Monday, March 30, 2015

SUJU Revisited @ Mandarin Gallery

A return to SUJU happened too quickly because of the $30 voucher they issued with every $100 spent and the most ironic thing is, I failed to remember that it was only applicable from Monday - Wednesday. For a Friday night, it was close to running at full capacity and reservations are always necessary.


Kurubuta Shabu Shabu Salad ($22)

My idea of shabu shabu comes complete with slices of thin pork belly that are melt in the mouth quality. Clearly in this salad, they overcooked it rendering it somewhat rubbery and served in a plate of blanched greens and topped with a sauce that did not quite marry the ingredients together.

For an appetizer that costs as much as a mains, I thought this was a letdown.


Ebiten Salad Roll ($21)


In its full glory, this was a pretty sushi roll with a humongous deep fried prawn portioned out - it did look a little like a magic trick with the magician teasing about body parts and linking them back again.

Anyhow, it was a cross between a western salad in a Japanese tempura prawn and ended up with a Korean bimbap dipping sauce.


Kaisen Chirashi ($38)
Assorted sashimi on rice, miso soup, pickles


I have probably had too many memorable chirashi dons to wave this off as delicious, nothing more. Fresh fish on a bed of copper pot cooked rice, how bad can that get? The short grained rice however made it less chewy than desired and the miso was more vegetarian that its usual seafood base.


 Almond Pudding ($12)

Clumpy in texture but this was a good enough organic take on the famed soya bean pudding. Mild traces of powder but otherwise, pretty good.

SUJU once and now twice, I would say I have had enough two visits. The third will not be so soon while I grapple with its popularity amongst the Japanese crowd.

Mandarin Gallery

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gurney Drive @ Georgetown, Penang


Gurney Drive is to Penang what Newton Food Center is to Singapore. Before we even step foot on Penang, I knew I had to pay Gurney Drive a visit just to have an idea what this iconic hawker center is all about. Right smack next to Gurney Plaza (which has a cinema and a full fledged shopping center!) and a hotel, this place was buzzing with people and driving may not be the best option since the roads leading up to it were lined with illegally parked cars.

I would suggest getting a cab or just renting a car and parking it at Gurney Plaza before walking over.

I had my eye on just two dishes to attempt, namely Pasembur and Apom.


Pasembur or Indian Rojak as we fondly know it as. Turned out, there was more than one stall selling it and they all had the same poster.




He claimed that the guy in the photo was away for the day and I actually spotted him at another stall! Talk about being scammed.


He even had the cheek to smile for me.


Our very messy plate of everything that came up to RM 15. Definitely not cheap and very pricey infact, it was just sweet sauce dousing all the ingredients leaving us without a clue what exactly we were eating.


My super duper very overpriced coconut from Thailand purchased in Penang.


With a very disgruntled stomach, I headed for Apom which is the equivalent of our crispy min jiang kueh. Thankfully there was just one stall offering it AND the epic moment happened.


The Apoms on sale needed a 60 minute wait because

1) The machine probably was not as efficient as the volume of orders
2) Some hungry diner probably ordered enough to feed a party of people


So the next best alternative they threw at us were these banana pancakes that were flipping by the side.


Insanely sweet, I ended up with more than I could eat and barely made it past a pancake.

I left with my curiosity satisfied. Overhyped place that does not represent what the rest of Penang can offer.

Gurney Drive

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nuffnang 8irthday @ Da Paolo, Rochestor Park


It could be age catching up and gone are the days where I get invited to 21st birthday parties or bashes and these days it is mostly about weddings, full months and almost kid's birthdays.

So thenNuffnang turned a youthful Eight and I was invited to their bash.

Hosted at Da Paolo Bistro at Rochestor Park, I found the place a huge maze!

I was welcomed by the infinity art piece done with the fellow Nuffnangers. Creative mesays.


Silver, gold and white was the theme for the day.


No wiser words. We only get better with age, yes?

Snitched off Missus Chewy's camera, here is us and the reigning Queen of Blogs. 

Time to tuck in, with a spread thoughtfully prepared by the kind folks of Da Paolo.


What is a birthday without cake?


No party is complete without a dessert table!


My idea of a timeless dessert, cupcakes.


8 is great, let's aim for infinity.


#nuffnang8irthday #nuffnangsg


Now I really want to get invited to a themed wedding.


Glittery tags that screamed look at me, loved the posh nosh touch to it.


Table posies.


How did everything look so photogenic?


Even the food looked extra delicious.


If I must, please give the chocolate caramel tarts a try, these were plumped with enough mousse that gave me a brain freeze from satisfaction. I just wish I had more room for another! 

Amidst the rara, I and a few other bloggers had so much fun at the photobooth! Gone are the days where photobooths were just about snapping stills and getting printouts, they not exist as GIF takeaways. 
That's Maureen, me, CharleneAndy and Philip goofying around!

Thank you sponsors once again for the fabulous time! Happy Birthday to Nuffnang once again, it has been awesome working with you and I look forward to more adventures.

Venue: Da Paolo 
Photobooth:  Hello Stranger
Event Stylists: 
Entertainment: Hubba Bubbas
Dessert: Butter Studio

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sorrel @ Boon Tat Street


One fine and dandy day, a friend whatsapped me and asked if I would recommend Sorrel - at that point, I did not but I kept the name in my head and decided on an impromptu lunch. No reservations required yet - I figure by the time most people have raved enough about this up and coming gem, it would be hard to get a table.


