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Gianni's Trattoria @ Johore

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BFF recommended this place for affordable Italian fare. How lucky were we when we waltzed in without reservations on a Sunday to boot.


They have a RM 30 set lunch going on which gives you 2 courses, an appetizer and mains.


Classic decor within. 


Classic menus. 


Bread was served warm with butter upon request.

pumpkin soup

Pumpkin Soup

This had all of us so enamoured with the vegetable. Creamy, savoury and sweet all at once and the sour cream dollop made all the difference. Two thumbs up for the best pumpkin soup so far!


Squid Ink

squid pasta

Handmade pasta with seared salmon. No mama mia here, just a wholesome homemade pasta with fishy filets.


Lamb Shank with Mushroom Spinach

The meat was on the gamey side as well and the highlight of it had to be that it was braised but still flavourful.


Mushroom Pizza

Portions were garguntuan for a set lunch price.  A full sized thin crust pizza with toppings of mushroom.

salmon salad

Salmon Salad (RM 24)

Portions are generous and fairly fresh.

iced lemon tea

lemon tea

Our sets came with drinks inclusive, either hot or iced lemon tea. 

RM 30 for a 2 course meal and while it would have been ideal if all ingredients were fresh, I simply cannot complain about the price tag.

Gianni's Trattoria Resaurant
110 Jalan Serampang
Taman Pelangi

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