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Maco Vintage Cafe @ Jalan Dhoby

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We chanced upon Maco Vintage Cafe whilst trying to locate Hiap Joo Bakery, just next door and it was closed on Sundays.


Big boo to that since I wanted so badly to try their signature old school banana cake.

hiap joo bakery

Their delicious menu list.


I found myself staring at a row of crepe cakes, and they of course not only stared back but hollered at me.

rainbow crepe cake

Rainbow Cake (RM 9.80)

The cake was coloured so intricately, I would have suspected the baker would suffer from terrible vertigo trying to achieve such a colour gradation. Yet the beauty of it stopped there. This was no Nadeje for sure and an overload on the cream. 

Turns out, their crepe cakes are provided by Sugar and Flour Bakery, which makes Maco a stockist.


Coffee for the addicts, turns out it was a pretty good affair.


How about latte?

cosy corner

It is a great place to shy away from the sweltering heat and dusty lanes but not quite for the crepe cakes in particular.


Maco Vintage Cafe
15 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee

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