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Restoran Todak (Orang Asli) @ Telok Jawa, Johor Bahru


After TKK, we were bent on sussing out the Seafood Champ when others having pointed us in the direction of Todak. We coincided with the school holidays and what greeted us was a bustling restaurant full of people even at 8pm, we had to hawk over tables of diners to even get a seat, wave forever until someone decided that we had waited long enough before our tables were cleared and lastly, ordering the fresh catch was another obstacle to overcome.



People mountain, people sea. I was already cursing under my breath at such luck with the insane crowds - the way the bells were rung so relentlessly whenever a new dish was ready for distribution got lost in the chatter and laughters.


Having all the fresh seafood infront of me was quite alot to take in - I suppose the Orang Aslis cannot fathom having frozen seafood served.


I'm coming back for you next!




I would call this an insane circus of somesort but thankfully two plates of crunchy savoury peanuts got us through the monotony.




Steamed Groupa

I am usually not a fish person by choice and this time, I joined the gang in devouring this fresh fish - none of the muddy taste and boy, if only I could eat live fish all my life.


Butter Prawns

These were fried golden and packed with flavour. The only other prawn specie that can trump this would be the big headed prawns from Thailand but these are suffice for now.


Japanese Clams

These were like escagots when we chose them and served, looked so crinkled up, it could pass off as coral clams.


Salted Egg Crabs with Fried Mantous

This took eternity to come even though they warned of a long wait since their fresh batch of crabs just came in. And the wait started and ended and even the table that came after us got their share of crabs and just not us.


At least three waiters were hassled in the process but none came back with a reply on when they would finally arrive. I even sent the fried mantous back to the kitchen to be reheated TWICE. The most dismal thing was when it finally arrived, it was lukewarm and we could not be bothered to send it back. A tragic way to end a really fresh crab.


Prized catches.


Half the price in Malaysia.



We spotted live lobsters and even the pricey black spotted groupa by reservation only. A return is a must without the crowds, my assumption is they are usually not so overwhelmed by three seatings every single weekend and they definitely deserve a second visit to set things right.


The view itself was to-die-for.

Opening hours 11:30am - 11:30pm

Restoran Todak (Orang Asli)
No. 1 , Kg Orang Asli
Telok Jawa
Masai, 81750 JB

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