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TKK 天公仔 Revisited @ Kampung Teluk Jawa, Johor


This seafood paradise needs no further introduction, after my numerous visits and we can still look forward to the next visit.


Honestly, the only bad dish we ever had at TKK has to be this plate of peanuts. Mostly crunchy but occassionally lao hong.


Steamed Sea Bass (RM 36)

Steamed fish is a must for me every visit, the freshness of the fish is unrivalled and so is the doneness. The bounciness of the flesh that even hotel chefs have problems mastering. The best way to enjoy such fresh fish? Steamed Hong Kong style no less.

If anything, I usually meet my week's quota of fish in a single meal every visit.


Seashell (RM 20)

Until visiting this seafood restaurant, I never knew of so many variations of shell fish - and they barely cost a bomb!

These shell fish with snail looking innards ended up shriveling up a great deal after frying and resulted in an incredibly well executed dish of butter, chilli padi and garlic. The delicate precision in ensuring these babies are not overcooked is astounding, I loathe overcooked rubbery shell fish and these were spot on slurpworthy and are my idea of budget oysters.


Seafood Fried Rice (RM 20)

One ingenious dish. Wok fried seafood rice topped with fried ikan bilis. I may have had one too many Michelin starred fried rice dishes but this version was pure genius.

Hardly greasy and it takes more than just an ordinary chef to pull this dish off so brilliantly. Lard may very well be the answer here, every single spoon was downright delicious. Fried rice paradise we certainly found and what was it exactly in it that made this so stunning?

Long beans, ikan billis, prawns, crabmeat and a whole lot of wok control.


Black Pepper Crabs (RM 216)

One beautiful mistake that saw our order of white pepper crabs converted to black pepper. Not that we were complaining anyway, this dark knight came coated in a layer of black pepper sauce, none of the heaviness that plagues the black pepper crab dishes that I have tried locally.

That burst of spiciness is pleasant and only happens after all the slurping and emptying of the shells. I wish fried mantous were great with this and I find it hard to even list a favourite after trying so many crab variations here.


We were in for some intrusion when the feline community decided to partake of the same feast too. A rare sight in Singapore indeed.

I can never get enough of TKK, prices and quality of food. It amazes some of my friends how often we have headed back since discovering it, and I can only say - it is all worth it.

Restaurant TKK
Lot 684 Kampung Teluk Jawa

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