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Legoland Eats @ JB

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admission tickets

I am not sure what came over me to book us all tickets to Legoland when I am truly not a theme park fan. It must have been the above average experience at Universal Studios Singapore that sparked the interest. So here’s how to go about it, either drive up and get a ticket at the entrance for RM 140 or book one via one of those travel agents. And so did we. Well truth about it is, if I had not brought the expired passport along, the experience would have been better. The walalabingbang being dashing home from Woodlands checkpoint and then to Singapore Flyer to catch the last bus to Legoland and ended up reaching 2 hours later than the rest and facing a heavier crowd and stronger sun. 


Doing a Hollywood sign. 

project x

One of the two roller coasters at the park which I did not even attempt because of the heat.


Here? There? Where?


Lego exhibits are a norm...because it is Legoland. I had difficulty identifying them mainly I did not grow up being a fanatic.


Parrots that do not talk.

lego display

How about something tribal?


My favouritest.


Lego colours everywhere.


Outside the castle.


Carnival-ish corners for winning these squishies.


2 minutes up and down for a bird's eye view of the incomplete theme park.

Pizza Mania

One of the few air conditioned cafes that was considerably godsent. Like a high school cafeteria style, it was a no brainer process of picking the food you want and paying at the cashier.

chicken wings

Chicken Wings

These looked and tasted like a larger version of Pizzahut’s drumlets only that these were hardly hot. As much as I love getting my fingers stained with sauce for Pizzahut, definitely not the case here.


Salad Bar

The tragic thing was actually witnessing flies hovering after we made our order. No tummyache detected thereafter but it left little to be desired after that bowl of subpar salad. I could do much better, truly.


Ribena is their official sponsor, or made to be at least. Priced a notch higher than supermarts, I figure I could get a better bang of the buck lugging home the concentrate and whisking a drink. Yet, it is a themepark and I want my drink ice cold. At RM 7.50 per packet, I could not care less for venturing with ribena cranberry or lemon. Point proven right – the rest were watered down and left the drinker unsatiated.


Magnum is cheap. Period. Explains three sticks that were consumed.


I went for a friendlier Fruitare Lychee that wowed me in Bangkok. I wonder why I hardly notice this range at home!


Like an sorbet in a popsicle, tasted just like a frozen drink and healthy – must be the fruit bits at work. Nonetheless, lychee was indeed refreshing and moderately sweet. Red grape still works better for me.

I know, I know…we possibly ate everything else but their pizzas at the pizza joint. It could have been way better but I was really there for the aircon.

Jungle Café

Housed in what looked like a shack, throngs of people scrambled for seats – when an airconditioned cafeteria was just steps away (we also committed the same regrettable folly). Pricey beyond comprehension, here’s what we paid through our noses for. Situated next to their largest roller coaster, it was a ear-shattering and blood curdling experience literally. The ride took a startling standstill while I was queuing for it and mechanics inched their way up to free the poor folks. I should be thankful I made it back without peeing midway or getting scorched to death waiting for a ride that got shut down shortly after.


Chicken Nuggets with Fries (RM 15)

Crispy nuggets that did not fare too badly up against Mcds. The fries were peppered and had a combination of crispy and soggy as I realised though the meal. The gravy provided made everything else taste the same.

chicken chop

Cajun Chicken Legs with Fries (RM 18.50)

The most decent of the lot and that possibly resembled a proper meal as compared to the rest. Unfortunately, one part of the chop was undercooked rendering it unappetizing.


Mushroom and Sausage with Fries (RM 15)


Beef Theuringer with Fries (RM 15)

For the record, it's actually just beef sausage. Of the two, the chicken sausage was yummier. Beef was too salty and overprocessed.

cocktail sausage

Cocktail Sausages (RM 15)

Mini cheese chicken sausages, delightful as a snack but as a meal, I have my doubts.

You’d realise by now that all meals came with fries and no option for an upgrade to onion rings. Rigidity like that puts me off big time.

All sets came with drinks and the we had a field day choosing all to try. Isotonic drink was weird, as fizzy-less as the soft drinks were. I say top up RM 2.50 for mineral water that does not challenge the tastebuds.

I was looking forward to trying out their snack stands which disappointed terribly – almost all were identical and some spotted “not ready” signages though the drinks were twirling in their containers.


The first international theme park in Malaysia leaves little to be desired after getting sunburnt and witnessing a roller coaster stop half way. The food is pricey and subpar (as with all other theme parks) but a little more variety would have been ideal.


A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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  1. the magnum's probably cheaper coz it's flavored with vanilla essence instead of vanilla beans, like those i had in indonesia!