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Yam's Kitchen @ Jalan Leban


I know little of Yam's Kitchen, much less Jalan Leban except it was all the way up north in Upper Thomson. Turns out, they have more than one outlet in Singapore.

Even with such low traffic, the restaurant was reasonably filled for a weekday night and it was either the doing of Groupon or they did offer good food afterall.


I usually pick at the appetizers and their braised peanuts and achar was worthy of those extra calories.


Kampong Style Roasted Chicken ($28.80)

My late grandma would have cackled in delight over this crispy skinned roast chicken. Nothing fancy, just a well done roast chicken served with salt. Going back to the basics really, without the over the top sauces or decoration, it was just plain old good chicken done so well.

Since they specialise in fish tails, we had to have a go at both variations - one deepfried and another steamed! Red snapper was used for their fish tails - I truly wonder what happens to the fish head, turns out they also have a menu for fish heads.


Deep Fried Fish Tail with Garlic and Sauce ($28.80)

Setting aside the amount of oil used to fry this beauty, none of the oily remnants just one gorgeous fry up of fish with crispy skin and fresh meat. I could just have a bowl of rice and sauce and be the luckiest lass that meal.


Steamed Fish Tail with Sour Spicy Sauce ($28.80)

The sour spicy sauce was lacking in oomph for me but pretty tasty too! I'd recommend picking the best of both worlds by having a steamed and deepfried option. Both were enjoyable for me.


Honey Pork Spare Ribs ($13.80)

Ever heard of a restaurant running out of pork ribs? That happened and I had to downsize my order from large to medium - huge bummer because these honey glazed spare ribs were downright tasty and sticky! I love a good marinate and this was just too good to stop at one - I must have eaten more than my share.


Golden Medal Otar Beancurd ($20.80)

Deepfried beancurd blocks coated with otar paste, a mildly fragrant dish that came with a delectable dip too. Perfect as an appetizer.


Salted Egg Pumpkin  Stripes ($13.80)

This understated salted egg dish actually surprised me. Lightly coated with salted egg batter, each pumpkin strip was deepfried and tossed in curry leaves. More addictive than the chips and fish skins if you ask me.


Crispy Cereal Prawn ($24.80)

I can never imagine how they can deep fry prawns and serve it looking like there was no oil used - as fry as a dessert in fact with a delicious cereal mountain and fresh prawns studded within. Truly, another signature to order.


Crab Meat Fish Maw Soup ($32.80)

I call this the poor man's shark's fin soup which works out equally well too. Plentiful of crabmeat and fish maw in this starchy broth.


Minced Meat Fried Four Seasons Beans ($18.80)


Three Treasure Egg with Superior Stock and Daily Vegetable ($21.80)

The vegetable options are numerous too and I strongly recommend the superior stock dish.


Tofu with Cai Poh and Meat ($16.80)

Who'd have thought that simple tofu with caipoh and meat can be a star on its own? A wonderful marriage of savoury and crispy.

Impressive visit this left us and made good of this journey to the north.

Yam's Kitchen
No. 4 Jalan Leban
Upper Thomson Road

Ginza Bairin Revisited @ Ion Orchard

Ginza Bairin remains one of my favourite joints at Ion Orchard Food Basement - for quick queues and reasonably priced food too! Plus, their quality of food has remained consistently so throughout the years - major major plus point with the mushrooming and closing of food establishments so very often.

Tonkatsu is


Iberian Katsu Set ($21.50)

Iberian pork or not, I like mine tender and juicy with a layer of crumbs so crisp, biting into it causes a commotion of its own - juices spilling and the disintegrating of crumbs all over. Yes, eating can be messy sometimes.

Ginza Bairin's was spot on with a succulent cut and bread crumbs. My only grouse is the sliced cabbage should be freeflow but it comes at a nominal fee of $1.50. You literally pay to be healthy.


Cheese Pork ($4.50)

An irresistible order of cheese pork which arrived already busted and cheese had spilled out, unfortunately. I still prefer the iberian pork version.


Cheese Pork Sandwich ($10)

Once a fan, still a fan of these thick sandwiches comprising of a thick pork cutlet, cabbage and cheese between two toasted slices of bread. Trust the Japanese to know how to present a good sandwich and you bet, I was keeping a watchful eye over my 4 precious portions.

Takeaway options are cheaper though!

As with most other Japanese franchise outlets, they still rely on the stamp system for loyalty, I am unfortunately hooked on completing my card!

Ginza Bairin
Ion Orchard

Wrap and Roll @ Changi City Point


I have had my fair share of dining in Vietnam and a number of Vietnamese joints here too but Wrap and Roll had been under the radar for a while, especially when it comes from a chain, I was exceptionally wary.


