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Stopover @ Machap Utara

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machap stopover

Hands up those who prefer to take a drive to Malaysia! Somehow the option to drive will far trump taking a coach though if given an option to fly, I would in a heartbeat. The jams are heartwrenchingly painful and stressful - time consuming not to mention.

The most popular stopover has to be Machap - whether or not it's for a pee or tea break.

baskin robbins

It was definitely a pleasant surprise to spot Baskin Robbins there.


A bistro with overfried food.


Something for the kids too!


Enter the food court that is now well ventilated and with more options than before.

mee soto

Mee Soto with Bergedil (RM 5)

Trust these bowls of soup noodles to be this delicious, maybe it was the MSG, maybe it was just the cook's skill but I was impressed already. That greasy bergedil sealed the meal with satisfaction.

ayam penyet 

Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken

This turned out a tad too tough for comfort, sad rendition infact.

Machap is really just a place for a quick refuel, pick up a SIM card or even just use the clean toilets. It is definitely not a place for a gourmet meal.

Machap Utara
Somewhere along the highway from Johor

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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