This was so good, I had at least 3 bowls.


Fried Vegetables





Surprise, surprise! This actually tasted better than instant noodles with a lovely bite.


Pork Katsu





Mid-Joint Wing


Eggplant with Bean Paste


Bacon wrapped enoki


Bacon wrapped cocktail


Bacon wrapped crabstick

Turns out they have improved since the last visit or perhaps it was really the lack of crowds that made our visit way more pleasant. No more forgotten orders since all of them are logged in electronically!

Four Points by Sheraton

Harry's @ Clarke Quay

~Invited Session~


Harry's and I go way back in time, almost decades of friendship! It was one of those places that would rival Brewerkz and I remember making my first visit over cranberry vodka and if memory serves me right, fries.

Today, they are Singapore’s most well-established bar and dining chain and they have rolled out a brand new food and beverage menu inspired by the vibrant flavours from around the world.


Harry's Signature Wings 
House Blend Spices

A Harry's signature and would most probably cause an uproar if this were removed from the menu. Droolicious spice paste that makes slurping it down to the bone such a treat.


Soy-Glazed Beef Cubes ($18.90) 

Tender, savoury soft bone bites coated lovingly with a soy-glaze reminiscent of the Japanese cuisine.


Curried Mayo Pork Bites ($17.90) 

Tossed with curry spices and served with curried mayonnaise, these pork bites remind me of pork fritters.

Flatbreads are all new on their menu, inspired by a variety of delightful add-ons to bring diners on a gastro trip around the world!


Mushroom and Truffle Oil Flatbread
Garlic Mayo, Field Mushrooms, Truffle Oil

This reminded me of Italy with mushrooms and a generous splash of truffle oil.


Sriracha Seafood Flatbread ($24.90)

For those who prefer stronger flavours, this Sriracha Seafood is inspired by Thailand’s favourite hot sauce and paired with fresh squid rings and prawns. Pleasant level of spiciness here!


Cold Soba Summer Salad ($16.90)

Befitting of this hot summer with this chilled soba salad doused in sesame dressing.


Grilled Chicken Salad 
Raisin Quinoa, Bell Peppers, Fine Beans, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For the health nuts, this has quinoa the superfood tossed in for a more wholesome meal. Sounds already like a meal that gym bunnies would opt for, I prefer the cold soba summer salad over this!


Slow-Braised Beef Cheeks ($26.90)

Cooked till tender while rendering a juicy, flavourful bite, this slow braised beef cheeks comes with a medley of root vegetables, potato mash and even onion rings!


Steak and Egg
Sirloin, Sunny Side Up, Fries

Not too huge a fan of the over tenderised steak though the spiced fries like its wings are outstanding! Plus, it comes with a pretty sunny side up.


Adult Cheesecake Sundae ($16.00)


Everyone’s favourite childhood dessert gets a little alcoholic twist with half a shot of Baileys - this cheesecake sundae features cheesecake cubes, a scoop of icecream and that squirt of whipped cream. So 1990's I say when icecreams and whipped cream were all the rage.

It was definitely one of those pub nights that ended on a delicious note and offered more than just nibbles.

New Tipples

Enjoy new beers like Heverlee ($13.00/bottle), BrewDog Punk IPA ($14.00/bottle), and the Wychwood Hobgoblin ($16.00/bottle), or shake things up with new shootersthe likes of Captain Harry’s ($12.00/shot, $60.00/tray of six), a vibrant red and blue vodka-based shooter that proves not all superheroes wear capes, and

Harry’s Cupcake ($12.00/shot, $60.00/tray of six), a sweet andslick shot of Kahlúa and Baileys with strawberry purée. Harry’s has also refreshed the recipes of the signature cocktails, including Eye Candy and Harry’s Old-Fashioned ($16.00 each) for guests to celebrate the best things in life with.

