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Saint Pierre @ One Fullerton

The time of the year is here again and both Hubba and I celebrate another year of having not killed each other - the wedding dust has clearly long settled, we have a family of our own with routines and tantrums to deal with not forgetting life's curve balls that get tossed every now and then. So yes, another wedded year is worth celebrating and we did so quite in style in his true fashion.

Monkfish liver
Celeriac puree filo pastry
Jap squid with red seaweed
Hokkaido Sweet corn

Exquisite display of bites.


Wild mushroom hollandaise
Jerusalem artichoke, fried artichoke
Beetroot tart with walnut shavings

Three petite tarts kickstarted out meal and somehow they reminded me of our meal at Dearborn's. Crisp tart shells with a medley of toppings and the one that actually shone for me was the artichoke tart with two varieties of artichoke.

Royal belgian osietra caviar, leek, bonito

Screams luxe from the ingredients used and presentation even - but it proved its worth with the textures and flavours presented on a dish. Creamy heavenly goodness.

Somewhere in between we were served homebaked bread and a trio of butter - herb, fermented black garlic and churned butter.

The bread is just how I like it - crusty, not so acidic and pillowy soft! We shared two loaves between us and I'd have asked for more refills if not for the already busting seamlines.

Hass avocado, holy basil, amera tomato, lily bulb

Who'd think a vegetarian dish would kick this much ass? The king of avocadoes presented a really rich and indulgent course, perfect with tangy tomatoes, tinge of herbs and crunchy feuilletine. Absolutely delicious.

Hokkaido hairy crab, corn, lemongrass

Deshelled crabmeat presented with zucchini noodles - zero calorie or not the flavours were a party in my mouth. The tussle is always between wanting more crab or compromising on quality and just going for the quantity - yet in this case, less is more. So gooooood.

Live scallop, fresh almond, curry oil, fennel

Seared and cooked medium, these succulent chunks were heavenly. I love that touch of spice in the curry oil and it was sublime having that hint of spice in my seafood dish.

Black truffle, korean chestnut

Organic lamb, nasu, seaweed

Things did take a nosedive for us at this point, the flavours were overpowering and I wasn't tasting any of the magic that was presented in the earlier dishes. Both were done tender and moist but nothing near the spectacular I was looking forward to.

Something cold to cleanse our palettes.

Yum! I liked the whole combination of foam and lime granita.

Before this was transformed!

Dessert was done in the style of edible art. Candy floss, meringues, berries and gelatos. Ignore the typo, this caused us much amusement actually.

Happy anniversary baby, to many more delicious years ahead.

Saint Pierre
1 Fullerton Rd, #02-02B One Fullerton

Shu Yan Sichuan Chinese Restaurant @ River Valley Road

On this 7th day of the lunar new year, I'd like to wish all a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And moving onto more CNY related posts. Feasting is such a norm over these 14 days, it's almost as if we killed all diets in this span.


Yusheng ($38)

Met up with the gang and we just had to toss to prosperity - traditional yusheng with some hints of being healthy with candied walnuts and yam chips.


Not forgetting salmon slices. This turned out as sweet as I remember of traditional yushengs, anyhow once a year and all in the name of good fortune!



North Si Chuan Jelly ($8)

First time actually trying this chilled jelly dish with mala sauce. Surprisingly refreshing and yummy!


Green Shredded Bamboo Shoots ($6)

Another appetizer on the table, these crunchy greens was another surprise!


Fried Chicken with Dry Chilli ($22)

Chinese fried chicken always wins and this I say the chinese do it really well. Crispy  and rubbed with this crazy addictive dry rub - just this and beer are BFFs. Not to mention this portion is really generous too!


"Shu Yan" Boiled Fish Fillet in Spicy Soup ($48)

More spiciness ensues in this spicy chilli soup with fish fillets. This dimension of mouth numbing spiciness is way different from the fried chicken and equally delicious.


Girdle Cooked Baby Cabbage ($22)

Mushrooms and tofu in a hotpot makes a heart and tum warming dish, and yet pretty outstanding for a non spicy dish.


