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Pee Aor Tom Yam Soup @ Bangkok


The owner of Pee Aor Tom Yam Soup played her cards well from the start, being quite a looker herself she got herself noticed on national television and thus won the accolade for “best tom yam in Bangkok”. 

And being the tourist, we trudged through the rain and muddy streets from Platinum Mall in hope of satisfying that curiosity. 

Meant for sharing, we had a go at the most flamboyant bowl of tom yum noodles and a heap of seafood which included boston lobster, green lipped mussels, stuffed squid and crab, prawns and an onsen egg too! I mean either go big or go home, right? 



THB 1200 and 20 minutes later, we pretty much regretted our decision which could have gotten us 20 botels of original tomyum noodles. Stale seafood and overcooked noodles. Granted the broth was tasty but for that price? Forget it. 

Pee Aor Tom Yum Soup
Soi Phetchaburi 5, Thung Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi

Le Binchotan @ Amoy Street

~Invited Session~


Le Binchotan joins a slew of restaurants whose entrance is at the back alley of a road and entering it is akin to  stepping into a completely different  experience altogether.


Designed with an underground bar in mind, the bar is a beauty of its own with the amount of woodwork and clever usage of mirrors.


For diners, there are corners like these except tables are actually pretty close to each other.


Amuse bouche for the night was a foam emulsion.


Chicken Liver ($15)
Bonito, Ponzu Dressing, Shallot, Chives

A light salad topped with chicken liver, I adored the velvety chunks that tried to make liver less sinful with the greens.


Madai ($25)
Smoked Sea Bream, Eggplant, Radish, Sherry Vinegrette

A modern take on sashimi with vinegared touches.


Amela Tomatoes ($19)
Raspberry Meringue, Pickled Hijki, Cherry Tomatoes, Lime

The raspberry meringue was the highlight of this refreshing bowl of tomatoes.


Foie Gras ($21) 
Shaven Foie Gras, Daikon, Dashi Gelée, Shitake

Shaven foie gras made to look like wood chips that ended up high on novelty than taste. I found the chips too melt in the mouth in the otherwise very japanese creation.

Their skewers are a selfish category on its own, and prices stated are for single portions. 


Wagyu striploin ($15)


Shishito ($9)


Gizzard ($9)
Pommery Mustard, Tare


Tenkasu ($15)
Deep-fried Enoki, Mushroom Ragout, Pickled Daikon

These enoki tempura are best eaten hot and better still with a bowl of steaming hot rice.


Capellini ($19)
Sakura Ebi, Shio Kombu, Chives

Angel hair pasta has stood the test of time and remains one of the classic dishes that I veer towards everytime it is sighted on the menu. Portions are good for sharing and lovely flavours - sakura ebi and shio kombu always works.


Iberico Pork Jowl ($35)
Katsu Curry, Green Apple, "Charcoal" Pumpkin

Pork Jowl pan fried gave a crispy exterior and chewy meat shreds, the charcoal pumpkin and green apple puree gave this a creative twist and texture.


Angus Short Rib ($39)
Leek, Nagaimo, Korusu Jus

Man food made for sharing, the short rib and fat ratio was pretty even throughout the chunk. Perfectly braised infact.


Emperor Snapper "En Papillote" ($33)
Sudachi Fumet, Tofu, Cherry Tomato

It is a pity this item will soon be removed from their menu and I regard this as a pre-hangover delight, hearty and very comforting with that dash of sake in the broth and those well simmered fish chunks. Ah, tasty.


Coconut ($15)
Cremeux, Matcha, Raspberry Bits

A cross between panna cotta and creme brulee, this milk pudding number topped with bittersweet matcha powder and tangy raspberry bits proved to be a lovely sweet end to the meal.


Smoked Chocolate ($15)
Frozen Blueberry, Yogurt

I am not so sure about this smoked chocolate though, dense and almost like flourless chocolate cake. A slight mismatch with the frozen blueberries and yogurt that could be passed off as a separate dessert on its own.


They have a range of cocktails up the bartenders sleeve for a happy night out. I'd say ask for drink recommendations for some good pairings with their dishes.

