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Don Meijin @ Bugis+

don1 Don Meijin's another option for tendon lovers - and I found out through random scrolling of instagram. Located within Ramen Champion, I love how freestyle this is - one can order from any stall and the options are plenty though still heavier on ramen.

Salted Egg Tendon ($16)

This looks almost like the plastic food sets when it arrived - it could be the glistening salted egg yolk sauce or the scattering of curry leaves. This is certainly for the food fad fan and particularly it was just sauce without any trace of salted egg grits but I am not complaining when it was so tasty. The portions of the ingredients are manageable as opposed to Kohaku's massive.

With 2 prawns, 1 fish, 1 chicken, crabstick, capsicum, longbeans, onsen egg and pumpkin, I was really full.

Other special edition flavours include sakura and chilli crab.

Original Tendon ($13.80)

If fancy flavours are not your thing, there is always the original to satisfy tendon cravings.

Mille Feuille Katsu Don ($12.80)

With such a unique name, this 14 layer thinly sliced pork loin is first coated with panko and deepfried. Humongous effort went into this and is definitely different from the thick katsu dons I am familiar with.

I would return to Don Meijin when I am nursing a tendon craving and queuing is not on my agenda.

Don Meijin
Ramen Champion, Bugis +
4th Floor

River Wok @ Mohammad Sultan Road

~Invited Session~

Chef Chookiat presents a mix of dishes from Laos, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam at River Wok, barely a month into his new restaurant. Portions presented were scaled down for 2 pax, though that baffled me for the tasting.


Complimentary keropok, if only these came paired with belachan for some heat.


The bar is open and I scored a yet to be launched coconut drink, a combination of coconut milk and rum. Tropical and somewhat playful with the spiking of rum.


Nam Khao Hor ($14)

Rice paper rolled with minced chicken and roasted rice crumbles was an interesting spring roll, I loved the texture and combination. In fact this worked better than the usual raw vegetable vietnamese spring rolls.


These usually comes in 4's, I was served half as a sampling portion. Do remember to give this a drizzle of their chilli sauce, it's a tasty marriage.


Koi Pa Salmon ($19)
Marinated Norwegian salmon, asian herbs in chilli, lemon juice

The cured salmon was a surprise in this crisp kueh pie tie shell. Refreshing and I would definitely order this again.


Yam Tuapoo Goong Sod ($16)
Wing bean tiger salad

I got reminded of a dry curry rub in an okra salad and uber fresh prawns. This is possibly one of the most surprising salad dishes to date so far, I was least expecting any spice in this and boy was I surprised.


If salads all tasted so good, carnivores have no problems enbracing these greens. 
Pho Bo (Wagyu) ($26)
Sliced wagyu beef


Ready for some piping hot soup dunking?


The soup could do with more heat, we requested for a hotter bowl of soup after several dips did not get my beef cooked more thoroughly.


Pho is not complete without a generous serving of raw bean sprouts too, these give a delightful crunch!


Gaeng Phed Ped Yang ($22)

While I usually head for green curry, red has to be one of the few times. It's mildly sweet, fragrant and the duck meat is first roasted before being simmered in the curry gravy. Tasty stuff!


Khao Neow Ma Muang ($10)

Mango sticky rice with coconut cream is almost a must order every time it appears on the menu. I would have preferred if the coconut cream was served separately.


Banh Chuoi ($12)
Banana fritters, black sesame icecream

I love goring pisang yet the batter here was a tad soggy and black sesame was too strong for the dessert.

My interest is piqued with this whole Indochina cuisine, you bet I will be returning if just for the appetizers and drinks.

River Wok
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
The Pier

New Lotus Thai Revisited @ Jalan Besar

My second time at New Lotus Thai and everytime I blog about it I feel like I'm letting more people into my secret dining place but I wish you guys can give them some support too!

I guess I've said how I was apprehensive because it is a halal thai place but lo and behold, between my family my parents have been there even more times than me!


Thai Fish Cakes ($7.80)

Store bought thai fish cakes that ended up overfried, not a fan either way.

Mango Salad ($7.80)

Wickedly spicy and refreshing, this gives the western salads a good run for their money.

Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($13.80)

Habitual is always only choosing clear tom yum goong though I really wanted to try the red version. This was palette tinkling and really spicy and came with enough prawns to go round for our table of 6! So generous for this price point too.

Basil Leaf Chicken ($10.80)


Garlic Kang kong ($8.80)

Stir Fried Baby Kailan ($8.80)

Can't go wrong with vegetable stir fries.


Omelette with Prawn ($9.80)

Ordinary staple thai dishes which have become must orders just because I am having Thai. Anyone else like me?

