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Ole Sayang @ Melaka

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ole sayang

No visit to Meleka is ever complete without attempting their Peranakan fare. The land of it, infact, the Melakians swear. Ole Sayang is one of those places that is so popular

1. You get bad service and its normal.
2. Finding the table and getting the menu is part of self service.
3. Lunch does extend beyond their official 1130am-230pm lunch hour.
4. Squeeze like you are the skinniest soul there and talk like you own the place to get any waitress' attention.
5. Reserve, reserve, reserve.


So uniquely peranakan for a restaurant that spans two shop outlets.


The crowds that never once ceased.


These little touches, I love.


A plate of chilli crackers get served up - I realise we are defined by the keropok that we eat. Those in Singapore (depending what type) tends to be dense, crunchier and flavoured. My favourites are usually prawn crackers. These are just made of chilli and flour, less on the bite and more on the fluff.


Homemade Barley and Lime (RM 2.80)

Totally homemade and I love seeing barley seeds in my barley drink - at least it is not taken off some syrup laden cauldron of syrup water.


A basket of fragrant rice gets plonked on the table for sharing.

chap chye

Chap Chye (RM 12)

Chap Chye took forever and when it did it was in the wrong portions but who cares when it was piping hot and so delicious.


Otak-otak (RM 10.50)

Meet otah, a plump steamed paste embedded with fish. Muar may be island famous for otah but I truly have not found a favourite yet. Neither was this.

curry chicken

Ayam Specialty (RM 15)

Curry chicken packed with enough lemongrass, we were all enamoured. Hardly lemak, the watery gravy was such a pleasure to eat, we only wish we had more of it.

kang kong

Chilli Kang Kong (RM 12)

Missing out on the spice here, I so wish they packed more spice in it.

sour veg

Itik Tim (RM 19)

The balance of sour vegetables and meat was just right. Meat was cooked tender and in true Cantonese style, we slurped up every drop.

udang curry

Sambal Udang (RM 13)

Belittle these shrimps not, for they pack a succulent punch and left us all marvelled with how shrimps can taste as good as prawns.

cincalok omelette

Telor Cincalok (RM 9)

The Malaysians claim cincalok their property and the only way to tell an authentic omelette from another is by its fluffiness. This was so light and oily, I found a love in omelettes at last.

Ole Sayang is touristy and untouristy altogether. The ones who flock there are a combination of resident and non-resident Malaysians and of course the non-Malaysians. Food was good but service was not yet, deserving of a return.

Ole Sayang
198-199 Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya

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