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The Loaf Bakery and Bistro @ Pavilion

the loaf bistro

Celebrity lending some shimmer to shops is almost passe, here comes influential politicians (retired or not)! Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is behind The Loaf Bakery and Bistro and sure enough, I was interested to try because of that. Not that politicans are not ordinary humans but with the media scrutiny hardly on their private lives, it is still interesting to know what they eat - or favour on the dining table. I would choose to think - Dr Mahatir would have approved of most of the dishes or bread creations available at The Loaf!

Two dining options available - either take a tray and make your bread choices or head upstairs for a full fledged cafe menu. Or the greedy ones like me, took a bread tray, filled it up and also headed upstairs for a meal.

the loaf bakery and bistro

Menu filled with temptations.
lotus root chicken

Lotus Chicken Tarte

An introductory item on the menu. I have not attempted lotus root in any form except in boiled soups and having it on bread was intriguing. Crunchy like chestnut, the combination of lotus root and chicken was not that complementary - as different as chalk and cheese.

croque monsieur

Croque Monsieur 

I had it reheated but was not hot enough for cheese to melt, barely warm. Ordinary ham and double cheese sandwich.

crayfish bisque

Honestly, having a crayfish staring at me isn't the most appetizing sight.
crayfish shell

crayfish morsel

Crayfish Bisque

Served in a wholemeal bread bowl, the crayfish flavour was rich. Got richer the more you delve into the bowl. Too fishy for comfort.

beef burger

Beef Burger (RM38)

One grand burger - in height and ingedients. Brioche was used as the burger bun and was a little too fluffy for a burger.

beef burger patty

Beef patty was a major letdown - too mushy to even make sense of the patty. Not even ketchup or chilli sauce could save. Fries were decent though.

beef brisket sandwich

Beef Brisket Sandwich (RM38)

Yet another stunner with roast beef doused so generously in BBQ sauce, the combination was sheer weird. I did not last beyond two bites of this.

One of those pricey meals that was regrettably very disappointing. If you must- just stick with the bakery. The bistro is worth missing.

The Loaf Bakery and Bistro

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