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Caffe Pralet @ Eng Hoon Street

~Invited Session~


Caffe Pralet at Eng Hoon has been in the neighbourhood for a good 11 years and Chef Judy has carved a niche for herself in both the baking and cooking arena.


New items on the menu!


Turns out Chef is also into poetry as seen from the pieces on the wall.


Bread, bread on the shelf, whose the yummiest of them all?


We tried the Spinach and Carrot loaf, it was absolutely tasty and very soft! I am getting hooked on these home baked breads, at this rate.


Sour Plum Lime ($3.50)
Soursop Passionfruit ($3.50)

Hot days call for fruity chillers and I highly recommend the sour plum lime, a refreshing thirst quencher.


Tom Yum Seafood Linguine ($13)
In-House Tom Yam Blend, Prawns, Fish, Squid, Shimeiji Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Sugar Beans

One legit bowl of tomyam pasta with justice served to the intended flavours, I particularly liked the punch of the spices and wished there were more!


Sesame Chicken Rice Bowl

Only available at Lunch, these rice and salad bowls are worth a try. I loved the sweet and sour chicken nibblets with pickled mushrooms and tomatoes on a bed of rice. This promises a hearty meal to say the least.


Ki Phrik Kwan ($17)
Thai Style Sweet Chilli Chicken, Peanut Sauce Pineapples, Red Onions, Mozzarella, Coconut Yogurt, Roasted Peanuts, Coriander

We were game for spicy and could not pass on for this spicy chicken pizza which was a creative twist on the Thai flavours.


Chilli Crab Cheese Fries ($12)
Signature Chilli Crab Sauce, Nacho Cheese Sauce, Straight Cut Fries, 100% Shredded Backfin Crab Meat

Chilli crab noodles, chilli crab Xiao long bao, chilli crab pizza even, we've done all that and here's one to remember our national dish by - fries. I found the sauce on the sweet side eaten on its own yet they went well with the salty fries.


Their signature chocolate praline is another Caffe Pralet must order and so are their other cakes - Chocolate Raspberry Mousse. Midly sweet with a burst of sweet and sour.

Tiong Bahru holds several food memories for me and I've found another reason to return.

Caffe Pralet
17 Eng Hoon Street
#01-04 Eng Hoon Mansions

阿嬷老字號 Egg Sponge Cake @ City Square

If we trace the origins, it dates back to Nagasaki, Japan and its castella cake. Ah Mah brand, however, takes the castella cake and gives it playful spins to the likes of cheese  and even chocolate.

So, brushing the queues in Singapore aside, we headed to Malaysia for a somewhat more brisk queue system and cheaper prices, thanks to the favourable exchange rate.

Just what makes these sponge cakes tick?

The incredibly soft texture, spongey, bouncy and so airy fairy light all at once, plus the aroma that greets any potential buyer nearing the shop. Guiltless pleasures and best eaten within the day.

Well who owns the original recipe seems almost superfluous these days because anything with the label 'egg sponge cake' probably sells faster than Li Ho cups of bubble tea. This food fad probably defines 2017 and does not seem like it is waning any time soon.

The only oddity is Ah Mah is sold under Tong Guan Kopitiam.

Tong Guan Kopitiam Sdn Bhd

City Square, Third Floor

Kenny Rogers @ Tebrau City, Johor Bahru


Kenny Rogers holds very fond memories for me throughout my growing up years, maybe the song...maybe just their famous mac and cheese or even their muffins.


Instead of their famous corn muffins, they only have vanilla and chocolate. Neither came close to the fragrant fluffeh must eats.


Cream of...celery I think? It was all too gooey, clumpy and MSG loaded for me to tell what soup this was.


Roast Chicken Salad (RM 18.90)

Too much salad sauce made this a chicken salad doused in sauce.


Champion Meal (RM 16.90)
Coleslaw, Sunny Corn Rice

Chicken was too soft, almost soggy and even with a different sauce, it was hardly enjoyable.

The House Favourite Meal (RM19.50) was no better infact,


Kenny's 1/4 Lite Meal (RM 17.50)

Mac and Cheese at Kenny Rogers is usually thick with cheese, drippy and would be such a hearty choice that I would just returns just to have that.