Grandpa's Braised Pork ($22)

On the sweet and sticky side so this did not work as well as I thought.

All in an enjoyable foray into sichuan cuisine, great especially if one is seeking an authentic experience, we did spot a number of native folks dining there too!

Shu Yan Sichuan Chinese Restaurant
#01-51/54, Along Mohamed Sultan Road, 207 River Valley Rd

CNY2019: TenButterFingers - Kueh Lapis, a family recipe


A first this year are these kueh lapis from Ten Butter Fingers! I hopped onto the bandwagon with her original and prune lapis.


These layered cakes are moist and thankfully not over sweetened. Both are heavy on cinnamon so I guess this would make it or break it for some - I have totally no issues with an overload of cinnamon.


Prune always stands out for me, for that added flavour and burst of flavour from the prunes. Otherwise, let's just not think of the number of eggs that went into these layered cakes and enjoy them while we can! Best consumed at room temperature with a cuppa tea.

$35 for original, $40 for prune.

CNY2019: Sugarthieves and her artisanal pineapple tarts


Second time I've decided to give my pineapple tart calorie intake to Sugarthieves - and this year she has even more outrageous flavours than the last. I love supporting consistently good bakers - at least you're guaranteed of the quality and best of all, no calories wasted!


The two new flavours for 2019 and being the curious and game me, I went ahead with their full tubs for both rather than miniature ones.


No prizes for guessing which is which.


Ondeh Ondeh tart technically isn't from their pineapple tart range but uses the same incredibly amazing pastry. These ondeh ondeh balls melt in the mouth so beautifully, it is akin to eating ondeh ondeh without the mess of glutinous rice skin and grated coconut.


Mala cheese pineapple tarts

Before you even turn your nose up on these babies, these mala cheese ones are amazeballs. While I did wish the mala spices were heavier, these were fragrant and had a mild spiciness about it - best paired with their tart pineapple filling too. So gooooood. I'm thrilled these turned out worth the gamble and combined all my favourites in one!

CNY 2019: TwentysevenbyRachel - magic in her bakes


TwentysevenbyRachel's bakes is no stranger on my blog and it's become such a common feature at all my favourite times of the year.

Nothing new on her menu but these classics are so good, no CNY is ever complete without her bakes.


Hae Bee Hiam Cookies

These are mighty potent things and packed with just the kind of spice that makes the family nod in agreement - yeah, we are chilli padi eaters and hiam if the hae bee hiam is not pungent enough. Pun intended. So these are mighty power packed to kill, except these are so addictive stopping at one is not an option.

Like the chilli padi, these are small but legit-ly the best hae bee hiam cookies around.


Cashew Cookies

And I waited an entire year for these fragrant babies and converted the littlest too into a mega whooper fan of these peanut cookies. Crumbly to a T when held yet these hold up so beautifully in their gold foil packets, this sorcery I may never understand. Yet, once again the best of its kind and no other cashew cookie comes close. Don't even.

2 packets each almost emptied and I'm barely half way into CNY. Lesson learnt: Always over order.

CNY 2019: Dairyandcream's Piglet Rolls


I am a sucker for cute and throw in Year of the Pig - I got us these pig designed swiss roll! Famed for her fuwa fuwa rolls, matcha rolls and seasonal delights, I knew I had to complete my cake listing with this!


Callebaut ruby chocolate, strawberry sponge, fresh cantily, raspberry compote

The sponge is still as addictively delicious as her bakes are, light yet chewy and the cream had a sweet and tangy profile with the mix of raspberry compote. While this may not be my favouritest of all her bakes, she ranks high for her sponge cakes - can't wait to try her other bakes!

DearBorn: Chef Christopher, a master of many trades

After seeing Dear Born appear on 8 Days, my interest was piqued at his prior experience with Waku Ghin. I'm sure the name already sells and for me particularly I wanted to see what techniques from Waku Ghin Chef Christopher would bring to table - were there similarities? What makes Dear Born tick?


