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Malaysia...Truly asia...our nearest neighbour and through the growing up years, most of the school holidays were spent stuck in the horrifying jams which could easily at least 2 hours and once insanely popular Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh in JB that the family adored to bits - the wait itself took yet another 2 hours...queueing or rather waiting for food started early for me! No wonder I have absolutely no qualms waiting for good food - training sure started young.

Here's a list of the closest capital next to us...Kuala Lumpur!

Places with a view

Gobo Upstairs and Grill - Located at Traders Hotel, the main selling point of Gobo is the twin towers view even at the 6th storey!

Uniquely and live not to regret.

Madam Kwan's - As authentic as our Bengawan Solo.
Old Town White Coffee - Originally Malaysia.

Franchised but tastes so much better here!

Nando's - South African chicken!

Watering holes with a view
Sky Bar - Perched at 33 storeys and the majestic twin towers in sight - lovely!

If a ferry's ride away interests you...follow me to Pengerang! There is not much to do in this little town except eat and then eat some more, well of course, buying back goodies would be another.

Jade Garden Seafood - Cheap seafood!

Melaka, Malacca...however I spell it, is a town that I visit every now and then to get my feel of peranakan food.

Stopover at Machap
The pee-refuel stop is so important when taking on hours of driving on the highway. Surprisingly decent eats!

Jonker Street
The streets come alive at night but by day it is a charming stretch, if only traffic does not get the better of it.

Cafe Sin Sing
Jonker 88
One Bite Durian Puff

King's Green City Hotel
New and far off from the city center

Eat your fill of Peranakan
but remember this city abides strictly to their 12noon-230pm lunch hour, or till sell out, whichever is earlier!

Donald and Lily's
Every Malaccian I've spoken to seems to have visited this

Ole Sayang

Baba Charlie
Their supposed best of, for kuehs

Keblang Coconut Shake
Famous all over but be prepared to queue!

Cafe Nadeje
Better than Lady M, methinks.