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DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe @ Marina Bay Sands

Themed restaurants are not my thing but DC Comics Super Heroes was near Sands Theatre and dinner had to be settled before my musical began. Not much choice apart from the food court that is perpetually burgeoning with people.

We originally planned for pizza but the dough needed to rise and that would have taken 45 minutes - I'm not sure if it was the sheer timing of dinner at almost 645pm but having to wait 45 minutes for it sounded too incredulously long. If anything, they do their pizza doughs in house and that did pique my curiosity for a return.

Aquaman VS Black Manta Burger ($28.90)
Mentai prawn and cheese patty in black pepper bun, mesclun salad, shoestring fries

Since it was the first visit to the cafe, I had to give these themed burgers a go as well. Comes with a cheese cut out logo atop my black bun which honestly did not taste like black pepper much save for the colouring. The patty was another story altogether - juicy, crusty and legit save for too much salt that was used. Overall a burger than exceeded expectations.

Black Pepper Tenderloin ($44)

For the price tag, I'm not sure if it met up to expectations - a-okay it was, and it came with hanselback potatoes with a sour cream and bacon topping. Atas vegetables indeed.

My first visit was pleasant and the quality of food surprised. If this already makes a non-DC fan so thrilled, I can imagine how the fans feel towards this cafe.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe
Marina Bay Sands

One Ninety @ Four Seasons Singapore

~Invited Session~

One Ninety unveils a new Chef and also Provencale menu this season to tempt diners with a series of new dishes alongside their semi buffet over weekday night dinners. Just two lines worth and there was so much to eat!


Cheese anyone? I have a massive soft spot for cheese, fruit and nut platters.


Clearly I forgot what cheese this is, but mighty mighty delicious. It's pungent, so intense and leaves a lingering fragrance.


Ah, desserts. These blackberry tartlets were so good, I probably swiped more than I should have.


Sugar dusted financiers.


One of those frosted cakes that probably was too intimidating for diners to attempt. This was mostly left untouched.


I can never say no to freshly baked bread, much less one that comes with cheese, herb oil and pickles.


This battle of carbs is always a lose lose one for me because as usual and as predicted I consumed way more than I should at this juncture over crusty bread.


Seasonal Seafood Tower 
Maine Lobster, King Crab, Mussels, Spammer Crab, Scallops, Prawns, Tuna

The theatrics included dry ice but the real deal starts when the seafood feast commences. Layers of seafood on a bed of ice, I found the second layer the most satisfying with all the heavyweights under a canopy of seaweed. Great eaten on its own or dunked in the sauces they provided.


Avocado Salad, Mixed Baby Cresses, Miso Dressing

The beauty of avocadoes is catching the perfect time to slice it open and then discovering it is much too raw or over ripened - and these were beautifully ripe, super creamy and perfectly green. I enjoyed this simple toss up tremendously with all the light flavours.

DSC_3153 DSC_3155
Lobster and Prawn Toast, Spicy Tobiko

I've eaten prawn toasts before and this crisp delight is several notches more satisfying with lobster salad sealed in the toast. Loved the flavours and the textures, arguably the best of the appetizers we've had.

Beef and Caviar, Dijon Emulsion

Beef tartare on toast, this is as simple as it gets.


Chargrilled Forty Day Aged Rib Chop, MBS 6+, 1.2kg
Tarragon Emulsion, Bordelaise, Peppercorn Sauce


This heavyweight arrived last and we were looking forward most to this actually. Medium doneness for this gorgeously aged slab of meat. I love my meats aged because the flavour profile is heightened with this process - more tender, richer in taste and definitely beefier. Great for sharing,


Wok Fried Asian Greens, Garlic Chips, Black Truffle Fries, Wild Mushrooms, Sweet Soy Glaze all made the stomach sing but fries and steak never ever goes wrong.


Snapper Bouillabaisse, Spicy Daikon, Lemon Grass

Expect bold flavours in this pot of melting flavours characteristic of Provencale cuisine. Hearty and very comforting,

Iberico Pork Presa, Star Anise, Pineapple Chutney, Celeriac Puree


 The celeriac puree has a surprise stored within and I found more pork in it! Pulled pork flavoured excellently and medium rare iberico pork presa, various textures were presented.

Menu is now available at One Ninety over lunch, dinner and also Sunday brunch buffet.

Private Dining: Nonya Bong is King of Peranakan


Nonya Bong was first thrown into limelight when S F Seetoh did a visit and since then, they have not looked back. Eat until pain is a mantra Chef Jeffrey has held dear to and eat till peng I hoped when we embarked on this private dining adventure at Nonya Bong's.


Recipes are collected since his grandparents' days and what are the odds of having both sets of grandparents peranakans and good cooks?


The massive spread with doubles of each dish.

Kueh Pie Tee
Turnip, bamboo shoot, prawn, chilli sauce
These little hats are so uniquely peranakan, it is almost rude not to have them at any peranakan meal. Here's the deal about Nonya Bong's kueh pie tees, they are made in house and so fresh, I have never eaten anything that comes this close actually. He even showed us the tools used and huge respect for these little cups made by hand. Machine made ones for sure have more consistency but for once, imperfection is perfection.


Buah Keluak 

Another quinessential, this nutty dish is still a favourite.


