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It Roo @ Johore


Word has it that It Roo has the best Chicken Chops in town - so much so their tagline says so too.


 The audacious claim had to be verified and at 9pm, I was waiting for my table.


Resident cat. 



Lemon Soda

Spiked with calamansi syrup, this soda had a mouth wrenching kind of sour.


Chicken Chops ($8.50)

While the locals may know best on their best chicken chops and some may insist that they have seen better days, I think they do very competent chicken chops. I have had hainese pork chops all over Singapore and now, chicken chops that have met their match.


Between the grilled chicken chop and fried chicken chop, I love the grilled for its well charredness and fried for the crunchy batter. The nostalgia of this dish continues into the grilled potatoes and coleslaw.


Vegetable Soup


Fried Rice

Looking so drab, we were convinced that spicy fried rice would have been a wiser option.


Fried Kuay Teow

This would give char kuay teow a run of its money, the chewy noodles and wok hei was quite a major surprise considering how they were recommending their hor fun version instead.

Be prepared to wait, especially on a Saturday evening but nothing comes without sacrifice and in my opinion, it was well worth the wait.

It Roo
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