Steamed Whole Seabass with Lemon Sauce ($28)

This became a must order since the first time I ordered it - especially when the fish is so fresh. Lime and chilli padi have not failed me as a winning combination for tasty gravy, double win for this dish!


Curry Prawn ($12)

Dry thai curries have been a a hit and miss for me and the last I had a thai curry crab in Bangkok I don't remember even being wowed. We do have very good crabs locally and Malaysia and perhaps that has set the expectation for all crab dishes.

Anyhow this was surprisingly very good, a dry curry rub with prawns tossed in egg white curry gravy.


Pineapple Fried Rice ($7.80)

Somehow I prefer the tom yum version better, this was good enough for first timers at a Thai restaurant.


Pad Thai Seafood ($8.80)

This was decent and sweet as expected, I still rave about the fresh seafood they use in their dishes. 

New Lotus Thai has become a family favourite for its pocket friendly prices and delicious fare. May I also add, favourite halal restaurant in town.

New Lotus Thai
145 Jalan Besar

Mother's Day Brunch @ Salted and Hung

Salted and Hung has been on my favourite list for quite awhile and their Sunday Brunches are such luxurious and diet busting affairs, it took a Mother's Day celebration to heck them all and enjoy my day. Afterall, mothers dine for free that day! So much win.
Charcuterie and Antipasti Bar 

I usually overdose at the first stop and regret later, this time round I tried to be a little smarter but still lost to lack of stomach space. The grilled cauliflower is to die for, that scrummy texture with herbs makes for such a delicious treat.
Smoked Halibut and Caviar Crostini 

Loved the crostini, soso about the smoked halibut and caviar that was oddly bland. DSC_6277
Portobello, Egg on Toast 

Between the crostini and egg on toast, the latter was brunch food dreams. Runny egg yolk, earthy mushrooms and crunchy toast - I can just eat this all brunch long.

 Salmon, Charcoal and Pickles 

Also on their set lunch menu is the cured salmon, a briney and very appetizing salmon with pickles.
Slowcooked Egg, Pancetta and Tomato 


The ultimate egg porn with sundried tomatoes, crispy bacon and a runny egg.
XO Crayfish 

Only at brunch did they highlight this had a supplement for reorders and I was bummed. I definitely looked forward to overdosing on these crustaceans but once again my stomach space failed me and these were by far the best of the brunch menu. Especially that chilli oil that gave it a lingering spiciness, boy, spicy seafood is my weakness.
Homemade Pasta, Mussels and Corn 

Too salty and it was deliberate so we could not bear to finish this and risk filling myself further with water to quench the thirst.
Roasted Pork Belly Porchetta 

This gave the crayfish a run for best main course, crispy skin that literally sang a symphony with every cut made and that joyous combination of jellied fats and meat.
 Lamb Neck, Roasted Vegetables 

A first for me and this was way more tender than pork neck, slightly pink and somehow it was not as impressionable as the other dishes.
Wagyu Tri Tip, Beetroot and Celeriac 

It is a pity this was a tad overcooked and not as melt in the mouth as I'd have expected which was a huge bummer since beetroot and celeriac were on point with the seasoning.
Warm Chocolate Mousse, Cherry and Almond 
 Strawberry N Cream 
 Lemon, Pineapple and Basil 

This reminded me of the grilled pineapples that the Brazilian Churrascaria serves at the end of the buffet. Sweet,tangy and just the palette cleanser needed to reset the tastebuds.

Salted and Hung
Purvis Street

Jag Wine Bar @ East Coast Road


There are just too many gastropubs in my hood and I decided to sneak in one for an early dinner with a toddler (totally expecting no baby chairs and they did!) so it turns out, families do bring their children to gastropubs too when the drink fix is so needed.

Beef Bites ($12)
Sirloin cubes, blue cheese sauce

Admittedly sold on blue cheese sauce which was watered down, dang! I ended up with not so tender beef cubes and a watery blue cheese sauce. No complaints but no raves either.


Smoked Duck Quesadilla ($10)

It's cheesy, there's smoked duck and toasted. Perfect pub grub.


Grilled Boneless Chicken Thigh ($18)
Potato of the day, vegetables

I'm not sure why but this reminded me of Aston's and heaps better! Juicy and comes with a slight char - so simple and they nailed it nicely.


Angus Beef Burger ($20)
Angus patty, melted cheese, tomato and sautéed onion in sesame seed bun and fries

Every time I order a burger, more than half the time it is because of the fries and this burger quota of the week was well worth the calories.

I'd return for a drink next time - or maybe the upcoming World Cup would fuel that.

Jag Wine Bar
384 East Coast Road