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Tai Hing Roast @ Jaffe Road, Hong Kong


It is almost impossible to leave Hong Kong without trying their roasts and dimsum, so much so, I had to make do with Tai Hing Roast - part of a huge chain, it is almost like heading to Fairwood for Cantonese food. I am averse towards chain food somehow.

The great thing about restaurants part of a chain then is, food is available till late and that includes the highly sought after roast goose.


Roast Meat Platter (HKD 64)
Char Siew, Roast Goose

For the first time ever, I fell in love with char siew in Hong Kong. Close to Meng Kee's, these melt in the mouth fatty slices were divine!

The same cannot be said of their roast goose though, missing out on the crispy skin and succulent meat. It just tasted like duck instead.


Vegetables (HKD 18)

With my numerous visits, I have come to embrace blanched vegetables.


Milk Tea  (HKD 19)

I had my reservations when online reviewers were raving about their milk tea and at the back of mind - wouldn't the old school eateries do this way better? Well, turned out they were right afterall. Extremely aromatic, the skills of the milk tea master was not to be underrated. I loved the smooth milky after taste of this.


Spot Iron Man the Tai Hing way.


Thoughtful yet very basic gestures by the kitchen team.


And this mirror, perfect for spying .

Tai Hing surprised me for a chain restaurant, and infact, turned out to be one of the better meals we had this trip!

Tai Hing Roast
Shop 1, G/F, Cigna Tower, 470-484 Jaffe Rd.

Summer Dreams @ Godiva, Hong Kong


So now, desserts have joined the runway for seasons. Presenting Godiva's summer range of icy treats - Vanilla White Chocolate Soft Serve, Chocolate Twist Soft Serve and Dark Chocolate Soft Serve and a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Chocolixir!


Lifesized desserts that make photogenic props.


Chocolate Twist Soft Serve (HKD 45)

New in their range of soft serves, I had the best of both worlds in a single cone. Decadence may not be at its finest here but there is not denying that Godiva does good chocolate - think chocolate dipped cone edges, chocolate soft serve, chocolate sauce and chocolate chip! I would advise eating it within IFC Mall, the weather

Spizza by Mercato @ Capitol Piazza

~Invited Session~


The all new Capitol Piazza is a haven for foodies, until the rest of Singapore is awakened and decides to shift their focus from the likes of Raffles City, Marina Square and Suntec here. It is home to Spizza by Mercato, Llao Llao and Dazzling Cafe amongst several others.


Spizza by Mercato is The Spizza Group's latest venture with a gourmet retail component.Their retail component is great for takeaways, noob cooks and has something for everyone.  


The takeaway counter is as enticing as their thaw-away counter.


Appetizers, mains or dessert is just a takeaway-away! What a pun, but you do get the idea.


I fell in love with this very photogenic green wall.


Bar counters anyone?


Green Apple and Lychee Quencher ($6.80)


Spizza Signature Cooler (Mango and Passionfruit) ($6.80)

Indulge in one of these soda-based chillers to chase the hot days away. I prefer this to their signature though which was a tad too sweet.


Burratina ($22)

Cold cuts, rocket leaves and that much loved burrata cheese. Since Italy, I have loved burrata with a greater vengeance, that milky and creamy interior makes any dish taste so good.


Gondola Isabella ($25)

The fun part about their pizzas is, they can be made in the shape of Gondola and actually are stuffed with more cheese than the equivalent in pizza.  The Isabella had ham and rockets two very basic ingredients that were sufficient to rock this gondola - indulge in copious amounts of cheese too!


 Green Spinach ‘TRIANGOLI’ stuffed with spinach and mushrooms in porcini and cream sauce ($18 for ten pieces, $14 for 7 pieces)

Exclusive to Spizza Mercato, this stuffed pasta special is not to be missed! Pasta parcels stuffed with spinach and mushrooms dressed in a light creamy sauce, this earthy delight is great for sharing.


Squid Ink Taglierini with Mixed Seafood in Tomato Sauce ($20)

Part of the create your own pasta menu, this is the time to test your culinary awareness and experiment with flavours without having to worry about the cooking and mess created.

The combination actually worked very well and I loved the texture of their homemade taglierini. These are made in house daily and the dried version is available over the counter! The folks behind Spizza by Mercato also understand the dietary restrictions of some diners, there is an option for your pasta to be gluten-free as well.


Tiramisu ($9.50)

The best way to end an Italian meal is to end it with a classic - tiramisu. Other options include lemon tart and panna cotta.