Sambal Prawns
Onions, chilli, belachan blended

We were allocated just one butterfly prawn each and the spices were really fragrant, making this a must have at Nonya Bong's. Succulent prawns given a lovely spice rub, I would not mind it being spicier though!

Herbs, roots, chilli, slivers of spanish mackerel, coconut milk

After having all these homemade otahs, the realisation struck that homemade is still best. Smooth otah paste studded with such generous fish flakes.


Nonya Chap Chai

I'm partial towards chap chai in general, however I did like how abundant the ingredients were - there was enough of everything!


Bakwan Kepiting

Nothing fancy going on with this bamboo meat ball soup, just soup straight from the heart and these large meaty balls.


Babi Pongteh
Stew of soya beans, mushrooms, bamboo shoot, green chilli, onion and garlic

Tau yew bak gone peranakan and frankly, I like both versions. The chinese version comes with the medley of other ingredients like tofu, egg, beancurd skin and cinnamon sticks that makes it somewhat more wholesome than babi pongteh - but no complaints here!



Sambal Belacan


Our meal was completed with a series of condiments that Chef Jeffrey is also bottling and selling! I got sold on his scallop-shrimp belachan sauce - so good and whets the appetite!

Sago Pearl Pudding with Gula Melaka 
Dessert is always a course I hate to bring on for it signals the end of a meal and this time, I am glad dessert came. We were stuffed beyond measure and I just had to get one portion

$55 nett per pax

SAMA Curry and Cafe @ OUE Downtown

SAMA Curry hails from Hokkaido and unlike the other Japanese curry restaurants, their version is watery and spice levels range from 1-30. I went for level 30 of course and had to top up a dollar to satisfy that curiosity.

Cheesy Chick ($17.90)

Looking all red, fierce and sports a thicker consistency than those with lower levels of spiciness. I was barely sweating even after slurping the full bowl of soup - neither is it tongue numbing. It's pleasant and cheese with cabbage does add a delicious twist to this bowl of curry. I expected more from the fried chicken cutlet however, and it disappointed with a barely crisp chicken skin (imagine boiled then fried) and the layer of fats. The vegetables were really good too - if there's a next visit, I'd top up for more of these vegetables!

Level 30 versus level 10, the colour and the consistency of the gravy is telling though really, the in between levels are child's play. And I wonder, what for?

On a separate note, the hamburg steaks are pretty decent! No fillers just good old hamburger meat.

Somehow Coco Ichibanya ranks tops for me and Japanese Curry, SAMA comes a close second.

SAMA Curry and Cafe
OUE Downtown

Serene's Supper Club x Chef Toshio Tanahashi


I had my eyes set on Serene's for a supper club session but with the restriction of her minimum 8 pax per meal, I had trouble filling those seats so I hopped onto the bandwagon when she offered us seats with a guest chef, Chef Toshio Tanahashi. Also known as a vegetable whisperer, he brings to table Shojin Ryori cuisine, Buddhist Vegetarian to be specific and I was really curious.

Religion aside, I love my vegetables but to take on a full course of vegetables...had to be an experience of its own


It was a full turn out of at least 20 people that night. We were all allocated seats and given menus.


Sesame cake flavoured with gocujang and wolfberrt topped with fig

These are from the husks of sesame seeds used to make the next dish on the menu. Without wasting anything, these husks are then made into cakes like those above. I would never have guessed these were sesame husks even with the nutty aromatic fragrance that came with it.


Hand ground sesame tofu topped with smoked eggplant sauce and samphire

Hand ground for 2 hours, the sheer hard work that goes into making this makes me ashamed of walloping this in three mouthfuls. So smooth and mousse like, it's unfathomabale that tofu can be made without soy beans. The texture is insanely addictive and I wished someone on my table actually hated tofu just so I could have that extra portion. Turns out nobody did and there were no extras to go around either - boo!


Mango soup with lotus root ball, bok choi, sweet corn and asparagus

The description already sounds too sweet and definitely not something I am familar with, especially in the Japanese cuisine.


Yet it proved otherwise. Mango broth was pleasantly rich and the consistency was lovely, unlike its fibrous pulpy fruit origins. The lotus root ball definitely changed my perception of lotus root and meatballs - whilst it turned out dense as expected, there was a moment I actually would not mind this over a real meat ball.


Brocoli, grape, winter melon, grilled tomato, plum salad with hand ground roasted sesame, miso and vinegar dressing

Sold on the dressing, it was that delicious. So delicious I had seconds and even thirds. This salad is not for the purist, more fruit than vegetable but the magic here lies in the plums that strangely tasted like mushrooms. What sorcery.


Potato beetroot croquette, pear 'worcestershire sauce', brussel sprouts, sweet potato leaf, roasted chestnut kakiage

It is a tough fight between the croquette and kakiage for focus of the dish.


I liked the light fritter but was won over more by the kakiage - the winning moment is when I decide I can give up the meat version for this vegetarian.


Red miso and tomato risotto, mushroom medley and lady fingers


More of a paella dish actually and this ended the meal really nicely.


Blueberry and grape agar agar, peach and avocado cream

DSC_3074 DSC_3079

I could have been distracted by all the intricately made Japanese sweets that when this arrived, I was somewhat disappointed. Fruit jelly no doubt and it came with a delicious avocado cream but after all the fanfare presented, this fell short of expectations somewhat.

Our first foray into Japanese vegetarian cuisine and my interest is hugely piqued.