Booking a table was not the easiest task on earth - we went through so many emails over the dates that kept getting sold out. Then the surprise menu that nobody knew what exactly we were having except it fell in the category of grains, greens and seafood. Audacious I'd say in this gourmet private dining scene and nearly everyone is raring to showcase what they can do with an assortment of proteins.


When we first entered his humble abode, we were treated to a round of drinks. Gin was the showcase and I'm sure the guys had more fun at this table actually!


Hi Chef Christopher!


Table setting.


Edamame Hummus 
Local Snapper Riclette 


Starters had me at wow, the presentation itself is stunning and each was an exquisite display of craftmanship. I love how the vegetarian ones actually stood out more the non-vegetarian. Edamame hummus was an oddity but man, did it work.


The grittiness of it and the flavours of edamame on a light as a feather but crisp as can be cracker - heaven.


Green apples, hokkaido scallops, coarse radish, celery 

Fresh sashimi scallops paired with a tangy medley of apples, celery and radish for that biting pleasantries that greet at the end.


Handmade agnolotti pasta with sunflower seesd, pecorino cheese, lemon zest, peas 


Paying homage to his Italian roots, Chef Christopher put together a homemade vegetarian pasta dish, and I was floored.


How could vegetables put meat pasta to shame, the wholesomeness of the dish and it actually works is a huge mystery.


Indian brinjal, charcoal, seeds, goma sauce, tomato relish, quinoa puffs, jalapeno relish, chicken mayo jus 

Then comes a brinjal dish without skin and it's served with so many toppings, I even mistook the tomato relish for cod roe. Refreshing, sweet and a burst of flavours I cannot quite explain. It definitely tasted more complex than it looks. Brilliant.


Squid ink fried rice 


Inspired by fried rice, this reminds me more of claypot rice actually and a squid ink version.


The gritty bits give so much texture to the otherwise fluffy rice dish topped with prawns and baby squids. Perfectly timed such that the seafood was still incredibly tender.


Homemade sourdough with handchurned butter 


We were called to the counter for this course and Chef Christopher introduced us to his "larry", hs sourdough starter and did a live cutting of the bread - that crack was music to the years.


I love crusty bread and he totally nailed it with the right thickness in crust and the level of acidity in the bread - a well balanced kind of sour.



Lather on butter and this is possibly the best sour dough I have ever eaten.


Cauliflower steak 


With all the highs, we finally reached the main course and I was actually wondering when the cauliflower bouquet would make a grand appearance and when it finally did, I questioned how could this ever replace steak proper.


How wrong, it even came with seared lines! So tender and fragrant, texturally for sure it is no where meat proper but the flavours itself wins it so many points. Plus the vinegered florets made all the difference and on second thoughts, maybe I would give vegetarian steak a shot the next time I see it on the menu.


Seaweed madeleine and fresh creme 


Pre dessert course of freshly baked seaweed madeleines and a dollop of fresh creme, I love my madeleines and this made me love freshly baked ones far more. It's moist, fluffy and incredible - the balance of savoury and sweet is done so right. Chef Chris has done these in yuzu and pepper too - sigh can he sell me some?


Coconut icecream, coconut meringue, lime zest

Coconut is not the friendliest of ingredients to work with and Chef Christopher definitely pulled a brilliant one on this without coconut being too over bearing, I loved the textures and lime zest which is all important in balancing that tropical flavour out.


I laughed when I saw these all too familiar with chinese takeaway boxes. Purely ornamental though part of me wanted to siphon one back.

Fortune cookies


Beat that, handmade fortune cookies.


My fortune for the meal written by the previous diner and the wafer thin fortune cookie. A first for homemade and I am lovin' it.


Dearborn Maple and Cranberry Granola

Our farewell gift to remind us of this impeccable meal at DearBorn's - breakfast for days thereafter.

$128 is the steepest so far for private dining but I do think this was well worth it with the showcase of mastery in all his dishes. Waitlist is expectedly long - so join the queue!