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Bornga @ City Square, Johor


Had it not been for the exchange rate, I am usually not compelled to go beyond the comfort zones of Chinese and Malay food in Malaysia. Afterall, French and Italian have been rather disappointing previously.

Bornga in Singapore however was on the to-try list for awhile now but the queues and prices usually puts me off - Tanjong Pagar seems to offer more than enough options than the mallls I must say.


It was an off peak hour of almost 3pm, no queues and we got a table rather quickly. I wish we had time for BBQ but I suppose saves us for another visit.


Noob me isn't even aware that they have so many outlets outside of Korea!


7 side dishes for top  ups as and when the appetite calls for it!


My favourites include these sesame oil tossed beansprouts.


A rice jelly served with a mildly spicy sauce.


Kimchi that deserves so many repeats! Not many serve up kimchi with the right fermentation and this was acidic and appetizing all at once. Delicious.


Seafood Pancake (RM 38)

The fluffiest korean pancake ever attempted, this was heavier on egg than flour and stuffed with enough chillies and seafood to scream value-for-money.


This dipping sauce, similar to the one served with rice jelly is spot on too.


Dolsot Bimbimbap (RM 24)

Bimbimbap hardly disappoints, and this did not either. I'd prefer more vegetables in this though!


Yukgaejang (RM30)

Looking less than stellar with all the ingredients mixed in and served in a metal bowl. I call this the magic bowl, double walled and it barely feels hot to touch.


Kimchi beef stew filled with the punchy kimchi and generous beef chunks.

It was a filling and very satisfying late lunch, I am glad we chose to give Bornga a go - and this only spells more revisits! I suppose this has become a regular haunt for Singaporeans since they accept the Singapore Dollar too for payment.

City Square

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