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Durian Durian @ Midway Pyramid

I meant to drop by Bijan to takeaway their famed durian chocolate cake but fate did not have it that way. Being the ever thoughtful and nice traveller I am, I try to bring home durian-anything for the lovers at home...the mere thoughts that do count, no?

durian durian cart

Pushcart at Midway Pyramid that was sold out on the durian puffs slightly before noon. They must be that popular! Had it not been for the 3 hour time span they could be out of the refrigerator, I would have lugged some home.

Durian-durian sells an array of king of fruit confectioneries; puffs, swissrolls, spongecake, chiffon cake and also kueh balu.

 durian chiffon

 I went for the safest and easiest to transport. Durian Chiffon Cake (RM 4) stood out for being durian, I disregarded its friendlier counterparts of pandan and pandan chocolate. These did not smell too heavily of the king of fruit, suggesting an essence being used in replacement. Light as a feather, these healthy fixes were easy to eat and were too mild for the durian fans.

durian sponge

Durian Sponge (RM 4) was deemed denser than chiffon but I thought it was still the same feathery light texture and had a stronger durian taste.

Decent durian fixes for the non-durian fan. Worth an attempt!

Midway Pyramid Pushcart

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