Le Binchotan
115 Amoy Street #01-04 (Entrance via Gemmill Lane)

Loof Revisited @ Odeon Towers

~Invited Session~


Loof ushers in a new decade with a spanking menu collaboration with Chef Bjorn Shen of Artichoke and Bird Bird. Where did 10 years go? I remember Loof being a to-go place because it was one of those few happening roof top bars.


The new menu - both food and beverage welcomes a more asian focus, seeking inspirations from the familiar - well, being an 80's kid, Loof resonated and still resonates with me.


California Crackers ($14) 
'California Maki' mayo, avocado, ebiko, nori, crispy wanton crackers

Crispy wanton crackers made this dish tick, loved the california maki mayo and japanese seasoning used.


Chilli Crab Fries ($15)
Loof's signature chilli sauce, blue crab dip, waffle-cut fries

Sold on blue crab dip, which made ketchup and chilli sauce look bad. Creamy dip with crab chunks, I could just inhale this all night long and not get sick of it even.


Umami Fries ($13)
Furikake, kewpie, sweet potato fries

I am glad they did not hop onto the passe wagon of truffle fries or salted egg sauce fries. These umami ones were fingerlicking yummy - truth be told, furikake makes anything taste good, fries included.


Bacon Lollipop ($16)
Pancetta nuggets glazed with maple syrup, groundnuts, pho herbs

Pork belly satay in layman's terms brushed with a sticky sweet sauce and boy it was mighty satisfying with bursts of fats and those intense sweet and savoury flavours all at once. This satay legitimized the fats and calories.


Twisties Charred Corn ($13)
Curry mayo, shaved cheese

Bali has chilli corn, Loof has twisties corn. Corny jokes aside, this made eating off a cob so much easier with corn shaved off the cob with bite sized portions. Spot on with the cheese and curry mayo combination, this tasted just like chilli corn except more hygienic with some hip factor.


B.C.M. Grilled Cheese ($18)
Sour dough cheese toastie, bak chor mee pork mince

Taking on my favourite local dish with much aplomb, this is bak chor mee in a sandwich and very rightfully so with the spot on pork mince, mushrooms and finished off with cheese on toast. I would have missed some chilli padi with this but for a bar food version, this scored top marks.


Kaya Lumpur ($19)
Pinepple rum, kaya, citrus, soda, house bitters, fresh thai basil


Singapore Sour ($19)
Vodka, sour plum extract, calamansi, soda


Plus, entertainment is on hand - like the Bishi Bashi machine and Loofster, the rooster mascot of Loof! How not to love this place you tell me?

Odeon Towers

Seafood Paradise @ Marina Bay Sands

~Invited Session~


Seafood Paradise, the very first concept by Paradise Group, has re-located from Defu Lane to Marina Bay Sands from September. With a swankier location, one can expect dining with more finesse! 



Poached Canadian Live Clam with Chinese Wine in Claypot - $38 (small), $57 (medium), $75 (large)


Get drunk on these juicy clams that have been poached in shaoxing wine. I love my clams with the same vengeance as wine  - throw in both and be promised of a mind swirling experience, so satisfyingly good and wholesome. Comfort food at its best.  


Pan-fried Australian Live Abalone - $28 per pc (approx. 60g), $38 per piece (approx. 120g)

The thought of having a whole abalone on my plate sure brought me smiles and a squeeze of lemon made all the difference in the taste, giving it an added punch. 


Braised Wildlife Fish with Supreme Soya Sauce in Claypot – starts from $8 per 100g, depending on type of fish chosen

Not the most photogenic braised fish around but the taste more than made up for its looks - a clear case of not judging a book by its cover. Fresh succulent fish meat with just supreme soya sauce, I am not fish lover and this made me clamour for more.


Crispy Kang Kong topped with Cuttlefish in Homemade Seafood Sauce - $14.80 (small), $21.80 (medium), $28.80 (large)

Who would have expected fried kang kong to taste like chips, excellently done and those curls of tender cuttlefish. Hate your greens but be prepared to love this.


Baked Pork Belly Ribs with Honey Pepper Sauce – $5.80 per piece, minimum order of 2 pieces

This oriental take on sticky ribs would give Naughty Nuri's a run for their money. The mildly spicy and sweet marinate made for a strangely addictive dry rub.


