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Bali Coconut @ KSL City

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The draw of this makeshift stall at the basement of KSL City is a lonesome man chopping away, as if he were just chopping wood. Turns out, he was chopping coconuts for a trail of neverending people.


RM 5 for a good 5 minute performance of a man chopping up a coconut with such precision that with a gentle swipe, the top husk falls off to reveal the smoothest ball of flesh.


A further scoop with an ergonomic tool gets the coconut released from the husk and with a toss, the ball of flesh lands in swiftly and gracefully into the plastic container.


Ah, the theatrics that work sometimes in our mundane lives. Infact, a whole queue of people who were willing to forgo precious weekend time to watch this dude in action.


Turns out, my bali coconut was a normal coconut served in a plastic container and a good show. Thai coconuts would have served its full refreshing purpose.

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