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Cafe Sin Sing @ Jonker Street, Melaka

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Jonker Street by day is a scorching street filled with cafes, coffee shops, inns, hotels and attractions. By night on weekend it morphs into the town's biggest bazaar of food and trinklets. In the many years that I have paid Melaka a visit I have unfortunately not been able to achieve the night. Main reason is, the jams are so bad, I wish I can just walk through the madness.

sin sing coffee

Cafes like these are godsent. Sin Sing Coffee since 1959.


When temperatures soar, prices of their iced beverages dip.

iced drinks

Stand and sip or head inside for a chiller.


I suppose they did not change much of the original structure of the beautiful shophouse.


Where it all began, two squirrels. Word has it that the owner was sitting under a tree and observing two squirrels when he was pondering what business he should start.

iced coffee

Iced Coffee, fragrant and jet black. The caffeine addict was wowed by how smooth the coffee was.

brewed coffee

Kopi-O for the traditionalist in the family.

coffee packs 

Packets to take home!


The variations are endless - I even spotted a durian coffee somewhere!

Cafe Sin Sing could have just completed the experience with a side of traditional pastries for a whole nostalgic journey. Otherwise, it is a great place to stop by for a cuppa or just take home some souvenirs.

Cafe Sin Sing 
Jonker Street

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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  1. Yeah,when I came in into Sin Sing Cafe shop,I had smell a strong coffee aroma."COFFEE LOVER PLEASE IMAGINE A CAFE HAD FULL WITH COFFEE AROMA!!!"The shop manager had told me this is because their the combination of many variety of coffee products which sell in the shop had contribute to the aroma.They sell traditional coffee such as the KAU KAU KOPI O.Moreover,they also serve Instant Coffee,The Black White Coffee is strong and fragrant coffee which suit people who like strong caffeine,the Gold White Coffee is the mixture of coffee and chocolate,and they even sell Durian White Coffee too!!!Which cannot be find anywhere.Sin Sing Cafe will definitely be a good destination for all coffee lover!!!