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Keblang Coconut Shake @ Melaka

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Word has it that this is so famous and cheap, everyone in Melaka would have had a go at this almost national beverage. Resources say this opens from 12 noon- 630pm but when we did, seems that their opening timing has been changed to 230pm to 630pm. We promised to be back, of course.


I have never seen coconuts in such large quantities and out of a sudden, they become the most prized possession around.


The roadside store looks inviting, until we realised they had an entire compound dedicated to the coconut shake and food is retailed there as well.

original stall

A clearer shot of the empire of coconut shake.


So then by the time we returned at 3pm the queues were at least 50 people long and it barely moved. Thankfully there was shade to ensure nobody fainted from a heat stroke from all that waiting.


After what seemed like eternity but was in effect slightly under 2 hours, one can safely make it to the Top 10 customers.

So then, waiting 2-3 hours at Kin Kin Singapore for a bowl of Chilli Pan Mee does not seem that daunting afterall.


It is a no brainer why the queue stays so consistently long and lasts so long - because there is no minimum cap on the number of drinks one can purchase.


The turnover rate for the ingredients is so fast, I wonder if the icecream ever lasts longer than an 30 minutes after being opened.

coconut shake 

So then RM 2 later and what was an out-of-mind moment queue for a cup of this freshly blended coconut shake (The special shake comes with an extra scoop of icecream), the creaminess and sweetness of the drink is strangely very refreshing and made me think, are shakes all supposed to be this cheap?  Boleh Malaysia, boleh!

I say try the weekdays for a more normalized experience - some whispered that it usually does not snake that many hours but then again, Lady Luck can shine anytime.

Keblang Coconut Shake
Jalan Klebang Besar, 75200 Melaka (next to the Caltex Petrol Station)

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