Yet it was expectedly none of that, considering how the meal ended up being. Mac and cheese was way to watery, macaroni too soft and well, nothing I would return for seconds.

A third and price and less than a third the experience I used to have at Kenny Roger's, this is one franchise that I would refrain from visiting across the Causeway.

Kenny Roger's
Persiaran Desa Tebrau

Mid-Autumn 2017: Exquisitely Crafted Collections at Bakerzin

~Invited Session~


Bakerzin has christianed their 2017 Mooncake Collections - the crème de la crème featuring traditional classics and snow skin favourites. The former is made with low sugar lotus paste so we can have our mooncake and eat it! 




Bold Collection ($60)
Ginger, Tom Yum, American Ginseng, Sakura Ebi


Limited to just 500 boxes, this collection showcases four audacious flavours. Big, bold and beautiful these golden brown mooncakes are. 


Big on flavour, bold on pairing and beautiful in outlook. 

Sakura ebi reminded very much of hae bee hiam, missing out on some spiciness. Tom yum was very palatable with hints of lemongrass. Ginger and ginseng were less audacious but actually really pleasing too.


Pure Divine Collection ($56)
Cempedak, Honeydew with Apricot Snowskin, Taiwan Green Mango, Yuzu


Fruity flavours are usually a hit amongst the kids and less adventurous consumers. I was however sold on these tropical fruits.


Prestige Collection ($60)
Apple Vodka, Butterscotch Baileys, Coconut Liquer, Latte Kahlua


Enter the adults only range with shots of alcohol made to send one into a giddy happiness.


Coconut stood out very sharply for the contrast and alcohol content as compared to the rest.

Mooncake Booths

Takashimaya B2 – 31 August to 4 October 2017
Nex Serangoon Atrium L1 – 14 September to 4 October 2017
North Point Atrium – 20 September to 4 October 2017
Hillion Mall – 21 September to 4 October 2017
Tampines 1 – 22 September to 4 October 2017

Blue Lotus Chinese Grill Lunch Sets @ Tanjong Pagar Center

The recent obsession saw me visiting a number of Blue Lotus outlets, or just heading back repeatedly for lunch just so I can try everything from their value for money $18++ set lunch.

Steamed Egg White, Shiitake Mushrooms 
Steamed Egg, Chinese Wine, Shitake Mushrooms

Wobblier than the usual chawanmushi, this was definitely an appetizing start.

Oriental Salad, Crispy Enoki Mushrooms
Baby Greens, Cabbage, Cherry Tomatoes, Pickled Pearl Onions, Carrots, Yuzu Kumquat Sauce, Fried Enoki Mushrooms

I was reminded of yusheng with this order though the fried enoki mushrooms were delicious and particularly sold on the yuzu kumquat sauce.

Trio Mushroom Claypot Fried Rice ($18)
Fried Rice, Shiitake, King Oyster, Portobello Mushrooms, Aspragus, Garden Herbs

Very subdued as compared to the truffle fried lard rice and mapo tofu rice, this is one for the vegetarians.

Claypot Mapo Tofu Rice, Onsen Egg ($18)
Mapo Tofu, Fried Rice, Onsen Egg, Minced Pork, Fresh Herbs

This would be brunch food gone asian with the onsen egg and spicy tofu cubes. Very appetizing and not for the faint hearted.

Hot Stone Pork Lard Truffle Flavoured Fried Rice ($20)
Pork Lard Butter, Truffle Oil, Chinese Sausage, Baby Asparagus, Fried Rice, Coriander, Crispy Pork Lard, Spring Onions, Shallots, Soya Sauce

Theatrics aside, this was a substantial number with an aromatic whiff of truffles. Sold on lard and this was worth every single calorie.

Oven Baked Grilled Chicken Rice ($20)
Marinated Grilled Chicken Thigh, Pandan Rice, Green Ginger

With the full works of chicken rice, this could steal the thunder from our famed hainanese chicken rice with the presentation. However that said, the loyalists will always defer and diss this as just another oven baked grill chicken with pandan rice served with the condiments from hainanese chicken rice.