Additionally, from 13 June to 3 July, guests can unwind during Harry’s Signature Weekends where they can enjoy a complimentary drink (choice of the signature Harry’s Premium Lager, mocktail or cocktail) with the order of any signature Big Plate on Saturdays and Sundays.

Harry’s SG App Members Exclusive Privileges

Harry’s SG App Members will enjoy even more exclusive privileges to celebrate the new menu! Aside from a $20 dining voucher (valid till 3 July 2016).

With all these enticing treats in line, there is perhaps no better time than now to head over to Harry’sfor a delicious urban getaway.

Packed with specially brewed privileges, the Harry’s SG App is a loyalty program where members can enjoy 15% rebates all year round on their Harry’s adventures. Members will also receive $100 birthday e-vouchers to celebrate their special day, alongside a welcome pack worth more than $30 loaded with 1-for-1 e-vouchers for their indulgence. For more information on these specially brewed privileges, visit

28 Clarke Quay

Afternoon Tea @ 10 Scotts Lounge, Hyatt Hotel


High Tea sessions have somehow resumed its frequency in my dining schedule, for a strange reason. And I thought I bypassed  that level of leisure in my life to prefer high tea to brunch and dinner. Hyatt it was then for a session of nibbles and tea then!


I'd suggest requesting for a table with proper chairs for a more comfortable dining experience. Sitting on sofas with equally low coffee tables is possibly the worst combination for a leisurely afternoon tea session.


Two tiers are served alongside a buffet spread with Hyatt signatures like homemade sustainable crab cakes with remoulade sauce, curry puffs and scones.






The buffet spread is limited - none of the freshly shucked oysters as mentioned on their website but a live station that changes weekly serving unlimited servings of flambed minute steaks, a cheese counter and a selection of sweets.

Chef on standby to flambe steaks! 


Sear those filets.


Watch those flames.


Cheeses, galore!


And look at that beautiful mould on the blue cheese!


Anyone fancies sushi?


And the limited dessert spread comprising mostly of cakes.


Frosted cakes.


Berry crumbles!

Oddly, I was filled up quite reasonably with just one serving of two tier. Notable favourites include their


Crabcakes that we ended up having three rounds of! These were the bomb at Martini Bar previously but tasted less satisfying this time. Perhaps they were prepared before hand and served lukewarm that made the difference but these still rank as best crabcakes around with their crusty sides and plump fillings.

Beetroot Gazpacho

A hit and miss for some but I thought this cold broth was a refreshing version.


Curry Puffs

These potato puffs deserve some mention here, flaky pastry encasing a delicious curry potato filling. Had I not overdosed on those crabcakes, I would have had seconds of these!

Whereas from the buffet table


Cheese selection

Reasonable spread of cheeses with breads and dried fruit too. Whilst the bread could do with more crunch, this was definitely one of the highlights for me.


Minute steaks

Cooked on demand, these steaks made up for the lack of flavour with plenty of theatrics that included a flaming master. Perhaps just one portion is good enough.


Blueberry Crumble

These mini tartlets were the highlight of the dessert section, crunchy tart, almond cake and topped with a crumble. What's not to like?

The rest of the meh-dinary.   



Scones, just because it is high tea but these were more biscuit than buttery bakes. Nothing that clotted cream or fruit preserve could save.

It was a quick afternoon that went by way too fast, more because of the fun conversations than the food itself. The 2 hour limit was perhaps the restaurant's way of saying "thank you come again", last orders were taken 30 minutes before closing time and the bill shoved to us 15 minutes after 5pm, citing preparation for dinner.

Not such a friendly place to hang out methinks and just once is truly enough.

Two restaurant seatings available; 1st seating: 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm, 2nd seating: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

SGD 53.00 per person and SGD 30.00 per child (age 7 to 12 years) with free flow of coffee, tea and two types of juices
SGD 85.00 per person with free flow of Perrier-Jouët champagne, coffee, tea and two types of juices

10 Scotts Lounge
Grand Hyatt Singapore