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Plaza Inn @ Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong

DSC_5959 Klook saved us all quite a bit of money when I booked this meal for 2 at Disneyland Hong Kong - I even carelessly booked TWO of the same meal! So if anything is keen to takeover the extra coupon at a cheaper price, please email me! I'm more than willing to let go of it.

Dining in Disneyland is not going to be cheap, food is not going to be fantastic either but since this was under the Maxim Group, I guess food would be acceptable.

For once, I was more than happy to be away from the scorching sun and to be dining in air conditioned comfort.


Cantonese Dimsum


Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Steamed Pork Dumpling, Steamed Vegetable Dumpling, Steamed Egg Yolk Custard Bun

Average dimsum fare in Disney and nobody is complaining. As long as they are edible I guess that passes the taste test!


Signature Spring Rolls with Shrimp and Garlic

These cigar spring rolls were a joy to eat and what is dimsum without dumplings and spring rolls anyway?

Crabmeat and Corn Thick Soup

This reminded me a lot of Grandma's favourite corn and chestnut dessert - somehow corn in starchy soup is a very popular combo and this was decently tasty.

Deep Fried Pork with Black Vinegar

Braised Mushrooms and Vegetables with Oyster Sauce

Fried Rice with Diced Seafood and Vegetables

Bland plate of fried carbs. This was perhaps the only letdown of the meal.

Mickey Chilled Pudding

Alas, how to resist these cute mango puddings. I clearly could not resist chomping on these too cute desserts.

Food is decent for Disney's standard and we all left full, cooled down and just in time for the 130pm Parade! How appropriate too when the restaurant is just at the start of the Parade along Main Street U.S.A.

Colours of the World Restaurant @ Explorer's Lodge Hotel, Hong Kong

DSC_6101 Buffet was not on our agenda after a funfilled day at Disneyland, rather we headed for ala carte at Colours of the World Restaurant. They were offering a good deal including a HKD 100 voucher with a minimum spend so that made our set dinner even cheaper!

The bread basket was really delicious and we enjoyed the parmesan chips and onion bread best! Great for filling our hungry tummies especially after a long day.

Poached Kale, Hot Springs Egg, Parma Ham Chip, Hollandaise Foam

This was breakfast at dinner all over again except this was a really confused dish. The foam was bewildering and tasteless and possibly the only thing I agreed with was the parma ham chip.

Crab Meat Terrine, Basil infused Watermelon Cube, Watermelon Foam

The better tasting of the two, this was refreshing and more of a watermelon than a crabmeat dish.

Grilled Iberico Pork Chop, Morel Cream Sauce

Thick cut and made for meat lovers, I am amazed this was cooked just right and not overly so. Morel cream sauce itself was so appetizing and I wish there was more of this!

Risotto with Scallops
Pan-fried Scallops, Sundried Tomatoes, Asparagus, Parmesan

Loved the scallops, meh on the overly generous portion of homecooked green hued risotto.

Jack Vanilla Panna Cotta and Seasonal Berries

Halloween themed dessert probably sealed the deal for me - the macaron was too sweet, panna cotta too stiff and we all enjoyed the strawberries.

HKD 598 for 2 before discount and it was considerably good value just to be full - taste is definitely not high on the agenda for dining at Disney.

Mammy Pancake @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

I first heard of them at their Hung Hom store and somehow distance deterred me from checking them out prior to their Michelin mention. With so many outlets under their belt now, locating this street snack is as easy as it sounds.



With so many flavours available, I headed for the Original Egglet (HKD 20). A minimal 10 minute wait is inevitable since there was only 1 person manning the stove for both the waffles and egglet.


It's crisp, chewy and has a delicious density about it. Packs more bite than the usual egglets I've had and with such huge portions, it is such value for money! Now I wish I tried more flavours.

Mammy Pancake
 8~12 Carnarvon Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

Crystal Lotus @ Hongkong Disneyland Hotel, Hong Kong

Crystal Lotus has been ranked by netizens for the best Disney dimsum in Hong Kong so with that in mind, I had to indulge in their cartoon dimsum. These are mainly available on weekends and if you are visiting a week day, these have to be pre-ordered.


 We scored seats overlooking Mickey's garden and the seaside. I'd imagine how more lovely it would be before Typhoon Mangkut struck.


Appetisers of edamame and braised tofu!


 Star Wars Baked Egg Custard Puff (HKD 68)


 I vaguely made out star wars from it and these piping hot baked treats were good as custard mooncakes even.

 Three Little Pigs Barbecue Pork Buns (HKD 88)
These char siew paus had the same ratio for meat and pau and surprisingly tasted really good! The sauce was on point and my only grouse is the amount of char siew. DSC_5578
 Duffy and Shellie May Steamed Sweet Bun (HKD 78)

I'm not such a huge fan of either duffy or shellie may but these kaya and red bean filled buns were definitely too cute to ignore. Fluffy as can be too! DSC_5590

Jack's Party Platter (HKD 128)  
Prawn Dumpling, Pumpkin Seafood Pie, Mummy Vegetable Bun 

This limited edition available only till 31 October was a must order since it is Halloween too. Of the three, the pumpkin pie was most impressionable with the crisp layer that gave way to a tasty seafood filling too. That one truly stole the show for being so underrated!


