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Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry @ Tiong Bahru Road

Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry falls into the pages of old school bakeries - traditional, raw and unfortunately comes with a blotch of not so great service. That said, I still find it incredibly charming, stepping into a place before my time and eating up nostalgia one treat at a time.

Soon it dawned on me that while they sold an array of nonya kuehs, they specialised in pandan and coconut kuehs.


Puteri Ayu ($4, 5 pieces)

Steamed mini pandan cake topped with grated coconut and drizzled with gula melaka. Incredibly fragrant and moist, this tasted just like kueh tutu deconstructed to me, except so much better.


Kueh Dadar ($0.80)

Best of, already when I laid my eyes on this delicate roll of pandan crepes, coconut and gula melaka. The others eaten have had it too thick and for a non grated coconut fan, this was an absolute delight to eat.


Lemper Udang ($1.30)

Rolled with banana leaf, the chewy rice grains enveloping a single layer of hae bi makes this a simple yet very underrated nonya treat. The fried shrimp usually ends up too sweet or not spicy enough yet they have nailed the combination perfectly and leaves a lingering fragrance too.


These kueh bingkas were panfried and had a delicious crisp exterior.


On the roll with tapioca and these tapioca kuehs, baked and steamed. Depending on preference, I actually prefer the version with a coating of coconut grating.


Not forgetting kueh ambon, a honeycomb cake with the intricate design.

I love the prices, seems that inflation has alluded them which is great. The thing about the past is, everything is affordable and now, most comes at a price. I love the flavours and trust that this is one in the hood that I wish will not disappear with time.

Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry
Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Rd #01-39

Ole Ole Kueh @ Parkway Parade

Food kiosks always excite me and more so when they pedal peranakan kuehs. So this was the story behind Ole Ole Kueh - perfectly distracting when waiting for transport at Parkway Parade methinks.


Having been won over by Milk Moon's Pulut Serunding, any chance at these deconstructed lempur udangs, I leap at it. This version was draped in coconut, chicken floss and shrimp and the glutinous rice balls were just oddly half as satisfying.


Probably the savoury part was not nailed well.


Kueh Cara is a dense pandan nonya treat, uncommon actually though it was probably made from the same mould as the kueh bahilu.


Kueh kosui at Ole Ole's is as per their other kuehs, really dense. I prefer them lighter actually.


Moving onto the savoury snacks, epok epok is a must every time I spy it - just like curry puffs. These would have tasted better piping hot with their thin pastry skins and barely there stuffing.


Do you spot more pastry than filling?


Lemper Udang is definitely a better bet for a filling snack.


Decently fragrant banana wrapped glutionous rice with hae bee fillings.

For sure my curiosity was satisfied and it is unfortunate these picks were not outstanding for me.

Ole Ole Kueh
Parkway Parade Kiosk

Feast to a Rib-tastic Christmas @ Morganfield's, Orchard Central

~Invited Session~

Morganfields is back this Christmas with their all time favourite Rib-tastic Christmas specials and every year it is such a treat for carnivores - bring an appetite or leave like a loser.


Cranberry Ham Salad ($15.90)
Shaved gammon ham on mesclun greens, drizzled with tangy cranberry dressing

A humble start of greens before things started to get heavy - one can never go wrong with ham and greens with a drizzle of tangy dressing.


Morganfield's Christmas Feast ($149.90 serves 4)
Hazelnut Sticky Bones, Cranberry Sticky Bones, Crackling Pork Roast, Gammon Ham, Sausages, Garden Salad, Roasted Potatoes, Cornbread, Mexican Grilled Corn, Roasted Cauliflower, Roasted Pumpkin

This is one feast made for sharing and we were beyond full after this which showcased most of their signatures.


Once I thought only Tony Roma's did great corn muffins. Turns out Morganfield's version is not too shabby too!

DSC_8321 DSC_8322

If you've tried their ribs, you'd realise how fall off the bone tender they are. Portions are really generous as well which makes sharing all the more easier.


Orange Marmalade Glazed Whole Gammon Ham also made its way into the platter. This on its own would already make a perfect festive treat with the sweet marmalade glace on savoury ham.


Also featured in the platter is their all time favourite roast pork! It would rival the hawker version of sio bak actually with an equally crunchy skin and tender meat.


Barbecue Beef Rib ($89.90 serves 3)
Signature Hickory BBQ Sauce

If pork ribs are not your thing, they also have beef ribs!


More meat porn up your way with a Roast Beef Ribeye, a juicy pot roast to accompany all the delicious sides.


While we are at it, the mac and cheese is quite a dish but best eaten piping hot for those melty cheese moments.


Go sinful and head for their sweet potato fries or healthier with  their cauliflower florets.


Roast Chicken completes the meat pictures with sunkissed roasted skin and a delicious rub.


Toast to christmas with their medley of festive drinks and we begin with Christmas Fruit Tea ($7.90), an iced tea beverage with fruit chunks! 


If you'd like something with an alcoholic punch, Sommersby Summer Punch ($19.90)'s a good one to try, it's deceptively sweet!


Here's an early merry christmas from the team at Morganfields, think ribs and think them.

Orchard Central

L32 Geylang Handmade Noodles @ Geylang

DSC_8300 Since the first visit was fruitless and being the persistent soul I am, we made another visit over a Public Holiday shortly after they opened. Queues had formed and people were already waiting around for their takeaway orders.

