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Long Chim Revisited @ Marina Bay Sands


I missed thai food so much I dragged the Hubba fresh from his Bangkok trip to Long Chim to revisit some good old street food. The last visit was solely because Chef David Thompson was in town and really, there is no better time and chance when the chef himself is around - and boy, were we blown away!


The bar always tempts, even at mid day.


And the toilets!




Lunch is a fairly desserted affair with only 3 tables filled at the strike of 12, I am not complaining for sure. More peace and quiet for a leisurely weekend meal.


Cured Pork Fritters ($18)
Ginger Chillies

Vinegared breaded pork coins, I call them. I mistook ginger chillies to be chestnuts and let's just say it wasn't all too pleasant. That said, these pork bites are a miss for me.


Tom Yum of Snapper and Tumeric ($28) 


Punchy and sour enough for both of us to sweat bowls over, I love the snapper chunks and how much this made me miss Bangkok all the more. Perfect with rice and a hot basil stirfry too! 


Siamese Watercress ($16)
Garlic Yellow Beans

Morning glory stir fry always works wonders for me over thai food.


Minced Beef ($26)
Chillies, Garlic, Hot Basil, Fried Egg

Everything about this is Thailand, from the hot basil leaves to the crisp fried eggs and birds eye chillies even. No trip to the land of smiles is ever complete without this tasty number.


Fried Rice with Crab Meat ($28)

The funny thing about crab meat fried rice is, the last place I was a fan of this particular dish was Mikuni and it was teppanyaki style. Long Chim has certainly shown us all you really need is a flaming wok and some cooking chops to really pull off a lipsmacking and somewhat heart and tum warming fried rice paradise.


Durian Icecream ($14)
Sesame Wafer

While this ain't no Mao Shan Wang, the durian icecream was by all means the most decadent of the meal - indulgent, very milky and pungent. It definitely did not help with the calories when the crunchy sesame wafer smelt amazing and paired the durian icecream like milk to tea.

Street food is something that I have not garnered enough guts to try off the streets of Thailand yet and I'm sure Chef knows there's an entire community of people who'd love to, with the hygience. Long Chim answers all of that and I'm a fan.

Long Chim 
Marina Bay Sands

Kueh Ho Jiak @ Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

Tanjong Pagar Food Center welcomes Kueh Ho Jiak to their tenant list and having been around since 1930 (I suspect it's the recipe more than the stall itself!), they  have been peddling these healthier alternatives to our kueh loving nation.


Made with sweet potato skin and shaped to the likes of animals, fruit and flowers. These kuehs are not made to last - any longer than a day, please refrigerate! No pork, no lard, no preservatives and artificial colouring.


Yam paste, peanut and hae bee hiam were the three attempted and they were infact very squishy to touch. Almost malleable like mochi and any slightest prod could damage its shape.


Of the three, yam paste was the most likeable followed by the spicy hae bee hiam and peanut. To trade the usual sinful greasy and somewhat lardy treat for this healthier option may need some cajoling, afterall  these treats do not come cheap (starting from $1.20 a piece!). 

For a piece of tradition and a slice of health, Kueh Ho Jiak has big shoes to fill and I sure wish them all the best in this kueh pie-ty. 

Kueh Ho Jiak
Tanjong Pagar Food Center

Le Petit French Cuisine @ Serene Center


Serene Center holds special memories for the Hubba and I (not that we met there!). Infact it was such a part of our growing up years. I wonder why I never bothered enough to step foot into Le Petit that has been around for that many years! So many dining establishments have opened and closed yet Mcdonalds and Le Petit French Cuisine have held on so strong.

With an in house french patissier, one can expect heaps of french bakes and I was equally tempted by the display of desserts.


If there's any indication how crazy popular they are? They ran out of metal cutlery.


Foie Gras Panfried with Orange Confit and served with Salad ($19.50)

My rule of thumb when appetizers are priced as much as appetizers is to avoid them like plague - either they are using such premium ingredients that warrant the same price or it is actually a deterrence to ordering them at all. Ah, the kind of mind gymnastics I put myself through before ordering my food.


