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Ondeh Ondeh Cake @ Beeli Bakes


I was introduced to the best homebaked ondeh ondeh cake by a fellow foodie and took the chance to celebrate Father's Day with it. Hello white beauty!


Ordering from Beelibakes is simple, all done via WhatsApp and I even arranged for delivery. Easy peasy.


The fragrance of grated coconut is unmistakable and it drapes over the cake so beautifully, I almost could not bear to slice it.


A beautiful yet very delicious mess. Layers of pandan sponge and gula melaka drenched grated coconut and more coconut atop. Love your ondeh ondeh and love this too. I would just give up on storebought overly sweet ones!

Mid Autumn 2019: Jiang Nan Chun

~Media drop~


Michelin-starred Jiang Nan Chun celebrates Mid-Autumn with a selection of baked and snowskin mooncakes. Nested in a lush botanical inspired gift box, the teal colour is eye catching and those little drawers make for an awesome keepsake post Mid-Autumn!


Oh hi there, thousand calorie sweet treat.


Baked mooncakes are their signatures and this year's baked selection sees a revival of the evergreen Silver Lotus Paste with Melon Seed, Silver Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, and Silver Lotus Paste with Double Yolk while also featuring returning signature Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts and Lime. 





Each baked skin mooncake is made using top quality ingredients including premium silver lotus. 
  • Silver Lotus Paste with Double Yolk SGD 80
  • Silver Lotus Paste with Single Yolk SGD 78
  • Silver Lotus Paste with Melon Seed SGD 78
  • Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts SGD 78
  • Four Seasons Medley SGD 82


The Four Seasons Medley showcases one of each flavour and is perfect for finicky eaters who want a taste of everything - sounds like me!


This Smoked Duck with Assorted nuts is inspired by Jiang-Nan Chun’s signature Peking duck, prepared in a mesquite wood-fire oven. Infact, I've long heard of their famous assorted nuts mooncake and for those who love assorted nuts, this is a must try. I love the smoked duck in this which balances out the nuttiness and it is hardly as sweet as most assorted nuts mooncakes out there. 


My Grandma used to use that mooncakes with just the lotus paste are the most value for money since the other stuffing's are probably not worth what they claim. I cannot help but love this evergreen classic all over again, so smooth and delicious.


Are you a salted egg yolk fan? Single or double?

We're down to the last few days before Mid Autumn arrives and it will be yet another year till I get to eat these sinful treats.

Frieda @ Kempinski Arcade, Capitol Piazza

~Invited Session~ 


Frieda Restaurant opens at the newly revamped wing at Capitol Piazza and is part of the food and beverage arm of Kempinski Hotel.


There are both cosy tables and bar counter seats at Frieda. Craft beers and beers from the tap are available, great for those seeking a Happy Hour tipple.



Complimentary sourdough before our mains arrived.


Crusty warm bread always makes a good pre meal snack.


On their beverage list is a whole assortment of beers, juices, teas and also sodas.


Platter of Grilled Sausages and Meatloaf ($54 for 2 pax, $105 for 4 pax)

Great for sharing and this platter showcased a whole medley of German delights. Sausages for one were the highlight. Choose from herb, cheese and chipotle meat sausages and a number of sides like german dumplings, mash and saurkeraut.


Veal Wiener Schnitzel ($37)

Traditionally, veal is used to create this dish, pounded thinly and evenly to tenderize before it is breaded with flour, egg and breadcrumbs and deep fried. Yummy on its own even without the sauces or cucumber relish.


Poached Wagyu Beef Brisket ($35)


On description, this sounded the least attractive because poached and beef brisket. Braise would have been a tastier option but I was sold on how tender this was even with poaching and the marbling made this so delicious. Not to mention the beetroot and potato salad that was equally delish.


Crackling Pork Knuckle Beerjus ($39)

A german meal is not complete without pork knuckle and theirs was spot on - crispy, crunchy, fatty and fall off the bone pork! KETO compliant and this made all of us so happy.


Apple stuffed cinnamon donuts served with vanilla icecream


Mehdinary chocolate lava cake that barely flowed.


Semolina Pudding ($12) on the otherhand was a berrylicious one, dig deep for those sweet layers. 


Pancake Bismarck ($12) spells brunch food with its thin batter, icing sugar dusting and berry compote topping. 


Check out these daily drink specials too, Frieda checks off all the points for a place to chill, wine and dine.

Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski, Unit 01-87, 01-K1-K2, 15 Stamford Road

Crystal Jade Palace @ Ngee Ann City

~Invited Session~

Crystal Jade's fine dining restaurant, Crystal Jade Palace, has reopened its doors with a refreshed look and menu. The team has opted for a colour palette of jade green and gold, paired with commissioned art pieces by local artist, Sam Auditeur, presenting a cosy and welcoming ambiance for diners.

Onto the menu that has undergone some revamps as well with Chef Martin Foo and his team coming up with creations that are both uniquely Asian yet innovative.


Garden Salad with Crabmeat, Pomelo and Sakura Ebi ($14.80)

Paying homage to the western and local salads, this was uniquely asian with the choice of ingredients and I thought the combination of pomelo was refreshing.


