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Restoran Kin Hua @ Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor


Right smack opposite Hiap Joo Bakery lies this coffeeshop, filled with people all the time. The crowds even spilled into the art gallery opposite and I figure, it must be some good.


Lo and behold, it was actually Kin Wah Restoran! Hidden beneath the canopy of trees, plastic shelter and whatnots.


Breakfast was served from just two stalls - one peddling fried noodles and another for drinks and toast. The nasi lemak stall I was eyeing is apparently only open for lunch.


A traditional cuppa - no fuss, no whipped cream or syrups, just black coffee made from roasted beans. The past all consumed in one cup, history does taste lipsmacking kind of good.


And there's of course the classic kopi-c with a dash of evaporated milk. First, I love the cups and second, I love the nostalgia, last but not least, I love how yesterday tastes.


The noodle store works in an interesting manner - scoop how much you can eat and pay accordingly. Cuts down on wastage especially!


Fried mee siam with chilli to spice things up some more. The al dente-ness of the vermicilli is captured well, spiciness is right up my alley and the amazing bit of it is, it's just chilli and bee hoon.


Fried mee and a side of yong tau foo, I found this less hearty though. The noodles were a tad soft.

RM 12 for two plates of noodles, the boys are not complaining and so aren't we.


RM 1.50 for a fist-sized nasi lemak, possibly the smallest portion eaten! Wonderfully cooked coconut rice, top marks for belachan and the egg could be runnier yet a satisfying cheap nasi lemak.


I love spicy prawn paste glutinous rice - pardon my lack of kueh knowledge to correctly identify this. Apart from Bengawan Solo and Glory Catering that does a mean hae bee hiam, this is a perfect rendition of spice, rice and all things nice.


Thick fluffy buns with home made kaya and butter and seared on the grill. The grill marks are a testimony of the old school that my own country is losing and truly, this has to be the best kaya bun eaten in my life. The density of the bun and smoothness of kaya, not forgetting the smokyness of the grill - no wonder my grandparents used to say how much better the food in their time tasted.

I hope traditions like these are kept alive, taste can be subjective but food from the heart has a legacy.

Restoran Kin Hua
Jalan Tan Hiok Nee
Johor Bahru

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