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Madam Kwan's @ KLCC

I've long heard of Madam Kwan's from KL and it appears that Grandma's in Singapore was a spin off that. Including close to the heart names like "Grandma" or a surname does up the asian touch to it, that's just my thoughts opposed to something straight in the face like "Sedap Nasi Lemak". I was almost duped into entering Miss Kwan's that is just a corner away from Madam Kwan's selling exactly the same food bistro style, depending which elevator you take to access the forth floor.

madam kwan's at last

At close to 4pm, the place was still packed with diners. (And I thought only Singaporeans live to eat)

madam kwan nasi lemak

Nasi Lemak (RM 15.30)

The ikan bilis belachan caught the eye and blended in with grainy rice was the beginning of sedap! Loved the chicken floss with a tinge of fiery red, that packed a whole lot more spice than anticipated. The chicken thigh was juicy yet firm...slurpilicious curry gravy...Nasi Lemak at its best for me.


Malay Satay (RM 15)

Six sticks of meaty goodness, each stick had so much meat...I wonder if this should be called the satay hulk. Doused in peanut gravy, the accompaniments of ketupat, onion and cucumber played second fiddle. The only thing missing out was the piping hot grilled fragrance and the singlet clad Malay uncle to make this more authentic. Otherwise, a pricey yet yummy alternative.

Some say Madam Kwan's ain't that great, I say she's my kind of memorable.

Madam Kwan's
Lot 420/421
Level 4

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