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CNY 2020: WanHao Restaurant @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

~Invited Session~

Wan Hao, one of Singapore's leading Chinese Restaurants has alot to offer this Chinese New Year. From takeaways, ala carte orders to set menu, there is something for everyone.


Lobster, Alaskan Crab, Scallop, Salmon, Caviar and Crispy Fish Skin Yu Sheng with White Peach Sauce and Passion Fruit Pearls





Lobster yusheng kickstarts the celebrations and the starts the night on a high note. The lobster, crab, scallops and salmon combo made the salad suitable for carnivores. Go easy on the white peach sauce as the passionfruit pearls give this a surge of sugar.


HUAT a mess.


Fish skin always gives this a lovely crunch and I reached for so many portions!


Bird's Nest Dumpling with Crab Roe Superior Soup



The cholesterol tussle between luxurious bird's nest and indulgent crab roe is real and when both are presented in a single broth, every slurp was precious and so delightful.


Wan Hao Imperial Pot of Prosperity with Australian 3 Head Abalone, Drunken Chicken and Crispy Dried Oyster


Singapore's most expensive pencai priced at $1088 for 10, this is one indulgent pot that is a hot favourite during the festive season. Families order this with rice and I'd say truly would be more worth while than sitting through a mundane 8 course.


The copious amount of ingredients that went into simmering are top notch and my perennial favourite's their signature crispy dried oysters that give both the crunch and umami in this melting pot of flavours.


Wok-fried Boston Lobster with Caviar, Egg White, Fresh Milk and Broccoli

Tuck into more succulent lobster with fluffy egg whites. This reminded me of a very luxed up version of egg whites and broccoli.


Pork Ribs with White Peach Honey Sauce

One of the dishes created with children in mind, this sweet number is bound to please.


Hot Teochew Yam Paste with Carrageen and Coconut Milk

Orh nee is my major weakness and their version did not disappoint.

We had a good showcase of what there is in the set menus and I do have my favourites. Which ones tempt?

Wan Hao Restaurant
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

Hiryu Restaurant @ Tras Street

I have my favourite Omakase restaurant and every now and then, I veer off course to venture and check out new places - so Hiryu is one of those. A gf was keen and I was curious enough about their truffle dons to head for the Satsuki ($188) set

 Chef Raymond was quick to quip we could do omakase in an hour, anytime just to suit the customer. So well, at $188, I had it under an hour. Here's the chowdown. 

Ankimo to start and these were a-okay, melty in a really tart dressing.

Baby Shrimp dressed in gold oil, caviar and what looks like chrysanthemum flower petals. I've always enjoyed baby shrimp, sweet and crunchy. 

Truffle Toro did not hit the spots for me even with truffle shavings and truffle bits. Maybe the toro itself was not as melt in the mouth as desired. 

Miyasaki beef with egg however spoke a different story, droolicious kind of tender with a blanket of egg wash. Unfortunately prior to this, I've had one too many awsome possome noharayakis that this was lacking wow. 

Sea bream

Flounder with yuzu

Seeing double? Only with different fish. 

Aburi amaebi with prawn roe was an interesting combo where the prawn was lukewarm at best, crunchy and the topping tasted like peanut butter and sesame seeds. 

Bafun uni from hokkaido I can never say no to simply because it's uni. 

Toro toro with caviar is Chef's attempt at serving two types of tuna in one sushi, I thought it was creative and distracting. Should the negitoro be the star or toro? 

Another creative sushi with foie gras and uni. 

Signature Donburi was the reason why I picked the more expensive lunch menu because ordering this ala carte would set me back by $75 and the top up was $60. 

Anyway I see repeats from the omakase in this box. Foie gras chunks, beef, garlic chips, truffle, ikura and uni. Petite in portion, unlike what the pictures say. Delicious but I'm not sure if this is worth the price tag, even with A5 Wagyu. 

Miso soup. 

Raindrop cake is almost passe but I'm not complaining, I was half expecting sorbet. Yuzu raindrop cake topped with kinako powder and served with brown sugar sauce. A sweet finish to my chop chop curry pok omakase. 

Here's this, the meal went by quickly, Chef kept to the promised time limit. I'm just not sure if I enjoyed it enough for the price tag. The ingredients used were good, just not the freshest I've had. The sushi rice fell apart for some courses, fish was under seasoned for some and was probably underwhelming because it is lunch but #sorrynotsorry, dinner is not on the cards. 

39 Tras Street

Festive Afternoon High Tea with Local Infusions @ Lobby Lounge & Bar, Holiday Inn City Centre

~Invited Session~


Voted by Asia One readers as one of the best high tea promotions for 2019, this festive high tea set was revamped just for Christmas.


