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Mat Corner @ Jalan Padi Mahsuri, Johor Bahru

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Nasi Ambeng is a rice variant that is a popular option during the festive period in Javanese-Malay communities in Malaysia and Singapore. Typically served alongside curries and spiced vegetables, this is enjoyed as a communal dish.

Word has it that Mat's Corner is one of the popular places in Johor Bahru to enjoy this, right to the commoner on the street. We stopped by a hardware shop to ask for directions and thank goodness he had an inkling where. 


The landmark to look out for and you'd find yourself at the doorstep of this airy foodcenter.


Head for the stall with the longest queue.


Specialising in Nasi Ambang it seems!


The kitchen is a state of complete orderly, every stage is well coordinated and despite the queues, it moves really quickly.


Almost military style, get your plate of nasi ambang and move along the queue.


Nasi Ambang Daging (RM 5.50)


Nasi Ambang Ayam (RM 5.50)

With the exception of a different meat dish in each of these plates, the rest of the condiments are consistent - coconut shavings, tepeh, fried salted fish and long beans with vermicelli. The chilli paste gave this a much needed oomph yet not in the same league as sambal chilli. I prefer the ayam version better than sweet beef rendang.

Cheap eats this is and for the hard core spice lovers, this may be disappointing. Otherwise, nasi lemak may provide for more satisfaction.

Mat Corner
Jalan Padi Mahsuri Food Center

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