With just one item on the menu but many variations, it is easy to be lost in what exactly to try. Each permutation has two variations, soup or dry. For sour vegetables and mala flavouring, top ups apply. So wait...are we still queueing for banmian or la mian?


Razor Clams Dry Ban Mian ($6.50)

I got tempted by this version over instagram and had to order it in its recommended, mee hoon kuay. Unevenly thick pieces of dough that were unusually smooth and slurpworthy but, after all that tossing in dark sauce, I ended up with a really sweet noodle dish even with lashes of chilli sauce. Bummer.

Fish and Chicken Soup Ban Mian ($5.50)

The soup lacked complexity and was just a clear meat soup with noodles and a ton of other ingredients. At this junction, Poon Nam's trumped this by heaps and not to mention the wait and anticipation.


The noodles are really smooth regardless of mee hoon kuay, ban mian or you mian ordered.

Christmas @ One Ninety, Four Seasons Hotel

~Invited Session~

 I love Christmas for the whole feels - the chilly weather, the spirit of gifting in general and the feasting that ensues. This is Western CNY happening just before my own CNY.


Hi there, a cute little nutcracker.


Christmas is not quite complete without an alcoholic drink, this comes with a snowflake design and strawberries!


Corn Bread 

These bite sized nibbles are great as pre meal appetizers and go great with a lather of butter.


Cream of Chestnut Soup 

I mistook this as mushroom chestnut actually but the sweetness gave it away. Slightly nutty and really creamy, this totally fits the theme.


Seafood Platter 

I have had many seafood platters and finally here's one that got me sitting up and wishing nobody noticed how equally good it is. Fresh boston lobsters deshelled without a hint of brine - it sounds almost impossible but One Ninety did it. They were so thoughtful, each seafood was carefully de-veined and deshelled before being fitted back into their shells. Prawns too were so sweet, deshelled and de-veined. Clams and crab legs also gave this a luxurious touch - I hardly even bother with crab legs but boy, these were just so delicious.DSC_8403

Duck Liver Parfait and Jamon Iberico Go Bellota 

Velvety smooth liver parfait made everything else pale in comparison on the calorie and taste scale though I'd say the sweet rock melon cubes were a close contender.


Truffle Mushroom Risotto


Lauded their signature, the creamy risotto has a lovely earthy aroma and paired with freshly shaved truffles, twas heaven on a plate.


Oven-Roasted Organic Turkey 

Turkey slices completed with chestnut stuffings, cranberry sauce and roasted root vegetables.


Spiced Pumpkin Souffle Cinnamon Ice-cream

This is totally christmas in a dessert with hints of cinnamon and spice. Not to mention pumpkin too!


These too cute to eat Petit Fours rounded our meal up.

It was a fabulous showcase of what One Ninety has to offer, for a fact, the seafood platter was the most outstanding and I would return just for that.

One Ninety 
Four Seasons Hotel

Chunky Crabs @ China Square

Move over lobster rolls, crab rolls are the new rolls - or at least I have not seen crab rolls much apart from crab cakes. I'm not sure what drew me, was it the $16 price tag since for the same price I could get lobster rolls or was it the sheer curiosity.

Chunky's Butter ($16.90)

I topped up for a drink to go with my buttered lobster roll and spice rubbed buttered crab chunks. Not forgetting those salty yet really addictive tapioca chips.

Granted these were not too briney like frozen seafood and the chunks held together pretty well. My grouse was from the buttery roll that ended up soggy towards the end. 

Portions are ladylike and be expected to head for seconds elsewhere or just top up for their bisque or fries. 

Chunky Crabs
51 Telok Ayer St, #01-06A China Square

Frementle Seafood Market Revisited @ Clarke Quay

I've been to Frementle previously for lunch and dinner appealed this time round for the river side view particularly. Trust the family to make all the odd choices this meal but that is the beauty of discovering food gems - if even the least popular dishes ordered can wow, that does say something.


Trio Fish Poke Salad

Salmon, tuna, hamachi sashimi, roasted goma dressing

I least expected poke to be on their menu and here's us being ridiculous ordering raw fish at a seafood place (not quite a usual sight actually). Surprise, turned out way better than expected and the raw fish was really fresh!


Sashimi Platter
Salmon, Hamachi, Tuna

We had more guts and ordered a sashimi platter. This definitely set the stage for more of these platters at seafood restaurants in general.


Tom Yum Prawn

Tiger prawns, onion, tom yum aioli, mozzarella cheese, mesclun salad

I'm really not sure why we decided to order all the menu underdogs, and the most audacious version has to be a pasta version. This was mildly thai and slightly disappointing. Great for those with a spice intolerance. 


Grilled King Prawn Linguine
Aglio olio style with garlic, chilli and smoked pepper served with king prawns

This prawn linguine was actually spicier than the pizza itself - such an irony. Fresh prawns and al dente noodles, no complaints really!


White Bait Fried Rice

I was literally blown away by this dish - simple and almost the least enticing but did it surprise. Of all places too and well I have made a mental note to order this again the next visit.


Frementle Seafood Market Beer Battered Fish and Chips
snapper or salmon fish fillet, cajun french fries, asian slaw, tartar sauce

And finally the most likely dish anyone were to order at a seafood place - beer battered fish and chips! The only thing that was a letdown was perhaps the condiments - coleslaw and maybe a less clumpy tartare sauce?

That said, we had a splendid meal at Frementle Seafood Market. Great view, good food and pretty good service - lots to love!

Frementle Seafood Market
Clarke Quay