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Gobo Upstairs Grill and Lounge @ Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

To cut the long story shorter, it is great pity that the restaurants within Traders in KL did not have any email contact for reservations. Phone number at best and I did not want to risk a long phonecall with the various requirements I needed so email I did. Took me at least 2 emails, one of which that got totally ignored and the other thankfully landed in the box of a kind soul who responded.

gobo entrance

I chose Gobo because of the raving reviews on Tripadvisor which I relied a whole lot on for Europe as well. By a strange twist of fate, I chose our accomodation because of the dining and chilling location as well.

The view from the 6th storey was ordinary, was hoping for the twin towers view for dinner but it seemed that the option was only available for lounge. Nonetheless, it was still a cosy corner as requested but the bantering from the next table was too loud to ignore.

olive loaf 2

Complimentary olive loaves with butter, some reviews suggested truffle butter but it was too light to discern.

olive loaf1

Loved the chewy bread texture and fragrant olives, either a love or hate here. The companion requested for white bread that never came, partly because the kitchen had to bake them from scratch. The thoughtfulness of their service is fully exhibited later.

amuse bouche

Amuse bouche of chicken salad on toast, simplicity always appeals.

grilled sirloin

200 grams fit for a carnivore.


Truffle and porcini mushroom sauces

grilled sirloin

Sirloin (RM50)

Medium with the lovely pink. It was probably the cut of the beef as this was slightly tough. Not the bestest eaten, just great value for the price.

truffle mash

Truffle Mashed Potato (RM15)

Loved the buttery and chewy mash but the truffle could be a lot stronger. R did not fancy this too much though, another love or hate item.


Green Asparagus and Vine Ripe Tomato Confit (RM14)

Loved the salted grilled de-skinned tomatoes, I found it odd that the juices were actually retained. The asparagus was not too big on surprises.

creme brulee

Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee (RM22)

Requested this amongst the other tempting tiramisu, grand marnier with icecream and some berries. Tragic version of creme brulee, way too curd like and stiff. Liked the strawberries soaked in balsamic vinegar for the flavours.

petit fours

We were served petit fours of chocolate chip cookies and pralines which tasted homemade in all honesty.


Thereafter was coffee and tea on the house simply because the bread we requested for never came. Lovely service recovery on their part (though I was handed a feedback card thereafter). I've not encountered a restaurant that takes every single request so seriously before.

Food wise, definitely not the bestest but the service more than made up for it.

Gobo Upstairs Grill and Lounge
Trader's Hotel

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