Singapore Chilli Style Sri Lankan Crab – seasonal price
Deep-fried Buns - $3 for 4 pcs


Signature Creamy Butter Dungeness Crab topped with Coconut Crumbs – seasonal price

Crabs are Seafood Paradise's specialty and the two featured that night showcased different flavours and types of crabs. 

 The former is Seafood Paradise’s rendition of the iconic Singapore Chilli Crab. Sri Lankan mud crabs are generally fleshy and are a popular choice for crab dishes locally. The sweet and spicy chilli crab gravy went perfectly with their fried mantous (halved and deep fried as opposed to deepfrying full).
The latter is a long-time favourite at Seafood Paradise. Dungeness crabs are known for their firm, sweet and slightly savoury flesh that complements the sauce made fresh daily using aromatics such as curry leaves, white pepper, lemongrass, and chilli padi. 
Both are delicious selections and the local in me picked chilli for favourite.  


Wok-fried Bee Hoon with Sri Lankan Crab – seasonal price


The crabby business continued with wok fried bee hoon. I loved the wok hei and good control of oil, at least it barely tasted greasy to me.


Chilled Lemongrass Jelly in Lemonade and Sour Plum Juice - $6.50

Who'd have thought that this simple refreshing dessert would leave us wishing for seconds. Not just any lemongrasss jelly, the punch from sour plum juice definitely made the meal alot lighter!  

Seafood Paradise
Level 2 of The Shoppes 

Crystal Jade Prestige @ Marina Bay Financial Centre

~Invited Session~


Crystal Jade Prestige recently unveiled a refreshed menu featuring specialty dishes from their One Michelin Starred sister establishment, Crystal Jade Golden Palace.




Prestige Dimsum Platter ($10.80)
Prawn and carrot dumpling with black truffle, Assorted mushroom dumpling,
Osmanthus dumpling with prawn and celery,
Water chestnut dumpling with olive and parsley

These four handcrafted dimsums make quite a first impression. Each had a delicate translucent skin with a combination of prawns and minced meat as stuffing.


Doesn't this look like the magicarp?


Chilled Organic Tomatoes with Sesame Sauce ($10.80)

Refreshingly so with the core of the tomatoes emptied and plumped with a sesame sauce - think kewpie sesame sauce with roasted sesame seeds.


Best of both worlds ($48)
Classic + Prestige Pipa Duck with Fermented Beancurd Sauce

Highly recommended, the ducks are first butterflied to allow better penetration of flavours from the 10 hour homemade spice blend marinade, blanched and basted with golden maltose sugar and vinegar before being air dried for another 10 hours before being roasted to perfection.


The difference between the classic and prestige option lies in the sauce, the latter brushed with an additional coat of fermented beancurd sauce. I actually preferred the prestige version better, addictively tasty and perfect with rice. The crispy skin was another highlight on its own!


Stir-fried Assorted Mushrooms with Basil in Claypot ($22, Small)

Basil had a magical touch in this piping hot claypot of assorted mushrooms - that peppery fragrance that first excites the senses and the bitter taste of basil with mushrooms makes one delightful course.


Signature Fried Rice ($20, Small)

Studded with spring onions, egg, diced homemade pickled radish and salted fish, this fried rice can be both of a hit or miss if pickled radish is not up one's alley. I found it still on the sweet side though the salted fish was delicious on its own.


Steamed Pandan Bun with Green Tea Custard ($6.80)

Pandan-infused bun enclosing a sweet-savoury molten lava filling of matcha and salted egg yolk. An unusual pairing of green tea with salted egg yolk that actually worked, a bittersweet and savoury combination in an aromatic bun!


Coconut Jelly with Fresh Milk in Coconut ($8.80)

I'd liken this to steamed milk pudding except this is chilled and made with fresh hokkaido milk. Extremely fragrant and creamy, I would highly recommend this if there is more space for dessert.


Sugar Coated Yam ($13)

These sugar coated yam slices remind me of a Chinese New Year candy I used to eat, except these are made fresh! 

Available every weekend is their signature weekend brunch priced at $38 and $48 per person for two seatings - 10 am to 12 and 12 - 2 pm. The brunch includes 8 courses which diners can select from the 6 different categories of appetizers, dimsum, soups, wok fried dishes, main course and desserts.

Crystal Jade Prestige
Marina Bay Financial Center, Ground Plaza