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Restoran Win Seng Hang @ Jalan Imbi, KL

win hang seng

I never had a chance to check out the coffee shop culture in KL all these years so we made it a point to drop by Win Seng Hang at Jalan Imbi, a short distance from Bukit Bintang. In the coffee shop, one can find all-time favourites such as pork ball noodles, char kway teow, Sarawak kolok mee and egg tarts that were sold out too quickly. 

Here's a chowdown of what we had. 

char kuay teow

Char kway teow (RM 8)

This proved to be the best of our mini coffee shop trail though an additional dash of seasoning would have made this ooh-la-la sedap. I love the charred fragrance, chewy noodle strips and fresh prawns though RM 8 is considered very pricey for coffee shop standard. 

char siew

Char siew we had to have because Meng Kee was nowhere to be found at Jalan Alor, they have since relocated to Shah Alam area. This was a far cry from the best, hard and fatty, RM 20 was a blatant ripoff. 


The only stall selling pork ball noodles in the coffeeshop. 


Pork ball noodles stall (RM6 per bowl) 

This was apparently "world famous" according to online sources. For one, there was barely any queue and I thought it had to do with the rain. For two, it arrived looking so bland I was already questioning if looks were deceiving. 

The moment of truth arrived and it was nothing but a bowl of soup noodles with handmade dense meatballs. Maybe eating it dry would have made a world of difference but world famous? Far from it. 


Chilli Pan Mee

dry pan mee
While I had intentions of checking of Kin Kin, I was worried that we may very well leave KL without even trying any form of Pan Mee so we did. Handmade noodle tossed in  sweet sauce, a lovable dish though missing out on the poached egg. 


Sarawak Laksa

Noob me only knew the existence of two types of laksa, and then we discovered a third. Well I am sure there are many more variations but we are happy with just three at the moment. Sarawak laksa is barely spicy and tastes just like noodle soup. Nothing really. I certainly hope this is a case of the real deal being lost along the way from Sarawak to KL but until I have finally tried Sarawak's version, I am holding my horses. 

selling out


We left it to almost the last minute before deciding to purchase the famous charred buns and egg tarts - serves us right that these got sold out before our very eyes.  

wedding biscuit

Wedding pastries with a filling of yellow bean paste, lovely stuff!


Freshly made pineapple tarts. 


In all honesty, this would rival L.E.'s golfball pineapple tarts anyday.


Another toasty delight.

lotus paste 


Old school drinks. 


Decent teh too.


The coffee shop was constantly filled with people inspite of the rain, and we found it somewhat ordinary though. Nothing much to shout out or even return for, well maybe the pastries. 


If you need a hotline for their popular bakes. 

Truth be told, we were not particularly impressed with the food, pricey and average coffeeshop eats. 

Restoran Win Seng Hang 
183 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

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