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Mala Mala Snacks


The Husband has clearly joined me in this quest for the best mala snack in town and he scored these on one of his business trips - thanks to the really enthusiastic sales promoter who kept stuffing him with samples.


 I love how these are individually packed - actually only the potato wedges. The fish skins are in the regular resealable bags.


So how do these fare against the other mala snack competitors? It stings like a bee in terms of heat, whacks really hard and is really close to the mala stir frys that has taken the city by storm. Between the fish skins and potato wedges, I prefer the fish skins. The potato wedges have an amazing texture though - these would really rival Hokkaido Potato sticks! 

Szechuan Court Revisited @ Fairmont Singapore

Headed out with the gang for some kid friendly szechuan food - actually, more because the restaurant itself was family friendly rather than the szechuan food itself and there are non spicy dishes.


Instead of their signature saliva fish slices, we chose beef this time and the change in protein brings about a different experience altogether. Somehow fish slices and chilli oil is way spicier than the beef. No complaints here and I do prefer fish too for this dish!

DSC_3299 DSC_3300

This feels just like CNY with sea cucumber, mushrooms and seasonal vegetables and I was completely right because it tasted just like that!


Single portion steamed sea perch in superior soy sauce for the children and it was so well received, the littlest was scraping the plate for more! So much win here, considering perch has a lovely oily after taste and no bones!


Cereal prawns is usually a crowd pleaser and their version comes with a sprinkling of chilli padi - yummy!


Sweet and sour pork is my weakness and their comes with crispy pork fritters doused in sweet and sour sauce. Hard to go wrong when it is so appetizing, more rice please.


Out of greed, we caved into roast chicken which was unfortunately way too salty.

There are hits and misses at Szechuan Court and I'd like to think they do better cantonese than szechuan dishes. Perhaps it is time to hand the reins to the Chef and just go authentic szechuan, eh?

Szechuan Court
Fairmont Singapore

Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant @ Jalan Besar


Hand in Hand came up as one of the top recommendations when I was searching for a good Xiao Long Bao place and prices were definitely friendlier than Din Tai Feng.


Fried French Beans with Minced Pork ($10.80)

A tad oily but packed enough wok hei.


Egg White with Scallop and Fish Meat in Broccoli ($15.80)

Highly recommended but I'm not sure what I make of the scallop and fish meat combination that tasted more like beancurd.


Xiao Long Bao ($7.80)

As good as DTF's without the 18 folds, yet equally delicate in workmanship. Tasty morsels and for this price point, I'm actually loving their version more.


Deep Fried Pork Chop with Salted Pepper ($15.80)

I found this average and on the pricey side since these had a porky after taste too.


Fried Dumplings with Leek and Shrimp ($7.80)

Resembling Japanese gyozas, these crispy dumplings are really delicious. The thin skin enveloping a flavourful blob of shrimp and leek.


Fried Leek Dumplings with 3 Delicacies ($7.80)

Moving on to even more dumplings, this has shrimp, pork and leeks in a chinese pizza. Strangely, after eating so many types of dumplings, this still tastes so good without any sign of dumpling fatigue.


Beijing Pork Pancake ($6.80)

We clearly overdosed on dough this visit, even taking on these pan fried pork buns. These come with a reasonably thick batter encasing a meat patty and soaking in juice. Be careful of the scalding juices though, these are so well done one cannot tell that there's even soup locked within.


Sauteed Diced Chicken with Chilli, Pepper, Sichuan Style ($13.80)

Chinese fried chicken has always been top of my favourite fried things to eat and they do it so well. These fried nibblets come with a mounth watering spice too, perfected with the right crisp.


Sichuan Style Dan Dan Noodles ($5.80)


Slurpworthy handmade noodles in a sticky sauce. A simple put together in this bowl of goodness.


Complimentary fruits to end off our meal.

Pocket friendly prices and large portions to boot. You'd not go wrong if you stick with their signatures - at least the dumplings are worth the calories!

Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant
143 Jalan Besar

Vespetta Ristorante @ Boat Quay

Vespetta at Boat Quay probably stands out with its red vespa at the entrance and later we realised sitting indoor was not the best with the ventilation situation and we were sweating over the meal. Head outside if needed.


