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Honey Creme @ 313 Somerset

~Invited Session~


These days queueing for sweet treats is a standard procedure and the waiting time can last anytime from half an hour to longer. From the first days of bubble tea, kopi boy, frozen yogurt and now, soft serves, my country folk and I are guilty of at least indulging in one of the abovementioned.


These imported cones are supposed to be able to last through slurping and licking and still maintaining its crunch.

Honey Creme was a Korean concept launched in Taiwan as shared by their owners Sherry and Jo in a bid to clear the air about its cloudy origins - not that anyone really cares where it is from when it tastes so good.

A self declared sweet tooth, Sherry is the brain behind all these sweet inspirations and has a word of advice for all dessert lovers - eat dessert and less of everything else!


Honey comb, the beginning of all sweet dreams. 


Honey Creme Honey Comb ($5.90)

Honey Creme dreams started with this single cup of soft serve topped with a honey comb. Nothing fancy but this combination proved ingenious when first launched in Taiwan and even locally sparking off a ton of copy cats. Only meant for those nursing a huge sweet tooth, the amount of sugar rush amassed enough energy to take on a movie marathon. This is best eaten with a drizzle of longan honey despite the sweetness.

The owners have indeed hatched a sweet plan to keep customers clamouring for their sweet treats by comign up with new flavours every quarter. Best selling creations get a chance to be featured as part of their permanent menu.

Honey Creme Caramel Biscotti ($5.90)

Conceived in a tie up with Cosmopolitan Magazine, this features a mouth watering spread of cranberries, buttered toasts and crushed caramel biscotti. This ends its run on 31st May. 


Honey Creme Teh Gah Dai ($6.20)
Alishan Tea, Organic Cotton Candy and toasted marshmallows

In the Alishan Milk Tea series are three concoctions featuring Alishan Tea as the main ingredient and homemade pearls. I found the Tea flavoured soft serve very fragrant and subtle.

Joining the SG50 celebrations are a number of limited edition seasonal creations.


Honey Creme Pandan Gula Melaka ($6)
Pandan flavoured soft serve, puffed rice, attap chee, toasted coconut chips, gula melaka

I loved this with so many local ingredients captured in a single dessert, the toasted coconut chips gave it texture and the sticky swirls of gula melaka made this a lipsmacking delicious one. A merlion butter cookie will be served alongside with this during the National Day long weekend - perfect for those staying put! 


Honey Creme Cereal Milk ($5.90)
Cereal-infused soft serve, crunchy cornflake mix

Seeking inspiration from breakfast cereal, this aromatic and buttery number is great for those who prefer fussfree desserts without too much going on. I enjoyed digging into the soft serve for the crunchy bits.

It amazes me how much dedication that goes into every single cup - from making all ingredients in house to  mastering the perfect 10 swirl and ensuring every swirl has chockfuls of ingredients. Unlike what most naysayers wave this off as just another overhyped concept, I actually loved their heartfelt and creative offerings. 

"Life is short, eat dessert first." Amen.

Opening of New Store at Jem  Mid July 2015
Availability of Pandan Gula Melaka - 313@Somerset: 1 June - 30 September 2015
Availability of Cereal Milk ($5.90)  -  313@Somerset: From 1st June 2015, Jem: From mid-July 2015

Happy Oven @ Beo Crescent

Happy Oven is one of those neighbourhood bakeries that seem to be a thing of the past but still strikes a chord with those born before the strawberry generation.


The sis kindly picked a few items off the rack for sharing one dinner and don't these bite sized portions look so cute?


Chocolate Cake


Sugar Roll

I have been pampered by Polar's soft and fluffy version that all other sugar rolls cannot seem to match up in either texture or taste.


Marble Cake

Somehow I associate marble cake to a childhood treat, I always marvel at the chocolate swirls.


Fruit Tarts

Pretty to look at and despite the mess it creates, I actually liked this enough of the lot.


Apple Crumble

I always wonder how apple jam comes about being flavoured so artificially yet not overly so.

It is heartening to know that neighbourhood bakeries still exist, not for taste but just for memories' sake.

Happy Oven
40 Beo Crescent

Danmi Soft Serve @ Suntec City


The soft serve craze may just be re-ignited in the hotter months of May and June and so will the queues at Llao and Llao and Honey Creme. Riding on the soft serve wave is Danmi Soft Serve at Suntec City - co-sharing a rental space with an Escape Room concept.

Danmi meaning sweet lady in korean offers a series of soft serves and toppings.


