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CT Garden Nasi Lemak @ Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur


It is strange how Nasi Lemak has been under the radar for my Malaysian escapades until the recent cherry tree encounter. So then, I had to die-die squeeze in just one meal for the heck of it.

CT Garden Nasi Lemak is highly regarded in the KL community and until I closed up on the gates did I realise that this was the very same stall attempted a good 15 years ago with the family.

And time flies so fast.


Given it was during the Ramadan season that I visited, the crowds were clearly missing though takeaway customers were streaming in regularly.


The counter is a busy place where the servers are busy wrapping rice in banana leaves and taking out cooked food in metal trays like above. The buffet line is at least 2 metres long and one had to be decisive what goes on the plate, otherwise, get shushed.


At RM 0.90 a packet, this had to be the smallest packet of nasi lemak ever eaten. Basic ingredients like coconut rice, cucumber and ikan bilis with belachan.

Speak no malay? Just point. I managed with by half past six grasp of the language and thank god for online recommendations, I rattled off what I wanted without an idea how or what it is.


Sambal Tempe Goreng turned out to be a sambal version of a crushed keropok, interesting I say to mix snacks with chilli and serve as a dish.


Ayam Kampung Goreng which was fried chicken, an unapologetically cold dish which is a pity. I figure fried chicken should always be eaten hot.

While it was not the best nasi lemak eaten, it was nice to soak up the atmosphere for this bustling cafe. Prices are cheap and good enough for a quick supper.


We took a stroll back to the LRT with twin towers as a backdrop, pretty gorgeous from afar I say!


The night market that clearly starts business nearer to midnight.


Lok lok that I always miss! Perhaps next time.

Looks like 15 years later, I still have not found any love in CT Garden's Nasi Lemak. The fault would then lie with me having had way better renditions and possible more polished versions too. Price could be a deciding factor for the experience.

CT Garden Nasi Lemak
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman
Kampung Baru
Kuala Lumpur

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