Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cake & The Fiddle Celebrates Christmas!

Special thanks to Deborah for the cake! 

Cat and The Fiddle releases two special creations this christmas - 

Snowy Christmas ($38.90)
Chocolate cream cheese with brandied cherries

Captured above, the velvety smooth chocolate cream cheese was fluffy and not too sweet. I loved the addition of the brandied juicy cherries which gave this festive treat an alcoholic touch - well just befitting for the season to let loose a little and enjoy the last few weeks of the year! Can I add the gingerbread crust was so delicious too!

Meowy Christmas ($38.90)
Chocolate cream cheese with brownies 

Also available is this child friendly option, this comes with brownies studded in their signature cheese cake.

My take on Cat and The Fiddle even before this cake sample had been good, they remain fiercely passionate about their cakes and I am glad they have something special this christmas!

Available online and also at Geek Café, 81 Marine Parade Central #01-644.

Friday, December 19, 2014

To-gather Cafe @ Bedok


To-gather Cafe was mentioned in my cafe list not too long ago and I mustered enough resolute to head further East in search of another cafe to add to my favourites. I probably did not expect the turn out to be this huge, we were slapped with a time to end our meal before it even started and it was buzzing with so much activity, a leisurely brunch was completely out of the question.

Well taking into account the scarcity of space, we were literally butt to butt with the next table and every conversation is within earshot. At this point, I already felt my Sundays were invaded.



Mexican Quesadilla ($6.5)

I asked what makes an authentic quesadilla in its stingy portions of mozzarella, grilled chicken slices and mixed peppers. The most extraordinary bit of this had to be the salsa that pretty much gave some flavour to the dish.


Japanese Salad ($7.50)

The only thing that made this predominantly Japanese had to be the green seaweed.


Grilled Ribeye Steak ($16.90)

I could possibly find the equivalent value at a coffeeshop western food stall. Hardly ribeye I say, more of sirloin.


I gave a pass on their famous matcha lava cakes.


For a lack of a better word, mediorcre brunch with a crowd too big. More finesse required for this to inch nearer to the more established brunch boys. Think Common Man Coffee Roasters to get a better idea.

To-gather Cafe
#01-27, 84 Bedok North Street 4

Thursday, December 18, 2014

NUVO Revisited @ Marina Square

As part of American Express' 30licious deals, there are a number of dining establishments with a $30++ menu either for lunch, dinner or selected dishes. The promotion has since ended on 2 December. I was piqued by NUVO's menu since it was impressive the last time round.


Toasty tomato foccacia bread served with piped herb butter, it was as good as I remember it to be. I love freshly baked bread and it just shows how serious the kitchen takes such details - outsourced bread is major no-no.


Vanilla mushroom soup

Vanilla or not, I love my mushroom soups. What more with a perfectly cooked poached egg to cream things up.


Osso Bucco

Loved the crispiness, this would have made a really good tempura and double portions would have made me really happy.


Angel hair wakame

Served chilled, the al dente pasta tossed in lobster oil was a hearty kind of delicious. The crushed nuts gave it a lovely texture.


Kurobuta pork belly

The sliver of pork belly was ridiculously small, enough for one big mouthful and that was it.


Japanese kinako delight

Mochi and red bean always works wonders for me - it helps that the mochi is extra chewy too!


Fuji apple and parimigiano - reggiano torta 

Simply put an apple cheesecake. The tartness of the cheesecake was a tad mismatched with the apples.

For $30++, I suppose there is little left to complain about. A number of hits actually and I am dying to be back for the full mains portions of the angel hair pasta!

Marina Square

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cafe Brio's @ Waterfront Copthorne Hotel

Special thanks to Jennifer for the invite!

Christmas and Chinese New Year alike are periods in the year that signals endless feasting. Infact, lavish ones indeed and Cafe Brio's is one of the many restaurants that is celebrating the joyous occasion with a huge spread.


The standard seafood display that usually features a bountiful array of catches.


Festive looking salads.


I could not resist stealing a shot of this heart shaped smoked duck salad.