Char Siew Platter (HKD 150) 

Decently charred roast pork chunks with a generous lather of char siew sauce - looks like Crystal Lotus does do some pretty decent dishes apart from too cute to eat dimsum too! The only set back is the premium we are paying for being in Disneyland.

Vegetables (HKD 150) 

 And yeah, I paid through my nose just for greens. Their dimsum is generally flatter than I thought and did not hold up as well.


Huge props to the team for entertaining the twoddler first with stickers...

Plates and cutlery!


And this is what kept him busy.


Crystal Lotus
Hongkong Disneyland Hotel

Gin Khao @ Sentosa Quayside Isle

~Media Invite~

Gin Khao is known for Thai food amongst diners and they have launched a vegetarian menu to open up more options to diners, even creating vegetarian versions of their popular dishes.

But first, coconuts because we are having thai food.

Tom Yum Mushroom  Soup($12.80)

Who'd have thought that tom yum soup can be made vegetarian and still taste so good? The spice levels can be higher but I am definitely not complaining when they nailed the sour and spiciness

Cault Marmite ($12.80)

Cauliflower fritters tossed in marmite batter and deep fried. This turned out to be a surprising dish and a really addictive one too. The only grouse is it has to be eaten fast else it turns soggy.

Mapo Tofu ($10.80)

Hot Tofu with Basil ($10.80)

Of the two tofu stir fry dishes, the basil version was closer to basil chicken. Mapo missed out on the tongue numbing spiciness though.

Thai Glass Noodles with Mushroom Pot ($12.80)

This typically comes with river prawns or even crabs so it ended up on the sweet side with just mushrooms and glass noodles. Eat it fast or risk a pot of clumpy glass noodles.

Phad Thai Veggies ($10.80)

This worked for me, including that tangy finish. I liked the crunch and chewy rice noodles.

Thai Spicy Crispy Noodles ($8.80)

This was heavy on thai sweet sauce rendering the whole dish sweet. I'm not sure if I like this at all. The lack of texture with the light crispiness of it and ends off soggy.

Salt and Pepper Tofu ($9.80)

Great as a pre dinner snack and even as a non vegetarian entree, best enjoyed with mayonnaise I say!

Taro Fritter ($8.80)

This comes with sweet potato coated with yam, perfect for fans of root vegetables.

Wok Fried French Beans with Olive Leaves ($9.80)

Anything with olive leaves tastes delicious and it gave this stir fry the added flavour.

Yum Wakame ($9.80)

Served cold, this is another to consider for an appetiser. Slightly tangy and refreshing. 

Occasionally I seek vegetarian for a meal or two and Gin Khao heads straight to my list of a revisit though I have my preferred dishes. 

Gin Khao
Sentosa Quayside Isle

The Best of Sri Lankan Crabs with Creative Interpretations @ Wan Hao Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

~Invited Session~

It is the time of the year where the seasonal game in hotels is strong. Previous years, Wan Hao has launched hairy crab menus but this year they have decided to put a Sri Lankan crabs only menu and I was definitely in for a delicious treat.


Steamed Four season Crab Meat Dumpling, Pan-fried Crab Meat and Pork Bun, Deep-fried Netted Rice Roll with Crab Meat and Prawn


 Starting with dimsum is always a good idea and each were exquisite morsels. My favourite goes to the steamed crab meat dumpling, it is shrimp dumpling gone luxe and paired with their signature prawn roe X.O. sauce, it was just hosek, after ho sek.


Conch and Codonopsis Pilosula (Root) Chicken Soup with Double Boiled Fish Maw

Cantonese soups and I are BFFs, without a doubt. First boiled with chickens and then double boiled with all the other superior ingredients, I love the robust broth and depth of flavours.

Deep-fried Sri Lankan Crab with Spiced Chicken Floss

I had high hopes for this mainly because of the spiced chicken floss and the deep frying - the crabs came coated in a batter comprising of floss and salted egg. It smelt just like prawn paste chicken and I spent a great deal of time munching off the batter before tucking into those meaty claws. So delicious yet sinful at the same time.


Sautéed Asparagus and Bamboo Pith Stuffed with Crab Meat in Crab Roe Sauce

After such a tasty course, this was a very mellow to an almost bland dish. I did enjoy the crabmeat stuffing however.

Braised Crab Claw with White Pepper Heng-hua Vermicelli

Alas, white beehoon gone upscale and I was actually sold on heng-hua vermicelli. This particular brand has vermicelli so fine like mee sua except it retains its bite for a lot longer. I am partial towards white pepper crabs but this crab beehoon is the bomb. I kid you not and I do not even eat peppery bak kut the but this got me all in love. That mild tongue numbing sensation yet lingering fragrance is unforgettable.

Rock Sugar Ginger Tea Gingko Nut and Double Boiled Hashima

To end off all things heaty and sinful, Chef decided on a really refreshing Ginger Tea with Hashima.

The menu lasts from now till 30 November, portions featured above are slightly larger than their individual ones.