Caramel Popcorn ($4.90)


Honeycomb ($5.90)

I had a go at the honeycomb to get the fuss about having it in icecream, in all honesty it was as good as adding a huge dollop of honey into icecream and it sticks to the teeth.

The soft serves were decent, milky and laced with a certain sweetness. Made from organic milk as they claim but these claims usually have no bearing on my indulgences. Not my idea of the "best soft serve" around but it is a great respite during hot weather.

Danmi Soft Serve
Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-377, Singapore 038983 (beside Golden Village)

Create the perfect SG50 pastry with Artisan Boulangerie Co.!

~Product Feature~

#jiaklocal seems to be in vogue for the SG50 celebrations and one of the dining establishments that have hopped on the wagon is Artisan Boulangerie Co. with a smashing contest for our country's 50th birthday - create the perfect SG50!

Durian croissant? Chili Crab Baguette sandwich? Kopi C Pecan Tarts? Kaya Butter Éclair? Chicken Rice Quiche?

Gone are the days where purists reign and thinking out of the box is the way to go! Here are some of my favourite local dishes that may jolt your creative juices a bit - 

From 15-31 May, submit your ideas through their facebook page and winning ideas will be put to test in Chef Eran's kitchen! What's more...there will be a launch party in July with food bloggers and media guests featuring the winning idea!

Good luck! #dontsaybojio

Momo Cafe @ Duxton Hill

Momo Cafe, next to Group Therapy Cafe has since rebranded itself with new offerings on the menu. The colleagues mentioned that they used to have a really good rainbow cake but rebranding also meant it got removed too.

Farmer's Harvest ($10)

A fried food basket of sweet potatoes, potatoes and lotus root served with a aioli cream sauce. None of them stood out for decent, mostly missing the mark even as ordinary.

Curry Chicken with Bread ($12)

This actually tasted tons better than the fries and quiche, methinks it is straight out of a precooked pot though.  

Ham Quiche ($13)

We had two orders of this and the first arrived looking delicious, whilst the second took eternity to arrive. And when it did, it was burnt. Kudos to the cafe for willingly changing it though I don't see why they would even serve this to any customer.

The second time my quiche arrived, it was a tad undercooked with its juices still intact. A somewhat bland thin crusted quiche.

Things do not look that peachy for this cafe Another that bites the dust, teething problems maybe but I am not for a return.

Momo Cafe
47 Duxton Rd

WHEAT Baumkuchen @ International Plaza

Since Burger King got booted out of International Plaza, there has been a series of new shops - more choices for us lunch crowd diners! WHEAT Baumkuchen was first spotted in Raffles Place and rose to popularity for its low calorie noodle based dishes; great for the gym bunnies and health conscious working crowd. The same fever has hit Tanjong Pagar with the eatery filled with enough people for takeaway to be a very feasible option.

We made a beeline to order and the workers form a beeline putting my order together. Most if not all orders were put together rather hastily and presentation was definitely not on the top of their list with most things dunked in.

Whale ($7.80)
Rice noodles, sesame sauce, black pepper chicken, salad

Peppery is the main flavour of this dish, cold rice noodles tossed in a familiar sesame sauce and served with salad greens. 

Salmon ($9)
Green Soba, yuzu sauce, grilled salmon, salad

The slab of salmon was stale but the tangy yuzu infused soba noodles more than made up for it. 

The portions are good enough for one though top ups are available for big eaters, I would prefer a hearty salad to this anyday. If anything, I sought inspiration for my weekly cookouts from WHEAT!

WHEAT Baumkuchen
International Plaza, #01-19

Brothers Ramen @ International Plaza

Brothers Ramen, or so it seems had its humble beginnings in a coffee shop at Tanjong Pagar Complex. While they were there, they sold ramen under the name of Dough and Grains and early April, they opened their doors to a brand new outlet at International Plaza, a relatively more accessible location.

They have replicated the ramen experience in Japan with a self ordering machine doing the honours of order placing and I just have to find myself an empty seat before my piping hot bowl of ramen gets served.

Their broth is alot lighter in colour than the other pork bone based broths. Collagen, they say does the trick crediting the usage of pork, chicken, fish and vegetables broth in the creamy coloured and sweet tasting broth.


Their chashu unlike the rest, is cured like ham and  served with what looks like chicken ham. The handmade noodles are springy and served in manageable ladies portions though refills are on the house for the ravenous. It was hearty, very comforting and a bowl with a side of complimentary vegetables was good enough. My supposedly spicy bowl was missing out on the kick ass fieryness I wish it had.

The cute boys working hard behind the stove certainly added those brownie points for a much needed second visit.


Brothers Ramen
10 Anson Road