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Club Access @ Renaissance Johor Bahru

~Invited Session~

One of the privileges of club access is definitely the all day dining feature - from the moment day breaks there is buffet breakfast with a spread similar to Cafe BLD's but with a ton of privacy,morning tea, afternoon tea, pre dinner bites and lastly a dessert buffet to wrap the day up on a sweet note.

With this amount of eating available it is a no wonder that club access guests also get free access to the gym and pool.

We had the pleasure of Faizal who was all of professional and really helpful throughout our short stay - no wonder guests all rave about him, truly a service ambassador of Renaissance Johor Bahru!


We gluttons stopped in at afternoon tea for a peek and subsequently pre dinner for some sun down bites - on the pretext of catching the sunset.


"Eat every macaron as the last" - these sweet babies stuck onto the plate too firmly but were actually really decent tasting!


Torn between the healthy and the healthier? There is a range of greens and fruits amidst all the feasting.


Dessert in small plates cannot get more deceiving - this makes over eating so much easier. That said, I lost count of the number of plates I wolfed down.


Table for two.

I will let the food photos do the talking and tempting.


I was strangely drawn to the char kuay teow - none of the wok hei and duck egg but it was just wholesome enough for seconds.


Thai Beef Salad with more beef than salad - it made the carnivore uber happy.


Save some space for their oxtail served with toast - this was more like sup kambing!



Homemade raspberry sorbets that made its rounds - I loved the tartness and texture of the sorbet. It was a pity that only one serving was given because it was just soooo good!


The best arrangement has to be the freeflow house wines and beer on the house - cheers to more of such indulgent staycations!


Strawberry icecream with chocolate shavings that certainly brought out the child in me. We both loved the creaminess of this icy treat.


Mint chocolate mousse that proved denser than yogurt and lipsmacking yummy.


The man and his drink.


A happy tipple makes a weekend complete, and in my case - it comes with a much needed staycation!


Being on the 16th floor also meant it boasts of the hotel's best views - day or night.


Look hard and spot Singapore.


The night lights were equally charming - we even spotted fireworks at 12 midnight.


Thank you Renaissance Johor Bahru for that sparkling night. 16 storeys high, not quite on the top of the world but it was good enough.

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