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Ginza Tendon Itsuki @ Tanjong Pagar


Tempura, it seems is making the office crowd go crazy with the queues. And the only other place that has made me give up precious lunch time to queue is Hanare. Ginza Tendon Itsuki has been causing neverending queues outside its door since their opening late July.


30 minutes in line was considered acceptable on a work day and it moved relatively quickly. Infact, our orders were taken when queueing and upon taking our seats, they were served shortly after.


The constantly filled restaurant definitely piqued the curiosity.


The spick and span restaurant had a corner so beautifully put together, I have a penchant for plates with  Japanese designs so intricately drawn!


Table condiments.


Chawanmushi with a sprinkling of seaweed makes it to my table in 5 minutes flat, so smooth and wobbly and I savoured every bite of it.


Pickled vegetables to tickle the tastebuds, available freeflow too. 


Counter seats gave me the best view in the house and full view of how each bowl of tempura don was prepared. Things were done pretty much in factory worker style, each chef had a role to play before a bowl was finally presented.


My favourite had to be watching the chef place the freshly fried tempura pieces gingerly in the bowl and drizzling it with the sauce.


8 pieces of tempura pieces comprising of chicken tenders, prawns, poached egg, pumpkin, long beans and mushroom. Most of this was bland though.


The poached egg was definitely the highlight with such a delicate crispy layer coating and a mere jab reveals the most gorgeous shade of yellow - my idea of the perfect way to eat eggs in 2015.


Portions were definitely very generous and it took me longer than expected to finish eating through the pile and by the time I reached the end, the inevitable soggyness had already set in. The meats were not marinated which probably left the sauce and seasoning jars on the table for more flavour.


For $13.90, I get a chawanmushi appetizer, my bowl of tempura don and a glass of warm water. Incredible deal I say for the price paid though not exactly gourmet.

Ginza Tendon Itsuki
Tanjong Pagar Road

Whisk Cafe @ Seng Poh Road


Seng Poh lane is no short of cafes and being at the road junction, human traffic is tremendous. Whisk is very inviting with its dried flowers and choice of whitewash for its wall colour and wooden furniture that has created a garden theme for the spiffy looking cafe.


Breakfast alert!


There is just something about white wash and wood that makes a place extra clean looking.


Hello, sugar.


Coffee that came with a delightful little cookie.

Macaron ($2.50)

Shells crumbled too easily and it was way too sweet to discern the flavour.


Lemon Tart ($5)

Tiny as can be, tasting portions I call them and the curd was delicious except more work can be done on the tart.


I may just return for those cookies but competition is too stiff in the hood for sweet treats to warrant seconds. 

Whisk Cafe
58 Seng Poh Road

Sweet Spot Revisited @ Marina Bay Sands

Something must have nudged me to get a box of macarons from Sweet Spot when really, it was a case of failing memory. I once wrote a scathing entry about it yonks back.

So the memory failed me and I was lost infront of a glass counter filled with macarons and I bravely ordered a box thinking that they were really good. Turns out, the good ones I had belonged to another brand - DANG.


Colours of a rainbow, almost, snug in a box.


Something about stacking them up makes them more appetizing.


Some flavours worked whilst other failed the test once again - I particularly enjoyed salted caramel and pistachio best.

Box of 6 for $15.

Sweet Spot
Marina Bay Sands

Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee @ Havelock Road


The feud of Liang Kee involving three different stalls of the same brand has been brewing for ages and each location would have their fans.


Teochew Braised Duck ($14)

Tofu and braised duck slices made up this simple looking dish served with a side sauce comprising of diced garlic and chilli. The sauce cause quite a party in my mouth, gave life to the duck and was my favouritest dish of the night.


Steamed Snapper ($43)

My mom used to say that the reason why Teochew girls all have dewy white complexion is largely attributed to their steamed food diet. While I may not agree 100% on that, one fact stays - the teochews have a knack with steamed fish. It may not look all that appetizing but this steamed fish actually got my vote for delicious.


Crispy Beancurd and Minced Meat ($10)

No simple feat - a silky egg beancurd fried till crispy and a minced meat topping that made me forgo rice.


Bitter Gourd Omelette ($10)

Another simple dish that made the meal uber homecooked.


Fried Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion ($16)

This dish makes me want to acquire a kuali as part of my kitchen loot - enough wok hei and that layer of glistening oil, delicious begins here.


Chye Poh Kuay Teow ($12)

Incredibly puny bowls used to store chye poh kuay teow, while I am more familiar with chye poh omelette or even chee cheong fun, this oilier version is equally delightful. The chye poh bits are almost non existent, chopped till small and once again layered with enough oil to be full after one bowl.


Pumpkin Yam Paste ($18)

Never ever leave a Teochew restaurant without trying their yam paste. Pumpkin and yam do go really well together, though having them portion it would mean mixing them up. Smooth and missing out on some gritty texture but otherwise, worthy of the calories.