The curse of food chains maybe? Changi City Point is a ghost town of its own and perhaps a saving grace for the business park staff. For a friday night and a huge expo event going on and it was barely filled I held with bated breath how dinner would end up.


Table condiments of local sambal and imported yellow chillies caught my eye. Spicier than chilli padi and so shiok when it burns! No wonder this canister was emptied at most tables. Ours included by the end of the meal.


Iced Coffee ($5.30)

Intense and the best of vietnam consumed, in a strange manner. Of all places here actually.


Crispy Prawn Pancakes ($3.90, 2 pieces)

I liked this least of the appetizers, the oily pancake was a tad too thick and the prawn cake was really just fish cake. 


Taste of Hanoi Appetizer Platter ($9.90)

I first tried these in a market and never looked back, cheong funs have taken a springier bite and I suppose it must have been the glutionous rice flour kneaded in. 

Pho Beef Steamed Rice Crepe Rolls 

These are more like chee cheong fun rolled with pho beef. 

Minced Pork and Mushroom Steamed Crepe Rolls

Chewier and packs a bite, great with their chilli dip.


Lotus Shoot Salad with Prawns ($8.90) 

Move over papaya salad, this is the salad to look out for - colours and tangy flavours captured on a single plate. I never quite got acquainted with lotus shoots much until now, that crunch is so refreshing too!


Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Pork and Deep Fried Spring Rolls ($11.90)


Some like it dry, others prefer it doused in dipping sauce.


I prefer to eat it with a dipping sauce though that gets me whacked with an intense sweet and sour finish. I particularly enjoyed the grilled pork that would put our satay to shame, the ratio of fat and meat is on point. Plus, those crispy fried spring rolls saved me the hassle of ordering an appetizer with it too!


Vietnamese Fish Noodle Soup ($13.90)

Looking completely like yong tau foo in a vietnamese way, pretty ordinary inspite of the tasty clear broth.

Impressed with this vietnamese chain, for once the quality of food did not get lost in t

Wrap and Roll
Changi City Point #B1-26/27

All About White Asparagus @ Pool Grill, Marriott Hotel

~Invited Session~


Of all the seasonal delicacies, I count white asparagus as the one that got me most excited when I first step foot in Europe. The prized vegetable was a steal there and the glee experienced when I finally got to eat it was memorable.


Known for its succulent stems and delicate sweet flavour, this nutritional powerhouse is taking centrestage at Pool Grill with specially-crafted à la carte white asparagus creations. Please mark your calendars this May for an awakening of your palette!


No stranger to Pool Grill, I count this as one of my favourite secret hideaways in Orchard because it's away from the hustle and bustle of the city and doesn't this swimming pool view look so inviting?


Plus they have a private cabana for booking if you have a special occasion coming up. Word has it these are available with a minimum spending of $100.


That view of Orchard.


Lychee tea was perfect for sun down given how hot and unforgiving our weather is these days.


Toasted foccacia with butter and a spiced peanut mix made good before dinner officially started. That crusty and pillowy soft bread threads was up against futile resistance. A girl's gotta have her bread and cake you'know!


Buttered White Asparagus with Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce


Screams brunch with buttered white asparagus stalks, a runny poached egg and on point hollandaise sauce. Great for the carb watchers since it's all protein and fibre.


White Asparagus Soup with Seared Scallop and Avruga Caviar

I love my cream soups with a vengeance, and it may be preposterous to even compare this to the canned soups but there is just something so hearty and wholesome about cream soups. I count cream of mushroom and asparagus as personal favourites.

White asparagus just upped the game with the juicy bulbs, rich finish, best of all topped with a perfectly seared scallop and luxuriously kissed with avruga caviar. Another serving, please?


Grilled White Asparagus Salad with Fig and Arugula

And I thought things could not get any better, it just did with fresh sweet figs, arugula and grilled white asparagus. Simple yet so good, a classic salad put together by the team that wanted to showcase the pure flavours of a salad and make white asparagus a true star.


Pan-Fried Sea Bass, White Asparagus, Clams, Mussel Chowder

A surf dish with a crispy skinned sea bass, amazing mussel chowder and clams with asparagus incorporated into this balanced meal. One stunning dish worth ordering with a soup and mains all in one!


Lobster Ravioli with Langoustine, White Asparagus and Squid Ink Sauce


The surf game continues strong with this showcase of lobster, langoustine and squid ink in a single dish! Tasty squid ink sauce was actually the highlight for me that accompanied the hand made raviolis.


Gratinated Beef Tenderloin, Buttered White Asparagus, Porcini Crust, Truffle Sauce

Chef's personal favourite of the three mains and I can totally understand why. Mushrooms, freshly shaved truffles and a good cut of beef cooked till medium rare makes for a satisfying meal indeed.


