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Jonker 88 @ Melaka

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A trip to Melaka is not complete with a visit to Jonker 88. Years back when I first paid Melaka a visit it was the best chendol I have ever eaten. Queues were not so crazy then and the stall was facing the main road. Now, they have done a bit of reorganization and the queues are even longer than before.


The mayhem that takes place inside the restaurant. The nifty hands never stop moving with each customer ordering more than 1 item on the menu and all I really wanted was 1 chendol.


Finally reached the chendol stall!

spy the pot

The gleaming pot of gold.


Thick, gooey and rich all in a single ladle.

gula melaka

This is what makes chendol delicious and Jonker 88 signature.

gula melaka 

The delicious upclose. There were a number of variants of chendol but I went for the original at RM 5. As massive as the tub looks, it was reduced to less than half after all the mixing in. Chendol being chendol, it was sweet, coconutty and a great chiller for the scorching weather.

Jonker 88

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