Sirloin Steak with Potato Gratin and Salad ($17.50)

I was disappointed with the medium rareness that it came in, I was hoping for a juicier red at least. That said, the steak was great.


Flavourful chunk served with a beautiful creamed potato.


Confit de Canard with Potato Grain ($17.50)

The duck actually stole the show with an incredibly crispy skin and moist meat. Nothing over the top just a perfectly executed duck and arguably the best potato gratin ever. Two bests in a dish, I am sold several times over.


French Onion Soup ($5 supplement)

The melted cheese toast was missing from this french classic but no complaints when the broth was brimming with onions and was so comforting. Together with those pillowy soft buns and butter, mamma mia!


A walk in the cafe and a sneak at their cake counter gets me so tempted to order everything!


Cherry Tart 

I remember cooking a cherry clafoutis before in one of my very whimsical kitchen moments and boy, it is not easy. The tart was on point, cherries juicy and best of all, it was not laden in sugar but smelt so good of butter!


Mixed Fruit Tart ($6)

Sweet cream and sweet berries maketh this masterpiece, if anything to note? I used to hate sweet cream tarts.

It's probably never too late to realise this hidden gem and without a doubt, I am loving their french classics.

Le Petit French Cuisine
Serene Center

Tea Lounge Revisited @ Regent Singapore


Tea Lounge is undergoing a massive makeover since16 June and this was a timely farewell to the lounge that I've grown to so dearly adore. Word has it that interim, the weekday high tea will be showcased at Basilico's premises.


So I had to do my part as a huge fan of Tea Lounge by booking the last high tea session at its current location pre makeover, just to soak in the ambience and remember the lovely place for the memories that I have had with them. And just over this high tea did the Hubba and I recount the occasions we've spent at Tea Lounge - our first wedding anniversary high tea during our hotel staycation, the last high tea session before I popped, Christmas and now before they renovate.


The welcoming dessert piece is always eye catching.







Blini Pancakes, Sour Cream, Chives, Eggs, Onions with a medley of caviar varieties

While I am not hung up over the blinis, the caviar is the one that gets most attention. 


These prawn fritters and mango sauce made their rounds and who can resist these fried things? Turns out throughout the session, there were a number of dishes that were distributed without refills.



I adore the sandwich corner best, the truffle tarts and smoked salmon deserved seconds and not to mention the most ordinary cucumber and egg sandies that tasted fab as well.


Oh, cheese.


Did I already mention I love cheeses? Grapes and blue cheese is possibly the most divine combination after port cheese and wine.


The only buffet I actually tuck into salads is at Tea Lounge.


Seafood salad deserved more than one helping, especially those plump scallops. 

And as usual, I usually eat too much from the appetizers corner and dessert and end up with that tiny space for only one helping for dishes from the mains.


The hearty stuff.



Truffle and Mushroom Crusted Beef Prime Rib with Rosemary Potatoes

Otherwise also known as roast beef on the wagon with a mean red wine sauce and side of roasted potatoes and grilled tomatoes on the vine.


Classic Steamed Chicken  Rice with Condiments

I gotta say while this has no michelin tag to it, it is a legit plate of chicken rice paradise. Loved the chilli and tender chicken.


Regent's Signature Laksa

Signature as it is, I wish this came with more spice yet that said, the richness of the broth was well executed  with the full works of fishcake, curry leaves, laksa noodles and prawns, except hums.


Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce


King Prawn Congee with Dry Scallop and Goji Berry


Superbly delicious and I was surprised diners were making a beeline for this! The robust broth had us returning for thirds even, just so good it could be drunk like soup, considering I do not love congee the way a typical cantonese ought to.


Hokkien Mee

Boats of these were handed out at random and boy, was this delish!


Dimsum at a buffet is usually shunned and I say this isn't Regent's forte either.


I look forward most to dessert.







I clearly had too many sweets that day and the best thing is majority of these sweet treats are available at Dolcetto by Basilico for takeaway! I've hardly had a bad dessert at their buffet and have more than once headed back to Dolcetto just to do takeaways of the treats I miss so much!

When the renovation's done, I'll be back for more of these high tea sessions!

Tea Lounge
Regent Singapore