Strawberry Romanoff 

As much as it would have been interesting to have a white asparagus dessert, the team took care to note that it would have been an overkill and some ingredients are best not included in sweets. Soon to be launched on their menu is strawberry romanoff, a classic alcohol infused dessert with strawberries, whipped cream, meringue and a touch of vanilla icecream! Very light and suitable for a finale to a heavy meal.


An equally inviting was the night view of the pool.


Thank you Chef Matthew Van De Zwan, for doing justice to white asparagus!

From 25 April to 31 May 2016.
Available for lunch (Monday to Saturday) and dinner (Monday to Sunday).

Pool Grill
Singapore Marriott Hotel, Level 5 

河婆客家擂茶 Thunder Tea Rice @ Tanjong Pagar Market

Since getting on the bandwagon of thunder tea rice, I have been scouring the island for the best thunder tea rice and it has definitely brought me to places! Featured today is a stall located in the bustling hawker center of Tanjong Pagar Market. The first visit rendered me a closed shop on a week long's break and finally when I returned again, the queue at any one point dragged for a good 20 people.

Patience, I learnt is the key to good food.

As I progressed closer to the stall, the number of items getting sold out were increasing. Worse come to worst, I still had my thunder tea rice without additional orders to satisfy the curiosity and hunger.

Thunder Tea Rice ($3.50)
Meatballs ($0.50 each)

$3.50 for white rice and an additional 50 cents for brown rice, incredible value for CBD standards. I never quite had a packed styrofoam box lunch so fragrant till now, it must have been the extra sprinkling of fried shrimp that made all the difference. My thunder tea rice comprised of long beans, cabbage, chye poh, hae bi and tofu.

Those additional meatballs are fried till crisp and comprised of a blend with tofu, so tasty too!

Not forgetting the thunder tea paste that gets packed along too, I say dilute it with some hot water for a hearty soupy time. Take note on the strong flavours that could mar one's tastebuds thereafter. Otherwise, one of the tastiest thunder tea soups around.

Subsequent orders saw me caving into their large yong tau foo pieces stuffed so generously with minced pork!

Sold I am on this stall, cheap, good and best of all so tasty. Will be back to check out their other sides!

Traditional Hakka Rice 河婆客家擂茶
Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza

TKK Restoran Revisited @ Johor

I never had a chance to stay over in a kelong so dining at one is the next best alternative. Back at TKK to relive one of those best seafood meals again, I never quite found another place similar in value and taste like TKK's, though the disheveled state of the place leaves little to be desired after.


Dining in the open is no fun especially after the rain and winged insects make themselves too comfortable.


Peanuts (RM 2.50)

I'm not sure how and why these peanuts ended up being so tasty, we walloped the plate clean before dinner arrived. Dishes arrived way too fast, infact in less than 10 minutes the table was full. Great for ravenous folks yet once the crowd sets in, orders will take even longer to serve.


Baby Kai Lan (RM 8)

Seasonal greens stir fried in garlic, I only faulted the portions - wish they were bigger!


Sweet Potato Leaves (RM 8)

Sambal potato leaves to feed that asian streak in me.


Sambal Lala (RM 20)

Bamboo clams were on my agenda but these delicate creatures die too easily for them to make it to the dining table so I had to make do with these juicy bulbs of heaven. Stir fried in sambal, I enjoy prying their stubborn shells open and slurping these chewy babies.


Salted Egg Crabs (RM 216)

For 1.2 kilograms worth of "big crabs", we nailed a pretty darn good deal with these succulent crustaceans. I can probably not find the same value locally even. That salty egg sauce gives justice to the calories consumed and the chef nailed the gritty savoury sweet sauce to perfection - now who needs chips and the fanciful fish skins when there is good old solid crabs to tuck into?

If only fried mantous and salted egg crabs went merrily hand in hand, I'd have ordered a dozen for my own consumption. 


Steamed Tilapia (RM 31.50)

The cannot fathom why people choose to have such fresh fish deep fried or cooked in any other way except steamed - what a waste of good ingredients really.

Steamed till the flesh is neither overly chewy or tough, it was just right like the hotels do it. I wonder how long it took the chef to master such precision - and for once, I fought to have more than my usual portion of fish.


Tiger Prawns (RM 33)

Another of those understated dishes with just steamed egg white, shao xing wine and freshwater prawns. Finger licking good, you bet. The sweetness is almost unrivalled and I do not think I enjoyed egg white with such enthusiasm in such a long while.

Very satisfying and pocket friendly, the charm of TKK extends beyond the food. Watching the sun set whilst hungrily tucking into my idea of best seafood meal is therapeutic and that view is to die for.

TKK Restoran
Lot 684 Kampung Teluk Jawa