Festive must haves include a honey glazed gammon ham, I love the glisten of the ham under the lighting!


What is christmas without turkey and its stuffing?

There are of course several other stations present but dessert station usually calls out in my walk about before picking my plate to fill it.


Sugar, spice and all things nice.


Award winning logcakes by Executive Pastry Chef, Nicolas Maugar include this signature raspberry flavoured grand marnier and “guanaja”chocolate Christmas Yule log cake (1 kg at $58) that was a major favourite during the buffet. 


How about a Vanilla Pineapple Roasted Confit, Coconut Biscuit, Mango and Yuzu Logcake?


It's times like that and a full sugary spread infront of me that gets me so excited, I wish I could head for the sweets first.


Crab legs, prawns, shell fish, name it they have it.


Belittle their salad range not, I actually found love in their greens, both DIY and premade.


Their festive looking greens have one too many choices, I wish I had space for seconds.


Always save space for oysters, I usually head for the plump ones! The choice of dressings available are more than the usual tabasco and lemon, they also had red sherry and garlic as well as other cream based dressing to make this easier to eat for some!


Freshly baked breads with their herb butter - two plates of this has to be a testimony of how good it really is.


Take your chance at the sashimi counter as the poker faced chef slices away. Yellow tail, tuna and salmon makes the sashimi counter.


I actually thought that serving laksa in a seemingly international buffet a mismatch and nearly gave this a miss - and I have warned you against missing it because it was such a potent bowl, I went for seconds and almost thirds. The truly asian flavours of this national dish shines through with a pow-wow punch of belachan, coconut milk and hum that makes this oh-so-orgasmically good.


While these limited editions treats last I say, there is ham, figs and turkey to tuck into!


Meatballs with a sumpteous sauce to eat with.


Also available on Fridays and weekends is their live grill station that has dishes cooked on the spot and precooked.


More of the local favourites are present in chilli crab and mantou!


Waffles are all the rage these days and I'll credit my lovely dining companions Dairyandcream and Fundamentally Flawed for this beautiful creation.


Yam icecream is always a weakness, just like orh nee.


With so much gluttony going on at the buffet, we were kindly gifted a logcake to continue the season's madness.


A side profile of this pretty logcake - I loved the crunch, the sour and sweet and how chocolate has become my best friend this festive season. Even the family enjoyed it to no end too!

Book your favourite festive delight or even a table at Cafe Brio's today - there is no better reason than a good pig out to end the year on!

The all important price list, 

Festive Buffet Lunch - 1 to 30 December (excluding 24 Dec and 25 December)
Monday to Friday:     Adult: $52    Child: $26
Festive Buffet Brunch  - 7, 14, 21 and 28 Dec (available every Sunday in Dec)
Adult: $75 (with a glass of wine or beer), $65
Child: $32.50
Festive Buffet Dinner - 1 to 30 December (excluding 24  and 25 December)
Monday to Thursday:     Adult: $62    Child: $31
Friday to Sunday:     Adult: $72    Child:$36
Festive High Tea Barbecue - 6, 13, 20, 27 December
Every Saturday:     Adult: $42    Child: $21
Christmas Eve Buffet Lunch - 24 December
Adult: $54    Child: $27
Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner - 24 December
Adult: $136 (with free flow of red/ white wine, chilled juices and soft drinks), $106
Child: $53
Christmas Day Buffet Brunch - 25 December
Adult: $136 (with free flow of red/ white wine, chilled juices and soft drinks), $106
Child: $53
Christmas Day Buffet Dinner - 25 December
Adult: $74
Child: $37
New Year’s Eve Buffet Lunch - 31 December
Adult: $54
Child: $27
New Year’s Eve Buffet Dinner – 31 December
Adult: $146 (with free flow of French Champagne, red/white wine, chilled juices and soft drinks)
Child: $53
New Year’s Day Buffet Brunch – 1 January
Adult: $85 (with a glass of wine or beer), $75
Child: $37.50

Book by 13 December for 24, 25 and enjoy 20% early bird discount.
Book by 26 December for 31 December and enjoy 20% early bird discount.
For reservations, please call 6233 1100 or email

Cafe Brio's
Waterfront Copthorne Hotel

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Be a Rocq Star this Christmas!