Flat Garlic Pizza Focaccia Bread with Rosemary ($10)

Pizza base with a sprinkle of garlic and rosemary made this so fragrant and delicious. We were sold on the density of this.


Authentic Puglia Creamy Burrata Cheese with Grilled Vegetables ($34)

300 grams of creamy goodness and this trumped alot of other burrata cheeses I have eaten locally. So addictive, I am so glad I went ahead with 300 grams instead of the original 150 grams.


Mediterranean Octopus Salad with Wild Rocket and Lemon Dressing ($24)

Chopped salad with marinated octopus and we were all sold on the appetisers. Delicious and we had high expectations of the mains already.


Authentic Orecchiette Pasta with San Marzano Tomato Sauce and Burrata Cheese ($28)

I was already pampered by Bar Cicheti's version and when this arrived, the burrata cheese bit was clearly a let down with hardened bits of cheese. That said the pasta was cooked perfectly and al dente is just what I like about this.


Egg Tagliatelle Pasta with Beef Bolognese Ragout and Aged Parmesan ($25)

Freshly made tagliatelle pasta is perhaps the few pasta courses that actually uses freshly made pasta.


Adriatic Seafood Spaghetti with Sweet Cherry Tomatoes Sauce and Basil  ($29)

Probably the best of the pasta dishes we had with fresh seafood and a really delectable sauce.


Margherita ($22)
San Marzano Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Fresh Basil

After such a stunning start with the appetizer, I would have expected their pizzas to be stellar too but the flavours did not come together as I hoped, somehow. It was a-okay.


Super Calzone ($32)
Folded Baked Pizza with Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Salami, Cooked Ham, Mushroom, and Oregano

Another that had nothing much to scream about. The best thing about their pizzas is the bread.


Roasted Whole Spring Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary  ($29)


Roasted Sea Bass Filet with Roasted Potatoes and Salad ($29)

Neither mains were outstanding either, hinging on way too salty though portions are generous.

Head for the appetizers because that's where they shine.

Vespetta Ristorante
40 Boat Quay

The English House @ Mohd Sultan Road

~Invited Session~


The English House is Celebrity Chef, Marco White's latest venture in Singapore and since it's opening, they tweaked their menu a number of times to perfect it. Sunday Roast it is to check out their signatures and also squirrel into the bushes. Quite literally.


Previously guarded by two Raffles Hotel's burly bell men, they have been retired due to health issues and I guess their absence takes some mystique away from the place. Finding The English House is not difficult, except there are no clear signages.

 Head up their stone tiled steps and enter into a mystical world of artifacts. All of which are from Chef White's personal collection - we are talking about comics, display collectibles and even photo portraits. Simply WOW. DSC_4781 DSC_4783 DSC_4784 DSC_4786 DSC_4790 DSC_4794 DSC_4795

This bench at their drinks section is set amidst Chef White's favourite poster - Dolly Dimples.

The restaurant tour brought us to their exclusive private room, sits 14 with a bit of a squeeze else 9 would be comfortable and it comes with a minimum spend of $1,500.


Scotched Egg

I never quite understood scotched egg, they usually came with a batter too thick or the meat ball had too many fillers. Now this was exquisite. Bite sized, a thin crisp batter wrapped around a delicious meatball encasing a single molten quail's egg. Sublime!

Devil's Horseback 

Bacon wrapped around dates sounds so odd but I loved this savoury and sweet combination. Unlike its wild sounding name, the flavours had great control and arguably my favouritest of the three.

Choux Fromage 

Puff with molten cheese, simply put. Very pleasant and likeable.


Cappucino of Mushrooms Fricassee of Wild Mushrooms with Truffle 

Smooth, earthy and just the perfect soup for toasted sour dough. To think I hardly like my mushroom soup without the chunks.


Fillets of Sardines on Toast Vinaigret of Tomatoes Potted Duck with Green Peppercorn 
Toasted Sourdough 


Potted Duck with Green Peppercorn
Toasted Sourdough


Parfait of Foie Gras au raisin sec (+$10) 
En gelee de Madere, Toasted Sourdough 

DSC_4819 DSC_4820

Toasts are all the rage in their appetizer menu and I find it hard picking a favourite between the two. choose between cured sardines, duck rilette or foie gras mousse as a spread. All three are equally delicious atop their crusty sour dough toasts.


