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Vietnam...has been one of those places that I've always wanted to go. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are the two that I'd love to leave my footprints in. Truth be told, I know little about these two cities...mainly through the lenses of SCV with snippets here and there. The French once ruled Vietnam hence the french influence in their dishes - baguettes in particular.

Do take time to enjoy the country, there's alot to be admired and experienced..though shopping definitely isn't the top of the activities to do!

Here's a couple of places I dropped by in Ho Chi Minh!

French food
La Cuisine - Tripadvisor praised this to the skies...and it was originally supposed to be La Camargue!

Temple Bar - Bar in a temple!
Level 23 - Overview of gorgeous Saigon at night!

Authentically Viet!
Quan An Ngon 138 - A showcase of their bestest streeteats all under one Singapore Food Trail.
Highlands Coffee - Their version of Starbucks...without the cream and fuss. Love their range of cakes!
Terrace Cafe - For the tourists but I found my favourite Bahn Mi here!
Fanny's - Haagan Dazs of HCM
Kem Bach Dang Icecream - Old school icecream
Com Tam Moc - Broken rice franchise!
Boniva Chocolatier - Trying to be a Godiva here!
ABC Bakery - Bahn Mi once again...and other bakes.

Tourist Attractions...and food!
Cu Chi Tunnels - Must go..full day tour!
Ben Thanh Market - Wholesale market reads tourist trap.

A piece of HCM to bring home

Moving onto Hanoi...chomp away!

Authentically so!
Street eats - Eat it at its most authentic
Supermarket finds - Cheap, cheap!
Highlands Coffee - Not as ubiquitous as in HCM.
TH True Mart - The best of Hanoi...mooo!
Pho 49 - Not so cheap roadside eat.
Quan An Ngon - Franchise? Street food in a food court style.
Roll Over - Cheong fun vietnamese style, awesomeness.
Ha Long Bay Cruise - Ready yourself to be ripped off for the food.

La Place - Hidden gem!!

Avalon Coffee Lounge and Bar - Haps it is, lovely night view of Koan Hiem Lake.
Hanoi Soul Cafe - Another place to chill over a great view.
Gecko Cafe - Cheaaaaaap cocktails!

Charming 2 - Very charming indeed, right smack in the Old Quarters