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Antipodean Revisited @ Jalan Telawi, Kuala Lumpur


The last visit was over cake and juice but I like it enough for a return years later. Well, I blame laziness for refusing to venture into unknown ground for newer brunch places so we had to make do with Antipodean.

Bangsar area is like Holland Village locally, there is a certain chichi-ness about this place that entices foreigners and mostly upmarket locals.

On a Sunday, it was brimming with diners, including those in line though down the same street cafes were not as full.


A new menu that extends beyond their already full black board walls.


Antipodean probably has the hottest tables in Bangsar, we were given the option of an outdoor table after 10 minutes in line or wait indefinitely for a table inside.


Coffee across the Causeway somehow does not appeal to the caffeine addict, unless they are traditional brews.


Burmese Salad

It is strange enough that I have never stepfoot on Burma much less tasted a burmese salad and now I ordered one in a country unrelated to Burma. The chronicles of travels I say.

This resembled a Vietnamese salad with the fried shallots and shaved cabbage except it came with caramelized onions, chicken and spinach leaves. I loved the asian touches and relished this salad to the last shred.


Avocado on Toast

Smashed avocado is my new found brunch must have and unlike The Lokal, this was more manageable and hovering on miserly with that avocado spread and grilled tomatoes with bacon. A simple toast dish that was pretty tasty.


Picture perfect and absolutely instragram worthy are these two poached eggs in hollandaise sauce.


It would have been perfect if it were completely runny but I am not complaining. Decent eggs benedict served with ham, the combinations of eggs with vegetables or cured meat has come to a comprehensive list served during brunch when all I want sometimes is just poached eggs.

Brunch was lovely, though I definitely have had better. Service is top notch with the servers always bearing a smile and never turning down a single request as witnessed throughout our hour long stay. Baby chair? Extra napkins? All done with a smile and the hospitality is good enough for a return.

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Bangsar Baru

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