Saturday, September 20, 2014

Aegean Airlines: Santorini - Athens - Istanbul

Lucky me got to try out both airlines - I suppose there is no major difference except that Aegean actually serves food! We opted for Aegean Airlines to connect from Santorini to Athens and then Istanbul.


Soft chocolate chip cookie that was too overloaded with chocolate chips.


Crystal sweets to keep calm with for the rest of the 45 minute ride from Santorini to Athens.

On the longer leg of Athens to Istanbul, a 90 minute flight, we had more substantial food.


Shortly after, we were handed lunch boxes.


Looking like a comprehensive 3 course meal with a bread roll, mains and fig bar dessert!


A not too shabby version of juicy meatballs and pilaf rice, if Turkish food were anything like these, I was certainly most looking forward.


Soda, always!

recycle me

The best corporate social responsibility efforts on an airline thusfar, food from the heart literally.

Thank you Aegean Airlines, until we next meet!

Aegean Airlines 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Papparich Plus @ Plaza Singapura

Special thanks to Charmaine for the invite!


The well-loved all-day dining Malaysian street food chain PappaRich, is proud to introduce their new PappaRich Plus outlets at Plaza Singapura and OneKM in Tanjong Katong.

PappaRich Plus focuses more on communal dining dishes and they have a range of new dishes only available at these outlets. A self-professed foodie, founder Rich Tan based these new dishes on Malaysia’s colourfulculinary background. His dedication to authentic cuisine led him to travel to the different parts of the country sampling the best of local fare.


Pappa Hainan Steamed Bread with Butter and Kaya ($3.90)


I still adore their chewy steamed bread. Word has it that they are made in house and so is kaya made from scratch. This gives the usual toasts a run for their money. 

Sweet and Sour Chilli Crab Meat with Fried Rice ($11.90)

In response to our love for chilli crab, PappaRich's version involves a tangy chilli crab sauce with meat extracted from the juicy claws and served with fried rice. Lacking in wok hei but it makes up for the experimental flavours.  


Kampung Fried Rice ($10.90)

The gist of fried rice is putting together ingredients (usually leftovers) to form a hearty dish and in this one filled with wok hei, I find it generously laden with shredded chicken, ikan bilis, kang kong and a pretty sunside egg served on top. Many elements come to play for this delicious number that is wildly popular and sold at "Mamak" stalls in Malaysia, my personal favourite of the lot! 


Curry Fish Head ($34.90)

Using the head of a red snapper cooked in a curry concocted from 22 different spices (including kunyit, buah keras (candlenut) and biji halba (fenugreek seed)), the final product is but an incredibly fragrant and rich broth.  


Comes with a side of pappadum which was great for dipping. 


Curry Lamb ($9.90)

The recipe originates from Madras and was introduced to Malaysia by the influx of Indian immigrants during Colonial times with spices used for the curry base that include bunga cengkih.
This tasted more like a stew than curry to me. The lamb is from New Zealand and hardly has the gamey smell nor taste that usually plagues lamb dishes.  


Ayam Masak Merah ($12.90)
Juicy chicken thigh pieces slow-cooked in a tomato and chilli paste with red and green peppers

Thumbs up for this succulent dish, I could be fooled into thinking this was fried chicken.  


Sambal Aubergine ($9.90)

I love this dry stir fried vegetable, perfect with rice. 


Four Heavenly Kings in Sambal Belacan ($11.90)
Aubergine, okra, long beans and petai stir-fried in sambal and dried shrimp

Trust them to come up with such a name for a dish! Petai is an acquired ingredient but I loved the dish. The balance of spice and vegetables chosen were really good! 


Black Gold Coffee (Iced) ($5.50)
Ground Arabica beans cold brewed overnight

The coffee is cold-brewed contributing to its slight translucency, with the ground coffee powder soaked overnight in ice and as the ice slowly melts, it gradually draws out the coffee’s essence
With a mixture of Arabica beans use, the caffeine addict found this a hearty brew.


Soyabean Jelly Drink

I was in for a sinful treat when it was placed on the table - organic soya bean milk with jelly and gula melaka and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. Sweet and not a bad way to have both my beancurd and drink in one!


Head to Papparich Plus today for a walk down Malaysia's foodlanes without getting out of Singapore! I am gunning for a revisit with friends to take on the other delicacies.

Papparich Plus
Plaza Singapore

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nijyumaru @ Permas, Johore


A fellow foodie from JB recommended Nijyumaru for affordable Japanese food and hugely popular amongst the locals. Thankfully, I managed to make reservations and get us a table at 8pm. When we arrived, the queues were there and the restaurant was filled with diners.


Before the meal started, I was actually looking forward to freshly grated wasabi. Afterall, it is  place frequented by locals and to that regard, not touristy. 


Ikura Chawanmushi (RM 12)


Chawanmushi (RM 5)

Smooth and wobbly and comes with a side of fish roe too. Available on demand but be prepared to wait.

hotate sushi

Hotate Sushi (RM 12, 2 pieces)

Bulbous fleshy things that always make me happy, I disliked the sushi rice used though.


Special Maki (RM 13)

I suppose they used freshly cooked rice here, pretty ordinary creative sushi with fried bits inside.


