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Ramada Plaza Dua Sentral Kuala Lumpur @ Kuala Lumpur

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I am not sure about you but when it comes to picking out a hotel, the vicinity to the nearest main mode of transport for the city plays an important role. For countries whose train lines are even more complex than algorithm trading, I always and without fail opt for accomodation right next to the main train station. For others and if cabbing is still cheaper than where I came from, anyway within reasonable boundaries are acceptable.

And so, Kuala Lumpur. I always struggle where to stay. Bukit Bintang always appeals being the center of the activity and that shopping belt. KLCC is somewhat off with pricier options like the Mandarin Oriental and Trader's.

KL Sentral it was this time and we had a hard time locating Ramada Plaza unfortunately. From afar, it looked reasonably near and with a miscalculation of distance, I ended up taking more than 30 minutes to reach it despite the initial promise of just a "10 minute walk".

After a breezy check in, we were whisked off to our room on the 22nd floor.


Twin queen sized beds, hooray! Beats a King's bed hands down.


Couple sinks too.


With amenities that need some work on. For a start, maybe the plastics wrapping them could be stain free?


The view of sky scrapers. Sure feels no different from home.


I had to pay a visit to their infinity pool even without a bathing suit.


Can someone educate me why swimming pools all have to be located near a restaurant? Who'd like to oogle at people swimming halfway through a meal?


Not so infinite afterall, on a 5th floor.


Our stay was comfortable and I blame our inability to locate the hotel at first because it is just 10 minutes away IF you know your way around.

We had our minds set on hopping onto a cab to venture beyond our hotel and nobody mentioned that the nearest cab stand was just outside the hotel and we paid through our nose for their premium cab service - RM 20 to Bangsar when the same would have cost RM 8 hailing the cab from this stand.

Ramada Plaza Dua Sentral

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