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Onn Kitchen @ Johor

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Finding landmarks for elusive dining spots has become such second nature in Malaysia, it is almost thrilling even just to check another place off the list.

Onn Kitchen is home to the city's best roti canai, or so the locals say. Whilst others may swear by Bukit Changar's outlet, there are those that say they are a brother and sister team with the same delicious recipe. Until I've attempted the latter, I will be feeding the cravings with Onn Kitchen.


Spot this road and the row of cars and know that you have reached the destination!


Onn Kitchen is home to a variety of dishes not just roti canai.


Spotted a few dishes foreign to me, perhaps next time!


The guys clad in their branded shirts and never once stopped for a breather. Lots of kneading and flipping involving.


Hi boss! I was so fixated on roti canai, supposedly an equivalent of roti prata but roti prata is also on the menu.


Milo, Kopi Kosong and Teh C Kosong all formed kopitalk that morning and at prices of RM 1.50, these reminded us of the nostalgic coffee shop prices we once had.


Roti Canai (RM 1.20)

Each roti canai came with a side of dhal curry, fish curry and chilli paste. All three were equally delicious for dunking, and they actually ran out of the sourish fish curry shortly after.


Looking less than enticing with all its liquid but this proved to be one of the most delicious prata accompaniments. Belittle the dhal curry that packs a gritty and delicious punch, I wish I had a bowl of it. 


Stacking my roti canal for viewing pleasure mainly. This was denser, chewier and fluffier than the usual roti prata - I am definitely sold!


Dhal curry and roti canai takes the cake for best breakfast worth the jam and waking up in the wee hours for. None of the fancy sweet variations or even paper thin ones, it is just the humble dough flipped over a pan.

Note their opening and closing hours, they vary across days in the week.

Onn Kitchen

29A, Jalan Tarom, Johor Baru, Johor
Open Sun-Thu 7am-12am; Sat 7am-12pm and 5pm-12am; Fri

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