Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Swensational Midautumn with Swensens!

Special thanks to Swensens for the mooncakes!


Swensens returns with a fruitier reportoire of mooncake flavours this year! There are 3 new flavours on top of their classic favourites - Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Strawberry Fields Forever and Durian Royale!


Four completely customisable choices per box!


Queen of Earl Grey 
Earl Grey Icecream with almond bits


I found the earl grey taste a tad strong and rendered this flavour acquired. 


Pink Guava Romance


Guava icecream is a rare flavour and Swensens pulled off a sweet and fruity one with moderate sweetness too!


Mango Fantasy


Also another tropical favourite, a refreshing thirst quencher in a mooncake!


Durian Royale


My favourite of the lot, despite not being a durian fan. The durian fans were obviously over the moon with this well executed mellow and delicious tasting durian icecream mooncake.

The mooncake skin is not the forte of Swensens but nothing can stop the adventurous from enjoying their icecreams in a mooncake.

This Mooncake Collection is priced at $32.80 for a box of 4 (with a choice of flavours) or $8.60 per piece and available in all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets, from 1 August to 8 September this year! 

ANZ, Citibank, DBS/POSB, HSBC, OCBC and UOB cardholders can enjoy an early bird special of 15% discount from 1st to 29th August 2014 and a 10% discount thereafter.
Swensen's Cool Rewards and Kids' Club members can enjoy 20% early bird special and 15% discount thereafter. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meliartos @ Athens


Meliartos sounds like a place that I had on my place (read: Melilotos which I managed to track down later in the trip) and feeling weary from all the walking, it heralded time for tea.


I spent a great deal of time browsing the treats over the counter.


I love how the cutlery is all separately packed - speaks volumes about hygiene levels!


Minced meat pie, my first encounter before Arizona Bakery. I created a mess out of this with the flakes flying everywhere and in all its tastiness, it was somewhat oily.

sesame bagel

Sesame Koulouri which is the equivalent of a bagel, only flatter and bigger. This was just like a sandwich with ingredients, salami, tomatoes and cheese always work for me.


Caffeine addict was pleased with his choice of iced coffee.

It is a decent joint to visit whilst strolling the streets of Monstraiki.

Ερμού 65 (Αιόλου)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Royal China Revisited @ Raffles Hotel


Royal China ran a Groupon promotion for their pre-set dinner menus and at $55 per head, excluding taxes it seemed like an irresistible deal. Until we verified it, of course. 


Sliced Peking Duck accompanied Goose Liver Paste, Home-made Pancake

This dish was all set for peking duck but it was the very item that was missing - we had the buns, crispy skin, spring onion and sticky sauce, all but the missing duck which was found in a goose liver paste. Delicious, nonetheless.


Seafood Consommé served in Whole Mini Pumpkin

I was excited at the prospect of having soup in a steamed mini pumpkin, felt like halloween already except that this was a delectable halloween dish. The thickened broth and chockfuls of seafood made this easy to love. I refused to give up on my pumpkin till I scraped it so clean, leaving just a thin layer of skin, the heartiest pumpkin soup ever.


Pan-fried Sea Perch Fillet in Superior Soya Sauce 

There are few cooked fish dishes that make me friends of the sea and this was one of them. Succulent flakes of fillet with a simple drizzle of sauce.


Chef’s Signature Live “Boston” Lobster Noodles with Ginger and Shallot Sauce

I did not think that the menu looked comprehensive for a belly good time yet truth be told, by the time it reached this dish I was almost brimming with satisfaction. This had to simply seal the night for gluttony at its best.


We all received different parts of the lobster with a portion of springy noodles. Saving the best for the last meant I had my noodles neat without lobster and when it came to partaking of the prized crustacean, I wish I can officially switch camps from crab to lobster for the rest of my life.

Easily teased from their shell, the lobster was well cooked, very fresh and so fleshy! I can rave on and on till eternity how much I love this dish, I definitely cannot wait to be back for this!


Chrysanthemum Apple Jelly with Diced Aloe Vera accompanied Chilled Glutinous Rice Ball with Cream and Fresh Fruits 

The meal then ended on a perfect 10 with chilled jelly, more tame and calming in flavours as compared to the other rich dishes.


The rice ball was less outstanding though with a distinct whipped cream taste that I did not fancy.