I have not tried the other two competing stalls yet but Mu Liang Zai has got my vote for affordable zichar fare.

Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee
719 Havelock Road

Lamb Cupcakery @ MBLM

Lamb Cupcakery has been creating sweet experiences for those working around Marina Bay and one day the girlfriend insisted I gave them a try - so I did, trudging to MBLM over lunch and sussing out Lamb. The mascot is cute as a button, the interior is done up to look almost like a nursery - and even the box has little lambs running all over them.

Service was not particularly as sweet and cute as they set out to be, with a midlde aged worker placing my chosen flavours into a box - almost detached if I had to say so.


Cute pink box.


The prints!


A box of sugars.


Dark Chocolate 
Classic dark chocolate cupcake with a whipped Belgium dark chocolate frosting topped with chocolate sprinkles 


Coconut Snowball
Classic coconut cupcake with a coconut buttercream covered in shredded coconut


Red Velvet
Classic red velvet cupcake with a madagascar bourbon vanilla cream cheese frosting coated with red velvet crumbs and topped with a chocolate heart


Madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake with a fresh strawberry studded buttercream sprinkled with pastel pink sequins

The flavours are subdued despite their appearances, so light that even the buttercream tastes just like whipped cream. I have been spoilt rotten by Plain Vanilla so these are nice to have if I cannot get my PV fixes, otherwise, not worth the journey to central for this.

$3.80 a piece, daily specials go for an additional 50 cents. 

Lamb Cupcakery
8A Marina Boulevard
#B2-61 Marina Bay Link Mall

Confessions of a Foodie

~Sponsored Review~


Followers of my Instagram and blog would tend to be amazed at the amount that I consume daily, worse still on a vacay and I have a horrible confession to make – that while food trails are the most fun on overseas trips, I dread them because of constipation.


Holidays and foreign surroundings make me more stressed than planning for my daily trips, considering how I do not already clear them so regularly and causing that unsightly ‘food baby’ (sorry pals, it ain’t a baby bump!)


Great, so now, I have uncovered a topic that most Asians rather not talk about and the same things that my family would shush and frown upon at the dining table – why talk about shitting before the meal is even consumed! 

One in four Singaporeans suffer from chronic constipation and the most common symptoms reported were hard stool, straining and incomplete evacuation1.

Truth to be told, like the majority of people polled, I will only consider laxatives as the last resort treatment as I too perceived laxatives as harsh.

Guess what? You guys are not alone.

Thank God for google these days, I never felt comfortable talking about constipation even with my doctor.

Here’s my lifestyle in a nutshell and it turns out that I was constipated –

Toilet time takes almost forever and bowel straining has taken its toll on me before.
A constant bloatedness persists because of uncleared bowels.
Infrequent clearing of bowels is a norm, clearing it 2 times a week is a cause for celebration.
I have suffered from loss of appetite during tasting sessions. It was a pure torture, with the wide spread of oh- so-delicious and I really could not stomach another morsel.

I have a history of gastro problems and a meal that included romaine lettuce is sufficient to set off a day of bloatedness on top of constipation. #doublewhammy

More research into constipated actually debunks many myths that I thought were bare truths!

More fibre, less constipation

Although some people find that eating lots of fibre rich foods helps prevent constipation, some people with severe constipation actually find it gets worse if the up their fibre intake. This may not work for everyone.

Up the fluid intake!

There is no scientific evidence to suggest increasing fluid intake alleviates constipation. Increasing fluid intake can only successfully treat constipation when there is evidence of severe dehydration.

Laxatives are addictive

They are not! Just follow the recommended dose.  

Laxatives cause abdominal cramps

This is super duper important for me given how my stomach walls are so delicate! Turns out, only one laxative has a unique comfort coating layer are gentle on the tummy, working only where bowel needs them and providing the much needed relief. 


How does Dulcolax® measure up?



Available in two formats,

·         The overnight and predictable relief is an enteric coated tablet that provides effective overnight relief within 8 to 12 hours. Suitable for Adults and Children age 4 years and above.
·         Suppositories for fast relief, the comfort shaped suppositories relieves constipation within 15-30 minutes. It is available for both Adults and Children. 


Dulcolax® provides effective yet gentle and predictable overnight relief of constipation to improve the quality of life. It is gentle on the stomach because it acts only where it is needed and in this case, just on the bowels.

Dulcolax® is the World’s No 1 Laxative. With more than 60 years in the market, Dulcolax has provided effective relief for constipation in more than 50 countries worldwide.




Clinically proven to provide safe and effective relief of constipation.


Find out if you are also suffering by constipation by taking a simple quiz!


Like a comfy pair of heels, I get on with life so comfortably with Dulcolax by my side whenever I need it! Plus, it fits into my cosmetic bag so easily.

More information can be found on:   

Dulcolax® products are available in all leading pharmacies such as Guardian, Watsons and Unity.