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Jang Won Korean Restaurant @ Stulang Laut, Johor

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Since Bornga, I have been lusting for yet another JB trip to check out the korean food scene in Malaysia.

Jang Won is a chain of Korean BBQ restaurants that specialises in grill and korean dishes. We chose the outlet nearest to the Causeway to avoid unnecessary jams on the way out.


Indoor or outdoor, take your pick!



First up, their impressive range of 13 side dishes were served up. I never had so many sides in a single seating before! Even if not every item was a favourite, the variety made us happy.






The set for 4 comprises of the following courses at  RM 135 and served with free flow lettuce leaves and garlic;



Grilled Pork Belly

Of the three meats, this was the best in my opinion. Just grilled pork belly with a scattering of salt.



Spare Ribs


Chicken Bulgogi

Both the chicken and beef were on the sweet side because of the marinade so unless you are a fan of sweet sauced meats, stick with the pork belly and an ala carte order.


The best part of the BBQ is the server goes round to help grill and cut up the meats and also regularly change the hot plates. Do monitor the cooking on your end else they end up burnt because he was so busy with other tables.



Wrap the meat in lettuce, bean sauce and garlic and chomp! So satisfying!


Kimchi Hot Pot


This made our insistence on a table in the airconditioned room so worth while, otherwise the heat from the hotpot would have gotten to us. Sausages, luncheon meat, kimchi, tofu, pork slices and also glass noodles made this a very hearty broth.


Steamed Egg

Also part of the package, this was just steamed egg to me. 


Kimchi Fried Rice (RM15)

We all loved this dish which made the extra order of rice superfluous. Spot on kimchi tossed in a fluffy fried rice and that perfect runny egg made for a very wholesome finish to this already tummy busting meal.


Free icecream for each diner for the cheap thrills really. It is no joke that we ended up perspiring our guts out even in an air conditioned room, a cooling respite!

I'm glad we found a korean joint that offers such value for money sets and we literally ate till we dropped! 

Jang Won Korean Restaurant
K3-211, Block C, Perniagaan Stulang Laut, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan

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