Royal China does not disappoint once again, infact it always leaves me with too many good memories. I do not have to promise to be back because I will.

Royal China
Raffles Hotel

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chez Petit Salut @ Holland Village

Chez Petit Salut is the not so distant cousin of Au Petit Salut and shame on me for completely forgetting about this entry for a good 6 months! Until the outlet at MBFC closed and we paid the Holland Village outlet a visit.

chez petit salut

Before the shutters went down for Cedele.





amuse bouche

Starters of tuna mousse, a delectable start.


Seared scallops with a dollop of caviar. Texturally very pleasing, I love a good scallop that bounces, bursts with juices and best of all, whets the appetite for more.

foie gras

Duo of duck foie gras, terrine and pan seared apricot marmalade, brioche ($30) 

foie gras

Fatty slivers of liver and as decadent as that sounds - I only wish cholesterol levels were not so suicidal for these.


Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Pommes Frites, Mixed Mushrooms, Brown Jus ($48)

200 grams of meat to satisfy the carnivorous cravings. I had this on two occasions and was pleased with the cut of meat and succulence.


Cutting into beef is always the moment of truth, the bloodier the better. How I sound like a vamp this way but the only other meat I can take raw next to fish would be beef.


A side of fries were too good to resist.


Sauteed vegetables too.

lobster pasta

Lobster with Pasta

This was a special of the day and the curled up beauty was so gracefully placed on top my bed of pasta that somehow turned a tad stiff and cold from all the phototaking I did.

chocolate cake

Warm melted 70% chocolate cake and red fruits compote

Molten cake with a lava center, decadence in the cake that had a lovely contrast with the icecream.


Choux buns filled with vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and sliced almonds

Somehow profiteroles tend to disappoint me because I expect them to be like cream puffs and more often than not, the choux puffs tend to be dry and icecream too cold. This was more of an icecream puff than cream puff.

I revisited the Holland Village outlet just for the tenderloin, and it was still as delicious and well executed. The main grouse is missing out on the exclusivity of the restaurant that MBFC had.


We had sour dough bread this time round and no refills were offered.


Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Pommes Frites, Mixed Mushrooms, Brown Jus ($48)


The same satisfaction at a different outlet.


And call us boring but right down to the sides we had the same too.

It is a pity that Chez Petit Salut at Holland Village did not have the same menu as MBFC yet with consistent quality means the APS Group has maintained some form of standard across. I would not say the same of the service level however, maybe because of the crowd but it was lacking at Holland Village.

Chez Petit Salut 
Holland Village
Chip Bee Gardens

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cafe Mosiac @ Carlton Hotel


Cafe Mosiac at Carlton Hotel is back with its 1-for-1 buffet treats for a limited time only! International cuisine they offer with tantalising appetizers, mains and dessert courses.

Of the few times that I have dined with Cafe Mosiac, the range seemed a little limited this time round.


Roast beef on the wagon.


DIY rojak station!


Pizza buns baking under the light.


I always begin my feast with the aphrodisiacs, in this case, plump oysters with a dash of tabasco sauce and chilli. While salmon sashimi can always wait, I usually slurp up at least 3 of these shelled delights before prodding further.


The selection of sushi was adequate, until one round of aburi sushi that got me all excited. It was just one round of these prawn, mayo and cream sauce sushi and so delicious too!


There was a limited range of cooked dishes and my pick would be the spicy seafood dish that came with a flurry of scallops and squid.


Rubbery roast beef, I say give this a miss.


Remember to grill the ingredients before tossing if not risk a plate of lao-hong rojak like we did!


The single live station that got us all very excited - stir fried vegetables with mushrooms.


Fishball noodles were also available, ready made on the spot.


Being the cheese lover I am, I found some space to accomodate my favourite blue cheese and brie.


Grass Jelly and Longan proved to be a cooling dessert!


I found some joy in these pandan layered cakes, so much so I had numerous slices.


The red velvet on the other hand was too sweet and a tad dry.

I found the buffet very average and hardly memorable. The days where Durian Pengat was available or even their famous durian cake, the dessert range still made some sense. Otherwise, it is really the 1-for-1 that does.

Enjoy 1-for-1 Adult Buffet^
Dinner: Daily

Dinner Buffet, 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Sundays to Thursdays     $78++ per adult,  $39++ per child
Fridays to Saturdays        $88++ per adult, $44++ per child