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Hwa Mei Bak Kut Teh Revisited @ Jalan Lumba

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I shall not hide my infatuation and support for Malaysia's herbal bak kut teh over our peppery ones anyday. And even with so many stalls selling this blackened broth with pork ribs simmering, my personal favourite is still Hwa Mei's.

With lunch hour closing at 2pm and us reaching at 1pm, I thought we could get a table easily which turned out to be a test of patience and dealing with diners who decided that lunch should be the most leisurely meal of the day.


Synonymous with bak kut teh is tea cup washing.


The menu board that hardly gets changed, the yellowing edges is telling of age right?


Everyone was so busy that day, infact every visit. From cleaning tables to taking orders and finally scooping rice, everyone was so busy and we waited long enough for the pork ribs to be cooked till tender and passed the chef's eye.


I hope these kopitiam scenes will never become passe, tucking into bak kut teh without my dripping wet chopsticks and porcelain spoons is not the same.


Preserved vegetables (RM3.20)

While I wish they had Tang-O to go with bak kut teh, this was the only form of greens available and possibly the only time I indulge in these crunchy savoury soaked in oil treat.


Small (RM 10.60)
Large (RM 15.90)

Each small portion comes with a good 8 pieces of pork ribs, each so meaty and flavourful we all were satisfied slurping and sweating our guts out as the temperatures continued to soar throughout the meal.


Pork Trotters (RM 10.60)

Soy sauce based, these collagen laden pork bones are slurpiliciously good.


Tau Pok (RM 3.20)

I love my tau ghees and tau poks too much to ignore with every order, these are yummy too.


The sighting at every table - a huge mess but a hearty one if I may add. Truly the only time I willingly brave 42 degrees to sweat it all out just for bak kut teh, and unfortunately will not be the last.

Hwa Mei ak Kut Teh (Restoran Ah Bee)
146 Jalan Lumba Kuda, Bukit Chagar

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