Special thanks to Crowd Sg for the love!


ROCQ STAR is a newly launched chocolate brand aimed at delivering doses of delicious fun! With the ROCQ STAR choc pops, everyone can now indulge in decadent bliss from the thick coating of luxurious chocolate, and enjoy the delectable fruit, nut and coffee flavours within.

I was thrilled to be able to sample some of their goodies and their satchets come in such gorgeous metallic colours! 


Take your pick from a variety of fruits and nuts including cranberries, raisins, almonds and hazelnuts. Coated with a layer of dark chocolate, each morsel is a decadent treat.


Check out their mocha and espresso options with chocolate coated coffee beans! 

Available at all leading supermarts.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Crateful @ Yong Siak Road


I love pop-up stores, stemming from the very fact I love markets. The possibilities of innovative products being found is alot higher than the mainstream supermarts and it is a great platform for budding entrepreneurs to start somewhere. Crateful is one such pop up that is a modern day urban grocer, sourcing from local producers to bring forth the freshest and tastiest produce to the community conveniently everyday.


I found several local producers that I have not heard of before - I suppose marriage does noobify people. There are various corners within Crateful and I spent a good amount of time pottering around and trying out samples.


I was tempted by a slab of Himalayan pink salt rock, apparently very theatrical with their viral videos of people frying eggs over a stove on the slab and the same magic was repeated with watermelon samples marinated on the slab - well, if only I had that kind of gatherings to show off these novel tricks.


Check them out for the hippiest beverages in town - cold pressed juices being one of them and also homemade sodas.


I feel christmasy just looking at these little packages.


Looking for a spicy affair? I had these at Pasarbella's Pop Up Store, Keith's Crackling Pork Booth and the level of spice was manageable for a local palette.


The granola section made me happy just browsing.


CROP granolas come in two different sizes, these regular and larger packs too.


Let the sampling begin!


Apron anyone?


Wall of fame of the local producers who have stocked at Crateful.

Here's a feature on the few that I purchased and/or sampled.


Edible and Co 

Just on granolas, there are 3 different brands for selection. Choice, is not exactly my best friend so I go with preferred flavours.


Spot my purchase!


There is a story behind the startup of each granola company and the guy over the counter was really nice to recount those tales. Edible and Co started out because her dad had a heart problem and she decided to eat clean and tadah, spread the love as well. I first purchased her Cranberry Almond Granolas ($14), less sweet than the rest and wholesome too. My jar of golden kiwi overnight oats went terrifically well with them.


Trust me to stock up on these granolas while Crateful is still around! Other delicious concoctions include cacao and roselle, coconut gula melaka and maple honey nut.



I was first sucked into this homemade nut butters from Second Helpings and then Justin's. Then came more nut butters suppliers. Find more vogue flavours like Sea Salt Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and Honey and Sea Salt Almond Butter available at Nuteree. I fell in love with their sea salt almond butter (so smooth and laced with just the right amount of salt and grittiness) and am finding an excuse to purchase that the next visit! Will be perfect with toasties or just eating off the jar!


Poppy and Co

Speculoos  butter has taken the country by storm, literally. Stocked at most hit places these days, I recall these sold at Fluff Bakery then came a whole lot more many stockists. I first had a speculoo in Amsterdam and loved the caramelised biscuit to death. The cookie was godsent with coffee, icecream and nearly everything else. Then they made a butter of it, indeed speculoos was present in every bite and definitely for the sweet toothed only. I cannot wait to start mixing milkshakes with these or topping my icecream pig outs with it too!

Order online at or drop by their really cute store at Yong Siak Road! A word of advice, pop over next door for some of our island's best cupcakes too, your trip to Tiong Bahru will not be in vain.

Note that this will only be around till before Chinese New Year next year, so make haste!

1M Yong Siak Street