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Old Town White Coffee @ KLIA LCC Terminal

Unimpressed with the local version, I thought going where it originated from would give a better idea of its potential. Packed like sardines, Old Town is one of the few food outlets at LCC Terminal, KL's version of a budget terminal. The hustle and bustle of the place gets to you somehow and even eating was a hurried affair.

The most ironic thing was their slogan "Take Your Time". Definitely not when you have people hovering around all ready to pounce on the next available table.

white town coffee kaya lottee

Kaya and Butter Thick Toast (RM 4.9)

I was deceived into ordering this. How does it even resemble the image? They probably have included some clause somewhere but this variation was too much to take. It's trading Ya Kun for Xin Wang Thick Toast. The only thing that resembled kaya was the pasty texture, unimpressed.

white town eggs

Omega Boiled Egg (RM 3.8)

Served lukewarm and it was a tad overcooked.

white town nasi lemak

Nasi Lemak Special (RM 9.8)

Looked as if it were hastily put together, grainy rice with a smatter of ingredients that were fried and left on the fryer. The belachan lacked punch, chicken that came with it was too soft for comprehension and there was barely an egg omelette, just egg crackers.

For the first time, I actually thought the franchise was better than the original. This is probably another franchise within Malaysia but it was oh-so-bad.

Old Town White Coffee

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