Chilli Pomelo La Mian Soup, Crabmeat ($22)
La Mian, Chilli Pomelo Soup, Broccolini, Fresh Herbs, Hand Picked Crabmeat

The power lies in the chilli pomelo soup that promises to bring on the tears and sweat. The spiciness is definitely of tolerable limits and hinging on shiok, I wish there was more crabmeat yet truly satisfying for that single dish that defines Blue Lotus.

Braised Beef Shank and Beef Tendon Dry La Mian, Mala Sauce ($24)
Low Temperature Braised Beef Shank and Beef Tendon, La Mian, Mala Sauce, Seasonal Vegetables, Fresh Herbs

I've always been a dry noodle person and this is my idea of best noodle around - on point with the consistency and la mian seasoning! That braised beef shank and tendon? So yummy and coming from someone who is not usually a fan of these dishes - tendon in particular yet in this dish, it was just so tender and jellylike.

Grilled Barramundi, Assam Curry, Fried Rice ($26)
Assam Curry, Seasonal Vegetables, Fried Rice, Crispy Beancurd Skin, Grilled Barramundi

I could simply label every course the bomb on Blue Lotus' menu! Well at least majority of the courses are and next to the chilli crab la mian, assam curry is hot on the heels for shiok factor. The tangy gravy is so tasty, it can be drunk almost and rendered the fried rice almost unnecessary. Barramundi was exceptionally fresh and I wish I had space for more.

Steamed Mee Sua, Silky Egg White, Chinese Wine, Boston Lobster Tail ($24)
Mee Sua, Egg White, Chinese Wine, Broccolini, Poached Boston Lobster Tail

This was steamed egg with an addition of mee sua, boston lobster meat and a generous dash of chinese wine. Perfect for the rainy day!

They ran out of yuzu and replaced it with raspberry!

Caramalised Apples, Yuzu Sorbet

Sesame Tang Yuan, Hot Almond Cream

Of the two, my vote goes to the former. The almond cream tang yuan dish albeit innovative was a tad heavy on cream.

Crab Balls, Chilli Pomelo Sauce ($22)

Tapas are also available over lunch and we could not resist getting an order of their best seller.

Durian Creme Brulee ($14)

A must order even at lunch time and though we were already full to the brim, no regrets taking in these extra calories. Dare I say, worth every calorie. 

Lunch sets offer incredible value and with  no reservation system, tables are hottest in CBD. I hear new items being added to the menu soon and I cannot wait to check them out!

Blut Lotus Chinese Grill
Tanjong Pagar Center

Otak Shiduoli (Storey Otah) @ Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru


Otak Shiduoli has been around for a good two decades and more according to the other online reviewers and for a brand name that sells only otah, it had better be really darn good. Word has it that they sell out before 2pm and serving just the morning crowd, I was thankful to walk in without any hassle. 


Rows of banana leaf wrapped goodies were constantly on the grill under the watchful eye of the eldery lady.


At 90 sen a piece, I had to order a bag full just to make this trip worth.


A third the size of our regular otah sold locally but the chewyness and bite that the otah had was indeed unrivalled. Fragrant and so delicious, it is no wonder they are a household name. Best in JB and some say better than Muar.

Try it to know! 

Otak Shiduoli (Storey Otah)
16 Jalan Maju, Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru

TW Original Cake @ City Square

The craze over Taiwanese egg sponge cakes have also crossed the causeway and caused quite a frenzy - think 5 hour queues just for the famous light as sponge cakes and spun off several brands too.

Within City Square itself, there are at least 3 outlets selling these famed cakes and Original Cake had the longest queues which lasted all of 15 minutes.

Measured to precision, not an inch more or less.

Good lord.



Each are measured to precision and boxed. Plastic Bag (RM 0.20) are dished out accordingly too!


Original Cake (RM 15.20)

Light, fluffy and it tasted more of egg than cake to be fair. Moderately sweet and the fluffiness was the key selling point of this slab of sponge heaven.

Best eaten hot and within the day of purchase, have I begun an egg cake trail?

TW Original Cake
City Square Third Floor