Classic Prawn Cocktail a la Russe (+$8) 
Sauce Marie Rose 

These prawns remind me of IKEA's water prawns, briney and crunchy, served with a creamy sauce on a bed of chilled crisp lettuce. Yum.


Croustade of Eggs with Truffles 
Maxim's Mushroom Duxelle, Sauce Hollandaise 


This redefines brunch with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and truffle paste all in a single tart, a surprising twist to muffins with the staples.


Mr White's Stuffed Cabbage a l'Ancinne Fresh Tomato Sauce 


We were questioning the origins of this dish - it does remind of the asian dish! Stuffed with minced pork and served with tomato sauce, this was hearty, wholesome and part of me thought it would go well with rice.


Roasted Fillet of Black Angus, Molly Parket Brased Oxtail and Onion Gravy, Creamed Horseradish 

What's Sunday Roast without roast beef? Tender and somewhat bloody, the yorkshire pudding and potatoes served made this very Brit indeed. I enjoyed the creamed horseradish too, the mild tongue tickling sensation!


Honey Roast Pork Belly Marco Polo Singaporean Pig Skin Noodles, Apple Sauce 

Specially created for the local palette, this comes with horfun - liked the idea but not the execution. Hinging on too sweet and the pork belly was a tad overcooked. It could have been an oversight on the part of the Chef because friends who have gone on their own actually laud this as a must try. Perhaps seconds are needed?

Truffled Creamy Polenta Fricassee of Woodland Mushrooms, Aged Parmesan, Extra Virgin Oil 

Straight up, I am not a polenta fan and have already classified this least favourite before even trying. And I ate my words for this. It's a creamy and delicious mess and without telling, I'd never have guessed it is polenta. So I guess this plate is a life changer?


Omelette Arnold Bennette, Sauce Mornay Finest Quality Smoked Haddock, Pomme Frites, Green Salad 

 The story goes, this dish was created for the writer, Arnold Bennette and it was a combination of smoked haddock and eggs one fine day. Since that fateful day, it has found its way into restaurants all over United Kingdom and christianed after the writer himself. I'm not entirely sold on this omlette though, just egg with cream and smoked fish.


Finest Quality Roast Chicken a la Forestiere Fricassee of Woodland Mushrooms, Madeira Roasting Juices 

Just ordinary roast chicken grilled with a host of vegetables.


Fried Fillet of Scottish Skate, Sauce Tartare Triple Cooked Chips, Gros Sel, Marrowfat Peas 

Fish and chips with bones, if I may just sum this dish up. There was alot of potential here with scottish skate used so the meat was flakier and had more bite than the usual fishy suspects. Plus, the chips were thick cut and cooked thrice! The batter was excellent but those bones were not.


Mr Lamb's Shepherd's Pie

 Buttered Garden Peas 

The English House's specialty and they've included it in their Sunday Roast menu too and for good reason since this easily trumps the rest for best dish actually. It's not quite any of the shepherd's pies I've eaten with a crazily buttery potato topping and a minced beef filling with enough gravy to render this mush - yet oh so delicious. It does go perfectly well with the buttered green peas that come with it.


Pea puree tasted so good with a dash of vinegar!


Double portions of triple cooked fries, aye!


Bread and Butter Pudding

I guess the desserts cannot get anymore Brit than Bread and Butter pudding which did not convert me somewhat.


Mont Blanc 
Sweet Chestnut Puree and Hot Chocolate Sauce 

Yet this did, heaps of cream and meringue kisses lost in this mountain of calories.


Sherry Trifle Wally Ladd 

For those eyeing an alcoholic kick over brunch, the answer's in their sherry trifle.


Cambridge Burnt Cream English Raspberries

Also known as creme brulee, this was a-okay.


Mr Keen's Farmhouse Cheddar
Fig Chutney

Fig chutney does have a dash of alcohol here so surprise-surprise.


Classic Apple Crumble Vanilla Ice Cream

Nothing can go wrong with cold and hot contrasts in a single dessert.

Brunch done and dusted, there are selected dishes I would return for. Not to mention kids eat free with every order of Sunday Roast so that's a draw there!

The English House
Mohd Sultan Road