I am liking this new concept by Senso Group, one that fills the gaps between Spizza and Senso. A casual hangout for hearty food at pocket friendly prices.

Spizza by Mercato
Capitol Piazza

Luxe Singapore @ The Working Capitol

The Working Capitol has the hottest tables this June - Luxe Singapore, Lollapalooza, Neon Pigeon and The Capitol Coffee to name a few. Infact, I never knew this iconic white building was The Working Capitol - it is home to offices and cafes mainly.


Luxe Singapore is a franchise of the Sydney chain of cafes and I have not been to Sydney nor their flagship outlet but one walk around does give a better idea of their design concepts.


Open the heart to be welcomed.




Clean, minimalist and chic, natural lighting with artistic props in the form of very buyable furniture pieces make up one instagrammable place. Do not get me wrong, I love the whole vibe and ambience except the noise levels that are hardly under control. Big groups and close tables, I was almost thankful the babies in our group did not cause a rackus in disagreement.



Luxe Hanger Steak Burger ($24)

I would classify this as a steak sandwich than a burger - no patty, just beef slices served medium rare. The buns were brioche and probably charcoal given its colour, sprinkled with lettuce and served with a portion of fries that made the burger seem small.

For sure, I have my issues with this. Almost pretentious, a sliced beef sandwich passing off as a burger and barely has any of its hearty works - no cheese, patty nor even onions to save the dish. To judge it as a sandwich, I suppose this would be average and the fries were really ordinary.


Handmade Pork and Fennel Sausage Roll ($18)


A 20 minute wait is mandatory for a deliciously browned roll stuffed with minced pork. I love a good pork pie, or sausage roll as they term in but this was way too salty though the crust was awesomely good.

BUT, all good things have to come to an end with a ridiculously bitter crumbed salad - texture was weird, almost as if rocket leaves and celery were put into a food processor and minced. Maybe the greens were in for a bad day, it was uniformly bitter throughout our table - a friend even gave up on her Chicken Salad for the same reasons.

Service is warm, overly warm at some point with the poor server coming back to update me on my roll status until the last 2 minutes, glasses get refilled and it is a humongous pity that everything worked except the prices and food.

Luxe Singapore
The Working Capital
1 Keong Siak Road

Restoran Todak (Orang Asli) @ Telok Jawa, Johor Bahru


After TKK, we were bent on sussing out the Seafood Champ when others having pointed us in the direction of Todak. We coincided with the school holidays and what greeted us was a bustling restaurant full of people even at 8pm, we had to hawk over tables of diners to even get a seat, wave forever until someone decided that we had waited long enough before our tables were cleared and lastly, ordering the fresh catch was another obstacle to overcome.



People mountain, people sea. I was already cursing under my breath at such luck with the insane crowds - the way the bells were rung so relentlessly whenever a new dish was ready for distribution got lost in the chatter and laughters.


Having all the fresh seafood infront of me was quite alot to take in - I suppose the Orang Aslis cannot fathom having frozen seafood served.


I'm coming back for you next!




I would call this an insane circus of somesort but thankfully two plates of crunchy savoury peanuts got us through the monotony.




Steamed Groupa

I am usually not a fish person by choice and this time, I joined the gang in devouring this fresh fish - none of the muddy taste and boy, if only I could eat live fish all my life.


Butter Prawns

These were fried golden and packed with flavour. The only other prawn specie that can trump this would be the big headed prawns from Thailand but these are suffice for now.


Japanese Clams

These were like escagots when we chose them and served, looked so crinkled up, it could pass off as coral clams.


Salted Egg Crabs with Fried Mantous

This took eternity to come even though they warned of a long wait since their fresh batch of crabs just came in. And the wait started and ended and even the table that came after us got their share of crabs and just not us.


At least three waiters were hassled in the process but none came back with a reply on when they would finally arrive. I even sent the fried mantous back to the kitchen to be reheated TWICE. The most dismal thing was when it finally arrived, it was lukewarm and we could not be bothered to send it back. A tragic way to end a really fresh crab.


Prized catches.


Half the price in Malaysia.



We spotted live lobsters and even the pricey black spotted groupa by reservation only. A return is a must without the crowds, my assumption is they are usually not so overwhelmed by three seatings every single weekend and they definitely deserve a second visit to set things right.


The view itself was to-die-for.

Opening hours 11:30am - 11:30pm

Restoran Todak (Orang Asli)
No. 1 , Kg Orang Asli
Telok Jawa
Masai, 81750 JB