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Seng Huat Fish Soup @ Johor

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The fun of checking out eating places in Malaysia is, hunting down eating places under trees - cherry and rambutan trees are the usual landmarks and it gives me great satisfaction whenever another place is marked off the list.

Seng Huat Fish Soup is one of those victorious finds, be careful when to navigate the turn else face driving almost kilometres before the next U-Turn can be found or worse still, find yourself in Kuala Lumpur with the high way.

Parking is unfortunately a challenge, so I'd recommend going before the peak lunch hours.


Just one stall in this dilapidated eating house. And before you speak, just take a number tag and find a seat. Nobody will entertain you until it is your turn - how that even works, I do not know but apparently that's how they operate.


Amidst the mess, bowls like these are churned out efficiently and delivered to each table.


Our order of noodles and fish soups. A simple menu, actually. Seabass slices, fish balls, minced pork and artificial shell fish is the main selling point of Seng Huat's. One can have it with soup or a variety of noodles.


干捞面 is their version of dry noodle with copious amounts of sweet black sauce, fried shallots and chilli paste.


The broth is clear tasting yet very tasty, I would have been ideal if this arrived piping hot though.


I was looking forward most to this - our local version comes with chewy kuay teow noodles in savoury dark sauce.


Unfortunately it was all sweet from the first bite, nothing that chilli sauce could do, nor soya sauce. A pity infact when the soup had all things going right. I suppose this is a case of cultural preferences and Singaporeans just prefer our noodles savoury.


Stick with their soup options of beehoon, kuay teow or even mee sua for a heartier meal.


A bowl of soupy goodness, plenty to love and experience.

Our meal worked out to be under RM 40 for four bowls and drinks included. 

It is not every day that I get to dine in a tea house that works in such an old fashioned and leisurely manner. Worth a visit still!

Seng Huat Fish Soup
Junction of Jalan Tun Abdul Razak and Jalan Kebun Teh Lama

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