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Nando's @ KLCC

breakkie by nandos

This is definitely not the best way to savour Nando's but breakfast was all I had to try. Peri Peri sauce has to be its proudest product, totally unrivalled.

nando's twin towers

Empty surroundings for once! It was packed the night before.


Famous was not what I came for, unfortunately.

nando's peri glory

Glory Peri

nando's peri glory 2

A plain ciabatta sandwich stuffed with mushrooms, scrambled eggs and their most famous chicken diced. Unlike its bored appearance, it tasted more than boring. Amidst all the diced up chicken, it was still juicy. I wish I had time for a proper chicken meal!

nando sauces

Loved the peri peri sauces that did not quite numb the tastebuds but were great for awakening them. Comes in either gentle garlic or the overpowering spicy version.


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  1. Bom Dia & warmest greetings from Nando's Malaysia! Breakfast is the key start to a new day, we are glad that you started yours with Nando's!