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Marry Brown @ KLIA, Kuala Lumpur

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JB had a huge part to play in my childhood and getting stuck in a jam lasting 2 hours is no stranger to me. Before I was acquainted with KFC, there was Marry Brown.

Fuelling up before our budget flight home - 45 minutes on commercial would be a waste of money for that extra cup of juice and packet of nuts when all I can do is feed myself before the flight with whatever I fancy.

And in this case, a meal of nuggets and fried chicken. 


Before coleslaw came about there was frozen vegetables in a ton of salad cream. Very old school and so very delicious too.


Most aim for the breasts but I lugi and eye the drumlets and wings. It is probably the spice mix and that batter that makes this the best fast food fried chicken alive.

Laced with a certain spiciness, the tongue was ready to rock and roll.


Satisfaction is walloping the fried chicken part until you read the bone and wishing even the bone was edible. That juiciness in the meat is so unforgettable. 


Their nuggets are equally satisfying with the taste of chicken meat, unlike some others that resemble cardboard.

Well why won't you open here Marry Brown?

Marry Brown
KLIA Kuala Lumpur

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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