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Antipodean @ Bangsar

Bangsar is an area in Kuala Lumpur that is made up of numerous small shops - full of character and colour. If you search hard enough, stumbling upon hidden gems is no surprise. For unique once-off designs and designer knock offs, Bangsar is the place to hangout. By day, the place is great for shopping and tea. By night, it comes alive with bustling cafes and bars. I wish I had enough time for the nightlife. Next visit I suppose!


Purportedly great for coffee, Antipodean serves most-day breakfast and even at 3pm it was fairly filled. We took shelter from the sweltering sun.


They do not believe in menus, look up for your choice.


Another cosy corner by the black board.
table posies

 Prettily lighting up every table.


Affogato (RM 10) For the thirsty, this was a rude shock. Barely enough to quench thirst. Usually affogatos arrive with the shot of espresso separate, this was served together. Potent yet fragrant. 

honey lemon

Honey Lemon (RM 7) was great for a hot weather like this!

 apple juice  

Fresh Apple Juice (RM 7)

Too tart and barely sweet.

balinese date cake  

Balinese Date Cake with Butterscotch Sauce (RM 8)

Spongey cake plumped with dates and doused with a generous serving of butterscotch sauce. Nice!

Service is prompt, drinks and dessert were not too bad. One of those places I can envision myself with a book in hand whiling away the afternoon in. Brunch would have been so ideal too!


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