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Restoran Ho Seng Kee Wanton Mee @ Jalan Kancil, Johor

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I originally did not have this on my map of to-goes and until the frame maker I randomly asked recommended this to no end - we decided to try our luck. Ho Seng Kee apparently has a huge following from Singaporeans, some even tapaoing as many as hundreds of packets at one go.



Waiting time is anywhere from 30 minutes and beyond, indeed a battle of the most patient. Leave the queue and expect to wait all over again.


Apart from wanton mee, they have other dishes.


Prices are self explanatory, XXL as explained by the server is 3 portions of noodles, XL 2.5 so on and so forth. 


Homecooked barley is a taste of home and there are barley seeds too! I have learnt not to take barley seeds for granted in a barley drink - which most of the time is assumed to be blended into pulp in the thickened sweet water. 


XL (RM 10) comprised of 2.5 portions of noodles, a fistful of wantons and char siew. The magic lies in their springy noodles but they were at least half the thickness of mee kia even. So delicious, the oil regardless how much they dunked in did not taste greasy at all! #delusionalme


It was an umami moment, arguably the best wanton noodles I have ever eaten all over Singapore, Hongkong and Malaysia.The texture of the noodles are unlike those attempted before, really good stuff!

The soup itself was another story to tell - rich and tasty, unlike the alkaline spiked ones that I have encountered so many times over.


Word has it, the son has since taken over from the dad and is running it with great success. I will definitely be back for this lifechanging bowl of wanton mee.


Their wall of famed flour. 

Worth more than a visit and while locals may say this is not their bestest, I am already content with this gem.

Restoran Ho Seng Kee Wanton Mee
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