Steamed XO Scallop Dumpling wrapped in 'Marbled' Skin ($8.80 for 3 pieces)

Dimsum is only available on weekends and I was thrilled to be able to try their dumpling, a delicate squid ink skin enveloping celery, scallop and prawn topped with homemade XO sauce. Sunday yumcha someday! DSC_5902

Deep Fried Chive Stem Pancake ($14.80)

This bears close semblance to fried beancurd shrimp roll, a dimsum staple. Except, this comes with a whole host of other ingredients like sweet chives stem, minced prawns and bits of Chinese ‘lap cheong’ between sheets of spring roll skin. Absolutely tasty and for dinners when one craves a dimsum course.


Roasted Irish Duck with Black Truffle and Roasted Honey BBQ Iberico Pork ($26 for regular, $48 for half, $95 for whole duck, $30 for regular portion)


Now this is their classic roast dish, roast duck served with truffles. Succulent meat and skin so crisp, I could just have this alone with the 'zup' over rice. Satisfaction at its maximum. None of the nasties of truffle oil (some diners have an aversion to that but anything truffle works for me), just plain ole' good freshly shaved truffles to add the highlight to this dish. 


In comparison, the iberico pork char siew is second fiddle here. Charred, honeyed goodness. Not exactly mindblowing but good enough as part of the roast platter. 


Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Peruvian Ginseng ($26 per person)

Soups are the quintessential of any Cantonese meal and without a doubt and this double boiled chicken soup in the most cliché way - is for the soul. Very comforting, wholesome and worth having seconds of. Ginseng infact is mild and goes well with the chockfuls of ingredients.


Sauteed Beef Cubes with Shishito Peppers in Black Pepper Sauce ($36)

Tender beef cubes with a lovely because of the shishito peppers in black pepper sauce. Absolutely delish, especially with these fried garlic chips.


Braised Sea Cucumber with Grandma's Braised Pork Belly ($36)

As Grandma would have it, this homely dish is well executed with melt in the mouth braised pork belly and that appetizing gravy that goes so well with rice.


Poached Seasonal Vegetable with Fresh Beancurd Skin and Gingko Nuts in Superior Broth ($26)

Another soup dish but this is elevated with a flavourful and collagen-rich chicken stock, deep-
fried gingko and garlic cloves, as well as smooth sheets of fresh beancurd skin. This reminds me of trio of vegetables with superior stock except this was way heartier.


Fried Crispy Rice and Orzo Pasta with Prawn and Shrimp ($26)

There are many surprises beneath this heap of fried "rice". First, instead of rice grains, orzo pasta is used and that gives a lovely bite to it. Plenty of wok hei in this dish tossed over high heat with prawns, char siew, capsicums and a topping of crispy fried sakura ebi and grains. I love the multitude of textures in this fried rice paradise, not to mention the generous ingredients used.


Chendol with Coconut Icecream ($12.80)

Last but not least, we end with a luscious and fragrant coconut gelato with ‘chendol’ and grass jelly cubes, and an indulgent Crème brûlée with homemade durian ice cream. Chendol gone luxe and there's all to love about this swee treat.

For diners more adventurous, Chef Foo offers a 6 course Discovery menu at $138 per person and Gastronic 8 course for $188 per person.

Crystal Jade Palace
Ngee Ann City

Ten Butter Fingrrs Bakes


I decided to get cakes from Jenny of Ten Butter Fingrrs again this year for the kids' celebrations. The firstborn's birthday cake was all about going Young, Wild and Three. I really wanted an Ostheimer cake so with that theme in mind, I matched her tree trunk design with a wooden unicorn.


Pity this unicorn took a fall before we could even cut the cake hence staining her butt - argh! I love how the tree trunk and toy came together so beautifully, thank goodness for pinterest for always coming to my rescue.


A kid's friendly version of blackforest so the threenager could have his cake and eat it. Jenny's sponge cake recipe is always on point, fluffy and moist and lathered with luscious cream and those juicy cherries. I'm hardly a blackforest fan mainly because the layers always end up too wet but this version held up so well - delicious.


Another beauty for the princess for her first month and I actually fell in love with the balloons first before leaving it to Jenny to conceptualise the rest.


Her version was Jenny's signature strawberry shortcake. Another wonderful creation that never fails to win the family over.

Beauty in the Pot @ Star Vista

~Invited Session~ DSC_6266

Beauty in the Pot has made its way West and this time, they are honouring this opening with a special collaboration with Le Shrimp Ramen. DSC_6287 Fans of the ramen place can rejoice because they have launched  a Hearty Shrimp broth made from big prawns baked, hand ground till fine and simmered for more than eight hours with premium conpoy, clams and spices for more oomph. This definitely gives the hae mee stock a run for their money because it's rich, thick and packed with umami in every drop. DSC_6268

Every visit I get tempted to concoct my own sauce but the broth is always so tasty no further seasoning is required. Anyone else like me?

Red Garoupa


Alaskan Crab Stick


Assorted Balls Platter, Ebiko Prawn Paste and Assorted Dumplings platter  


US Kurobuta Pork


Ox Tongue


Fried Beancurd Skin


Signature Homemade Fish Tofu


We had the usual BITP staples and between the mala and hearty shrimp broth, I veered towards mala. Somehow red meats and seafood taste better in spicy broths, a personal preference actually. DSC_6294 I love it when the broth simmers till the end of meal! All the goodness gets captured in the broth and I can have my broth fix then - so always save space for soup when having hotpot. DSC_6263

What's also new at this outlet is an indoor playground that will entertain children to no end and parents can dine in peace - so much win!

Beauty In A Pot 1 Vista Exchange Green
The Star Vista #02-24