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TKK Restoran Revisited @ Johor

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I never had a chance to stay over in a kelong so dining at one is the next best alternative. Back at TKK to relive one of those best seafood meals again, I never quite found another place similar in value and taste like TKK's, though the disheveled state of the place leaves little to be desired after.


Dining in the open is no fun especially after the rain and winged insects make themselves too comfortable.


Peanuts (RM 2.50)

I'm not sure how and why these peanuts ended up being so tasty, we walloped the plate clean before dinner arrived. Dishes arrived way too fast, infact in less than 10 minutes the table was full. Great for ravenous folks yet once the crowd sets in, orders will take even longer to serve.


Baby Kai Lan (RM 8)

Seasonal greens stir fried in garlic, I only faulted the portions - wish they were bigger!


Sweet Potato Leaves (RM 8)

Sambal potato leaves to feed that asian streak in me.


Sambal Lala (RM 20)

Bamboo clams were on my agenda but these delicate creatures die too easily for them to make it to the dining table so I had to make do with these juicy bulbs of heaven. Stir fried in sambal, I enjoy prying their stubborn shells open and slurping these chewy babies.


Salted Egg Crabs (RM 216)

For 1.2 kilograms worth of "big crabs", we nailed a pretty darn good deal with these succulent crustaceans. I can probably not find the same value locally even. That salty egg sauce gives justice to the calories consumed and the chef nailed the gritty savoury sweet sauce to perfection - now who needs chips and the fanciful fish skins when there is good old solid crabs to tuck into?

If only fried mantous and salted egg crabs went merrily hand in hand, I'd have ordered a dozen for my own consumption. 


Steamed Tilapia (RM 31.50)

The cannot fathom why people choose to have such fresh fish deep fried or cooked in any other way except steamed - what a waste of good ingredients really.

Steamed till the flesh is neither overly chewy or tough, it was just right like the hotels do it. I wonder how long it took the chef to master such precision - and for once, I fought to have more than my usual portion of fish.


Tiger Prawns (RM 33)

Another of those understated dishes with just steamed egg white, shao xing wine and freshwater prawns. Finger licking good, you bet. The sweetness is almost unrivalled and I do not think I enjoyed egg white with such enthusiasm in such a long while.

Very satisfying and pocket friendly, the charm of TKK extends beyond the food. Watching the sun set whilst hungrily tucking into my idea of best seafood meal is therapeutic and that view is to die for.

TKK Restoran
Lot 684 Kampung Teluk Jawa

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