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Bliss Boutique Hotel @ Johore

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bliss boutique

I would have opted for the newly opened Double Tree by Hilton in a heartbeat had it not been for the companions who insisted that we only needed basic accomodation for the night's stay.


Bliss is located a stone's throwaway from Pelangi Plaza and a few doors from Chez Papa's.


Being anal about bed size also meant I paid for a bigger room - Deluxe over Double, assuming that the bed would be bigger. Turns out, I had a room with a window, still a queen's sized bed and the noise was unbearable because it was overlooking the main roads.

So then, picking a Double Room would have been ideal without any windows at all.

It was a case of living in a studio apartment, furnishings were largely from IKEA and space was well utilised. The toilet and sink was separate, pretty smart I say.

Breakfast was served in-room because their restaurant was undergoing renovations. We were given a choice of 2 sets -


Fried Rice, Roti Canai, Eggs, Fruits

A dismal breakfast of too salty, too oily and too bland. 

roti canai

The claim of  'cereal, kueh, bread with butter or jam and soup of the day' was completely missing from breakfast.


Fruits that I consider the best of breakfast. 


This is an adequate stay for one sleepless night, beyond that, I really do not forsee a return. 

Bliss Boutique Hotel
50 Jalan Jaya
Taman Maju Jaya

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