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Cu Chi Tunnels and snacks

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Cu Chi Tunnels and Delta Mekong are two day trips that are iconic of Ho Chi Minh but we chose to head to the former instead of both. Prices for the tour varies marginally from the hotel and travel agency that we finally signed up with. For USD 18 or 19 per person gets you a coach ride to Cu Chi Tunnels and a ferry ride back. On hindsight, you would not get to save much time except get to experience a ferry ride without aircon and neverending murky waters and water plants and perhaps, a look at their harbour. Prices are exclusive of the entrance fee of VND 80,000. Takes at least 2 hours to complete the whole journey as the guide walks you through.


Nutmeg trees spotted at Cu Chi Tunnel!

land traps

One of the many scary bobby traps the Vietcongs set up for their enemies. Imagine falling through and being pierced to death. I shudder at the thought and this is just the tip of the iceburg. There are those that specifically pierce through the vital organs or aim to maim the victim.


Missiles on display.


The famous tunnel that drags for 1km. Broken into 5 different exits at 20m each, the guide promised that we'd exit "panting" and feeling "asthmatic". Indeed it was a freaky experience in the dark and making my way through just 20m (I know it sounds short but when inside I was totally claustrophobic..and I blame the couple infront of me who extended my misery by taking photos!) Darkness breeds fear, I concur.

Seems there are different levels to it and ultimately this leads into the sea. Cannot imagine how they used to crawl at lightning speeds through this.


Originally I thought and read that there will be tapioca provided as part of "war food" but seemed otherwise.

Prawn crackers and 333 beer to quench the thirst and quell the hunger! Spiced crackers that could do with a bit more bite and 333 beer that was godsent. I actually prefer this to Saigon Bia.

cu chi tunnel rice wrappers

Very randomly I spied rice wrappers drying in the this is how they make it!

Cu Chi Tunnels is educational and well...interesting. Must go? Just for memory's sake. And oh, they ended off with a really dated video of the tunnel which the tour members and I laughed off as propaganda - re-enactments of the war glorifying the Vietnamese and slamming the enemies.

Reunification Palace is one of the attractions as well, I'd prefer to remember it as a not so modern version of our Istana. With a weather so scorching hot, I succumbed to the icy cold treats.


Frozen yogurt despite looking bland was actually yummy.
coconut icecream2

Merino coconut icecream! Their equivalent of our Wall's icecream.
coconut icecream!

Comes with a sprinkle of sesame seeds too...this began my obsession of coconut icecream during the trip.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. ♥ ♥ ♥ coconut ice cream! Phoebe, try Daily Scoop's Surprising Coconut. It's really refreshingly sweet, much like fresh coconut juice from fresh young coconut in frozen form with real strips of sweet coconut flesh swirled in. Yummy! Venezia's coconut gelato is good too.

  2. @ice: ure making me drool with the descriptions alone! daily scoop's sounds amazing...! pity tom's doesnt have coconut eh!

  3. Whenever I visit Cu Chi tunnels, I am offered a kind of food called "khoai mì muối mè" (manioc with sesame-salt) which was the main dish for Cu Chi's soldiers in wartime.
    Have you tried this?