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Warong Rasa-Rasa Johor @ Johor Bahru

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Each of my JB trails would begin with Nasi Lemak, I mean there is no better way than to eat local and soak in their breakfast atmosphere. The original plan to check out this nameless Nasi Lemak stall along Jalan Madmoodiah, only to realise they close on public holidays. Damn.

After driving around the area for eons and checking with more than one motorist, we were actually pointed to Warong Rasa-Rasa Johor.


First impressions - it had proper facilities and not under some dingy cherry tree at least!


Its signature menu on the wall for easy reference.


Laksa Johor (RM 5)

Just because we were in Johor, we had to give this uniquely Johorian dish a go, afterall I really had a mean version at the stall under the cherry tree!


A far cry from what I had, this was a version with soggy yellow noodles and malay spices that did not quite resemble a bolognese much.


If all things fail, nasi lemak should not.  Yet it did, including the sambal chilli that was hinging on too sweet. Skinny fried chicken, sweet sambal chilli and oily fishballs.

I was done with breakfast, in the most dissatisfying manner ever.

Warong Rasa-Rasa Johor

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