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Moonlight Cake House @ Jalan Sri Pelangi, Johor


As a child, I loved peering through glass windows like these to marvel at confectioneries. Of course, with age, I learnt to marvel at all things pretty that came with bank emptying price tags too - otherwise, why did brands even bother with window displays.

I digressed, cake shopping was one of those things that got me very excited as a child and now. It never fails to elicit a silent awe everytime I see a gorgeous cake display. And dreams happen this way.


Something festive brewing. Moonlight Cake House's fondant cakes start from RM 60, more than half the price of those locally and the craftmanship is top of the pops. They have won awards for 3D cake design and just someday, I would get their designed cakes for the kick of it.


Famous all over Johore.


This was clearly a stomach over heart and mind decision. The rainbow cake obsession was imported overseas. Light sponge layers with a cheese frosting. Pretty decent I must say!


Red velvet that lacked a certain richness in it, a miss for me.


Coffee which is expectedly a by the way service for a cake house.

I say stick with their designed cakes for a more wow experience, I hear the crepe cakes are actually very good. Next visit perhaps!

Moonlight Cake House
Jalan Sri Pelangi

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