The struggle is always real when deciding between savoury or sweet.


I ended up playing safe with smoked salmon first then fell in love with their Camembert cheese, black truffle and walnuts on Focaccia bread.


Tuna with a touch of caviar spells luxe all the way.


Scones are high tea essentials, tuck into these fluffy warm babies quick with clotted cream and fruit jam.


Meet Chilli Crab pot pie that comes with a delicious gravy. A decent take on chilli crab gravy with the crisp flaky biscuit. More heat and crab chunks perhaps?


More savoury tarts and pies! Chef insists on making his own tart shells so instead of the hard tart base, these are crumbly and buttery. Cempedak tart rules this plate with an aromatic stuffing that makes good of the fruit that gets you either loving or hating it.


Spot the chendol tiramisu, pineapple cheesecake and also Durian mousse with coconut cream. All three have been given a local twist and are a lovely introduction to what our local sweets has to offer.

With just a couple more days to check this out - I urge you to quickly book your seats! I'm pretty sure it'd be given a CNY twist come January.

12.00pm to 5.00pm
Monday to Sunday 
S$40++ per person (1-for-1 pricing)
S$28++ per adult (Single diner)
S$20++ per child (Single diner)

A Christmas to Remember @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

~Invited Session~

Christmas is back, so is the season of feasting, gifting and indulging. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza is rekindling the spirit of Christmas with a medley of joyous gastronomic experiences with lavish festive buffets at Marriott Cafe and Yuletide takeaway goodies.

We were treated to a preview, relishing the classics and welcoming this year's specials.

Making a debut this year are the following dishes and prices listed are nett and require a 3 day advance notice.


Whole Roast Turkey with Apple Cider Brine and Giblet Cornbread Loaf  $198nett

At 4.5 to 5 kilograms, this bird is made for sharing indeed. This turkey is seasoned to perfection with the herbs and spices, each turkey is immersed in apple cider brine for 12 hours to tighten the skin. What results is an absolutely delicious and tender poultry course.


Rosemary and Garlic Roast Lamb Leg (Bone-In) with Chimichurri, Artichokes and Capers ($188)

One massive leg of a lamb in medium doneness, I love how juicy this is and the gameyness is pleasant. Lamb is not easy to cook right and the team definitely nailed this.


The best part of any buffet has to be the sweets, especially during Christmas!


Peanut Butter Speculoos Praline Log Cake (1 kg) ($68)

Give me speculoos anyday and I'm sold. This is not as sweet as I expected and actually very delicious.The crunch within the peanut butter frosting was an added surprise in the otherwise predictable chocolate sponge. Only grouse? Chocolate and peanut butter speculoos is the recipe for extra calories this festive season.


Pandan and Mixed Berries Chiffon Log Cake (1 kg) ($68)

Another logcake flavour for consideration would be their pandan and mixed berries. It is a change from the usual chocolate and vanilla logs, this pays homage to pandan cakes with a tart finish from the berry marmalade.


Brandy White Chocolate Chestnut Log Cake (1 kg) - $68nett

Adults only for this brandy spiked yule log stuffed with premium chestnuts imported from France. This reminds me of Mont Blanc, somewhat.

All-time favourites to look forward to

Traditional Whole Roast Turkey with Chestnuts, Foie Gras Stuffing, Cranberry and Port Wine Sauce ($188)
Honey and Clove Glazed Ham (Bone-in) with Cinnamon Pineapple Sauce (5-6 kg) ($248)
Honey and Clove Glazed Ham (Boneless) with Cinnamon Pineapple Sauce (2-3 kg) ($168)
Slow-Roasted Beef Striploin with Port Wine Sauce and Horseradish Cream (2 kg) ($198)
Baked Salt-Crusted Whole Snapper with Salsa Verde (1.5 kg) ($138)
Roast Pork Saddle with Pancetta, Prunes and Mixed Herbs (2 kg) ($188)
Signature Chocolate Fudge Log Cake (1 kg) ($68)

Alternatively, these treats will be available at Crossroads Buffets.


Guess what this is?


Fruit and Nut Cake (1kg $58, 1/2kg $38)


Edible hollow chocolate boxes that make great fun when smashing them open.


Another of those edible christmas trees, the pink hue screams too cute to eat.

DSC_4166 (2)

Fancy a mini fruit pudding?


These panna cotta shooters look so festive!


Fancy a choux puff and edible pearls pastry wreath?

CHRISTMAS GIFTS OF JOY (28 November to 24 December 2019)
Hotel Forecourt Stall (by the hotel entrance)
Pre-order Hotline: 6831 4708 or email


Festive Buffet (1 to 23, 26 to 30 December 2019)
Prices start from $68++ for buffet lunch and $80++ for dinner.