There are 2 menus available - 3 courses at $45++ and 5 courses at $88++. Complete trust had to be given to the team to whip up a creation based on the day's freshest produce and catch. I am beginning to enjoy the idea of a kaiseki beyond the borders of the Japanese cuisine. The element of surprise, is addictive.


I was most certainly looking forward to the meal brought to me by these creative men. 


Amuse bouche of a curry cracker was presented, one bite and it was all gone. Loved the mild curry flavour in that mouthful of crispiness.


Formage Blanc, Peas, Ikura, Pomelo, Wasabi

Presentation warrants top marks and it being so photogenic did help loads. Tuck into the creation of peas and fish roe with the sweet pomelo sacs and crisp sorrel leaf that possibly tasted least like a plant. The cheese bulb within was definitely a surprise find amidst the grassy appetizer.


Wagyu Beef, Sweet Bread

Braised till tender and the beef still retained most of its bite and flavour. The sweet bread was a highlight for me, given I do not take innards of any sort yet I was enjoying every ounce of this.


Beer Sorbet, Candied Bacon Cake

Candied bacon cake sounded very festive, almost good enough to be sold as a CNY offering. The fizzy beer sorbet provided much comfort with a texturally interesting bacon cake. Surprisingly both flavours worked up a storm and I was scraping my plate for more.

The 3 course ended too quickly, service was brisk and food was exceptional. Watch out for Sorrel being one of the hottest tables in time to come, lots of technique showcased and for now, dinner beckons.


I found amusement in one of their many art installations. In this particular one which I aptly christianed pigs can fly, it does apply to many aspects of life - dining too. If every meal was as good as this, pigs can really fly.


More of them pigs, I cannot wait to be back for more pig outs!

21 Boon Tat Street

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Missing Pan @ Bukit Timah Road

Special thanks to Cyndiana for hosting!

Opened in November 2013 by artisan bakers and husband-and-wife team, The Missing Pan is an all-day bakery and brasserie that prides on serving up food that is good to eat, share and enjoy. Located in a little shophouse along Bukit Timah Road, the quiet respite offers freshly-baked, organic artisanal breads for dine-in or takeaway on level one, and refreshingly imaginative, modern cuisine on its upper floor.


Caesar Salad ($10)
Romaine lettuce, bacon, garlic croutons, 62 deg. egg, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing

Ultimate egg porn with the lethal cut through, one of those easy to replicate salads.


Chorizo Fiesta ($10)
Spanish pork sausage, dried chilli, gherkin, black olives   

If spicy is up your alley, find comfort in these tongue tingling delights.


Chargrilled Squid ($12)
Marinated in our hush hush seasoning


With such secrecy surrounding their tangy sauce, I made no attempt to decode it either. Just to know that the squid was grilled till tender and the sauce was so inviting, it went well with nearly everything dunked in. 


Mushroom Quesadillas ($18)
Wild mushrooms, capsicum, spanish onions, mozzarella 


Great for a snack, these are filled with peppers, chicken and cheese to make it a healthier version of pizza.


Smoked Duck Risotto ($25)
Smoked duck breast, semi sun-dried tomato, hojimeishi mushroom, baby spinach  

Comfort food for the rainy day, this well flavoured risotto was packed with so many good things, I would exchange congee just for this.


Prawn Aglio Olio ($24)
Tiger prawns, spaghetti, chilli padi, parsley, EVOO  

I am amazed at the number of options there are for mains and there is even pasta for the fickle. Crunchy prawns adorn a bed of pasta tossed in extra virgin olive oil and garnished with chilli.


German Baby Back Ribs ($36)
Flame grilled, glazed with signature bbq sauce, fries, mesclun salad 

Meant only for the hungry, this dish comes compete with a stack of fries and back ribs that are fall off the bone texture.


French Toast Salpicon ($19)
Chicken, spinach and mushroom stuffed in French toast, banana nuggets, mixed berries, strawberry. smoked maple syrup


This looked and tasted like an ultimate french toast with both the sweet and savoury locked in one massive dish. Within the crispy edges of the french toast is a mountain of chicken, spinach and mushrooms stuffed. Progress from savoury to sweet with an equally amount of sweet toppings to end off.


Black Forest with Kirsch Liqueur ($8) 

A refreshing take on black forest, this cream based cake was light and certainly a lady's favourite.


Brownie and Thyme Ice Cream ($12)
Homemade thyme ice cream, nutty brownie, berry compote and crumble

Loved the presentation, with brownies and thyme icecream was perhaps the most unlikely combination but this actually worked for me.


Panna Cotta ($12)
Mango passionfruit jelly, blackcurrant coulis

Deconstructed dessert with the panna cotta presented in a tube and mango passionfruit gels served on the side. A pretty one not to miss!


Kalamansi Coconut Mint ($6)


Pinky Guava ($8)
Minted Guava Puree and Club Soda Served in Highball Glass

Amongst the thirst quenchers available, I made an attempt on both and found them creative with unique pairings.

The Missing Pan offers more than just bakery items and a quiet respite away from the crowds and fuss at Coronation Plaza. Word has it that their lunch sets are particularly popular amongst students as well.

The Missing Pan
619D Bukit Timah Road