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Sky Bar @ Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

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sky bar

Voted top attraction on Tripadvisor and Malaysia's Tatler, I had to go.Perched on the 33rd floor, you get quite a paranomic view of the twin beauties and Kuala Lumpur's skyline.

skybar pool

I managed to get a cosy corner by the poolside. It was so close, I wondered if any drunk fellas tipped over into the pool before?

You sign the bill even before you get that much desired sip.

rose lychee

Lychee Rose (RM 34)

Martinis are my weakness, it could be the sexy glass...or the martini proper but throw me my lychee martini anyday and I'll make you my BFF. Wasn't as potent as Morton's, this packed a lovely punch...not enough to knock you out but it got my cheeks burning. Rose was too light though and pity the lychee was a measly plump one.

twin towers


Perhaps having oogled at Singapore's skyline from 73 storeys up (City Space) and 55 storeys (Infiinity Pool), this was still as breathtaking but not in the wow way. Reservations are a must if you want to laze by the cabanas, soak in the house music and sip the night away.

Sky Bar

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