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CNY 2018: Park Hotel Clarke Quay

~Invited Session~


Park Hotel Clarke Quay has a CNY special for customers - how does dining in a banquet hall with food prepared by their banquet team sound? It sounds almost like a wedding dinner only way more small scale and more privacy than in a hotel plus, cheaper than booking a private room. So much win!


Ultimate Success Premium Abalone Yu Sheng


Stacked like a pagoda, this yusheng is different on several levels - the usage of lyceum leaf fritters that gave it an overall crunchy texture, the baby abalones were braised and given a touch of gold each and the shape!


I love how this was well balanced (arguably the best to date), not to sweet even though honey was used generously and it was more than just julienned vegetables and raw fish.


Superior Braised Shark's Fin with Crabmeat and Homemade Stuffed Crab


The homemade stuffed crab claws certainly grabbed our attention along with crabmeat and shark's fin soup.


Steamed Red Garoupa with Fresh Asparagus Roll in Superior Light Soy Sauce

Chef thoughtfully deboned and had the fish proportioned, this saves the server heaps of time massacreing the fish as most banquet servers would. Best eaten with chilli padi for that added oomph.


Golden Crispy Chicken with Fresh Button Mushroom in Cream Sauce

The cream sauce was a first for a crispy chicken dish, infact, it was a cross between mushroom soup and just a savoury cream sauce. I liked it but that made the crispy chicken slightly soggy.


Stir Fried King Topshell with Chinese Greens

Most would have thought this is abalone with eyes closed, its chewy with a bite and rich in flavor after all the braising in abalone sauce. Best imitation of abalone methinks though I do have issues with my vegetables without leaves.

Tiger Prawn Toast with Tomato Salsa

Kudos to the chef for giving prawn toast and salsa a breath of new life. I thought it was just too brilliant pairing them together - the textures are amazing, crunchy, crispy, soft and even chewy.


Fragrant Fried Rice with Crabmeat, Egg White and Crunchy Root Vegetables in Vermicelli Basket

With all the strong flavoured dishes presented, I was actually glad this was bland and comforting. Missing out on some wok hei here but it was a delicious end to the meal.


Mango Peach Jelly

Canned peach with a mango jelly core, oddly I polished this clean though I am not a canned fruit person.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay's worth a consideration this festive season, prices are kept friendly (word has it that tables start from $600 for a table of 10) and the food is delicious!

Park Hotel Clarke Quay

CNY 2018: Cherry Garden @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

~Invited Session~

With the Year of the Dog just about round the corner, tastings for CNY menus started back in December (yes omgee) and the first for me was Cherry Garden's showcase.


Double Boiled Spring Chicken Soup with Matsutatke, Snow Fungus, Dried Scallops

Chicken soup for the soul, a tum warming start for all the other rich dishes to ensue.

Spring Festive Yu Sheng
DSC_6605 DSC_6618

A mountain of happiness greeted us, without the fancy dog designs that the other hotels would be vying for most spectacular. Hidden dragons awaited us to the likes of lobster sashimi, this in itself was more than sufficient for the lack of design.

Every year I look forward to this Chinese salad, especially for those crackers! 片地黄金!

Steamed Dragon Spot Garoupa Fillet with Preserved Vegetables and Mushrooms

I figure preserved vegetables anything cannot go wrong and neither did this banquet dish. Top marks for fire control and flaky flesh.


Baked King Prawn with Yunnan Black Garlic and Egg White

Slightly under seasoned, perhaps the chef's intention was the keep the meal light in case the next meal that followed would be tummy busting.


Steamed Jasmine Rice with Cantonese Pork Sausage in Casserole

No CNY ever passes me by without a lotus leaf rice variant - here's a healthier steamed version with decadent slices of smoked duck, duck liver and pork sausages.


Organic Black Bean Pudding with Avocado and Sesame Ice-cream

Sold on avocado cream and sesame icecream, the black bean pudding however was nice finish to the otherwise heavy meal.

Festive menus start from $128 per guest.

Cherry Garden
Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Aragan Yokocho Sunway @ Sunway Velocity Mall, Kuala Lumpur


I was drawn to Sunway Velocity Mall mainly because of the durian traditional egg sponge cake and lunch was chosen because of variety of dishes and we wanted to avoid the crowds as much as possible - the irony, when I picked the newest mall.

Orders are placed via ipads, note that there is no chance of reviewing your order since clicking send locks it in.

Kushihakkei 5 Assorted (RM 27)

5 sticks of decently tasty breaded sticks, of course, Panko would have topped the race but this was really not too shabby.


Komeichi - Gyu Don Set (RM 30)

With expectations like yoshinoya, I dare say we were absolutely blown away by this gyudon. A dish so simple yet done right.

Teriyaki Chicken Don (RM 19)

Grill kissed chicken on a bed of fluffy rice.

Soft Shell Crab Roll (RM 37)

Strangely so pricey, given how the other courses were more affordable. I've honestly not had a bad soft shell crab and this was legit.


Shoyu Ramen (RM 21)

Hearty slurpworthy ramen, I swear this could put some pork ramen to shame even.

It is a pity that this concept is not drawing the crowds it should.

Aragan Yokocho Sunway
LG-20, Quill City Mall, 1018, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Panko Revisited @ Arab Street


The funny thing about food choices is, I suspect I am a comfort food eater and I head back to these options every now and then because I crave a guaranteed good meal. It is even odder that I return for the exact same dishes I enjoyed previously too - talk about creature of habit.


I am a fan of the whole vibe of the place, the neon lights, the whole hole in wall kinda feels though it is pretty much an illusion since the world outside those doors is a maddening busy street.


Party at Panko over the weekend means unlimited drinks at $40++ per head for two hours! Beer, sake, shochu, whiskey or wine are up for grabs. The only catch is - how much can you drink and if those drinks are available.


The over ordering starteths.

Wagyu Beef ($6)


Pork Belly ($3)


Pork Arabiki Sausage ($3)


Prawn ($6)

Japanese Oyster with Tartar ($8)

Young Corn ($2)

Asapargus with Garlic Mayo ($6)

Mochi with Bacon and Mentaiko Mayo ($5)

Up to here, these were repeats and still kept our bellies so happy.


Chicken Fillet Cheese ($18)

Think breaded chicken stuffed with cheese, a simple kind of satisfaction.


Cod Milt ($18)

Clearly no puffer fish sperm but it's a mid priced shirako. Still delicious I say!


Beef Curry 5 Kushikatsu ($28)

The best value I'd say with 5 sticks of kushikatsu to go with beef curry! Coco ichibanya clearly changed my view of Japanese curry in general, and Panko definitely seconded that view. Fried food with curry is certainly on point delicious, there is truly a world beyond the rendangs and curry chickens out there.


Hamachi Kama Shioyaki ($25)

Pork collar, fish collar I seem to have developed a love for these animal parts. And odd as it sounds and queer as it is, I am clearly not a fish fan but I enjoyed this.



Back to the unlimited two hours #partyatpanko deal, we had a couple of drinks and it will be great if cocktails are included because some of the drinks were unavailable which "forces" you to order from the remaining drinks because of the fee already paid. Don't drink, so lugi?

Drinks aside, Panko is still a favourite place for kushi katsu, every visit has been consistently good.

33 Arab Street