Olenso Bacon (RM 10)

Of all places to have a salad, we did and this was really decent with oriental touches.


Nasu Dengaku (RM 8)

Pathetically dry eggplant with miso paste, I have had tons better elsewhere.

wasabi prawn

Ebi Wasabi Mayo (RM 18)

Perhaps strange to have wasabi prawns at a Japanese restaurant and this tasted as it would from a zichar restaurant. 

fried rice

Garlic Fried Rice (RM 5)

I dunked in enough wasabi to render this a delicious plate of fried rice paradise.

chirashi don

Chirashi Don (RM 26)

Chirashi don for RM 26, it had the day's freshest in a bowl. I thought it was a good deal with a reasonable amount of fish. 

red wine steak

Red Wine Beef (RM 20)

I fault this for the frozen peas, carrots and corn used. Made the presentation lose points and the beef cubes were sliced a tad thin and it was on the sweet side.


Mentaiko Scallops (RM 10)

This was oral pleasure in one slurp.


Grilled Oysters and Cream (RM 13)

This was a letdown with the delicious cream topping and lukewarm oyster croquette.

cod foie gras

Cod with Foie Gras (RM 38)

A thick chunk of uncteous, greasy, fatty and unforgivably sinful foie gras sat on top of my juicy cod. I did not really care too much about the moat of cream sauce around it but my my my, it had to be a heart patient's worstest nightmare alive and save for the mild fishyness of the foie gras, this was a literal heaven on earth, all in my mouth. Great for sharing otherwise, just load up on this sin and the visit and queues are already justified.

pear icecream

Pear Sorbet (RM 18)

Shaped like a pear and filled with vanilla ice, so we were duped into ordering this supposedly "Made in Australia" dessert.

black sesame icecream

Black Sesame Icecream (RM 8)

I had better mileage and satisfaction with this rich number, peppered with enough black sesame. 

Hits and misses but one thing I completely cannot argue against is the affordability of dining in JB. Japanese cuisine included. For the same amount of money spent, I doubt I can get half the satisfaction in Singapore. Worth a return just for the hits.

Permas Jaya

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

D'Laksa @ KSL City


D'Laksa hails from Penang and is no stranger to our local food fairs. They lay claim on serving the most authentic and original Penang Assam Laksa in Johor Bahru. Housed at KSL City, they have a main shop and a separate stall like this as well. Talk about milking the most for visibility.


RM 5 for a bowl of chewy noodle bathed in assam laksa broth. The noodles are custom made and hands and pants down the best laksa noodles eaten. It is perhaps the gelatin content that makes it extra bouncy hence regardless the time soaking in the broth, the bite is still retained.


The broth too, is so slurpworthy, the tangyness of pineapple and sardine put together, makes Nyonya laksa seem like the evil fattening distant cousin. 

Worthy of all queues and definitely gets my vote for best laksa around!

Lot No.S20,Lower Ground Floor,KSL City
No.33.Jalan Seladang,Taman Abad,80250 Johor Bahru,Johor.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mon Kee @ KSL City Mall


Mon Kee had a stall with just a pop up banner, a chef busying himself behind the counter and 2 very warm ladies urging customers to purchase.

Unbenownst to me, Mon Kee has been a trusted brand for traditional pastries in Malaysia. They even do wedding and full month packages.


Egg Tarts (RM 2)

I berate myself to no end for not having a proper picture captured of the baked delight. Unlike any other egg tart I have eaten, this has a silken filling and best of all, the crust is both savoury and sweet.

Mon Kee
KSL City Mall

Monday, September 15, 2014

Roost Juice+Bar @ Jalan Dhoby, Johor


Roost Cafe and Bar joins the other chichi outlets along Jalan Dhoby, Johore's answer to our very own Haji Lane. It is an enclave for all things arty farty, I even spotted a makeshift night performance theatre just right outside a very apt Red House.

The other snaps of Jalan Dhoby, a place that comes alive at night.


Arty farty corners.


Old school much with a live band and dance troop, best of all with live participation from the public. 


Dance me a cha cha?


Night performances.


A chichi hair salon. 

Roost Cafe has a sister shop just doors away that caters to the breakfast crowd, with healthier options like frozen yogurt, coffee and juice. However that combination, it does sound too healthy for comfort. Roost opens its doors to a dinner and chilling crowd.


Instead of road signs, how about no smoking ones?


Cosy mismatched corners with lustworthy furniture.


The vintage mirror that we all loved.


The decor is large vintage, for once, sitting on a well worn sofa with torn fabric is chic.


View from the second floor.



Strawberry Trip (RM 8.90)
Relaxer (RM 8.90)
Passion Storm (RM 8.90)
Kiwi Magic (RM 8.90)

Their juice chillers were served in buckets, the same kind I built sand castles in as a child. Very refreshing and fruity, it gave me ideas what to do with the newly purchased smoothe maker. Inspite of its fanciful names, I found my favourite combination in strawberries and kiwi.


Instead of the usual chilling sessions that I do, we chilled over juice. A nice change for once!

Roost Juice+Bar
9 Jalan Dhoby