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Wan Li Restaurant Revisited @ Renaissance Johor Bahru

~Invited Session~

We were back at Wan Li for a showcase of their newest offerings and they were working at full capacity catering to a wedding lunch soleminization and also a walk in crowd for lunch. Talk about hectic that particular lunch!


Wan Li Three Combination Platter (RM 30 nett)

I enjoy dishes that give me so much variety and best of all if they come in bite sized portions. Their combination platter is one of those dishes - it showcases textures, flavours and definitely piqued the appetite for more. I particularly enjoyed the scallop croquette.


Double boiled village chicken soup with bamboo pith and dried scallops (RM 28 nett)

Chicken soup for the soul, very wholesome and just the way the Cantonese would like it - double boiled.


Crisp Fried Cod Fish Fillet with fragrant garlic and Superior Soya Sauce (RM 62 nett)

At this point, this was beginning to feel alot like a wedding meal. A sweet based cod fish dish delicately executed, I loved the crispy bits on top of the fish and the simple ingredients used. Less is more, sometimes.


Roasted Crispy Chicken with Golden Garlic and Onion Crisps RM 34 nett (half), RM 64 nett (whole)

This roasted crispy chicken skin got our attention, incredibly crispy and I could just focus on tucking into the chicken skin. I suppose the main difference between the chickens used in Malaysia and Singapore are the kampung chickens - succulent meat with that delicious bite.

Sold on chickens, for once.


Stir Fried Asparagus with Mixed Mushrooms : RM 26 nett (small) & RM 48 nett (Large)


Wok Fried Egg Noodles with Bean Sprouts and Prawn in Superior Soya Sauce : RM 40 nett (small), RM 80 nett (Large)

I found these on the sweet side but it seems the case with most chinese menu noodles, save for the likes of horfun and char kuay teow.


Chilled Lemongrass Jelly (RM 12 nett)

Never can go wrong with lemon grass jelly and aloe vera.

Ala carte is their expertise, more so than the dimsum dishes attempted the last round. While this is not a halal restaurant as corrected by them, they do chinese dishes with much aplomb.

Wan Li Restaurant 
Renaissance Johor Bahru

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