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My impression of Indonesia has been clouded by forest fires (oops the pun!), riots, domestic help and paper mills. I've never been to Jakarta though I would love to, I've heard do much about people going around with security and the traffic being tons worse than Bangkok. Then again, they also have this lovely paradise called Bali. I call it the cheaper alternative to Maldives, of which the cheaper cousin of Bali is Bintan and then Batam and the list goes on. '

Until Eat. Pray. Love. came about, I read the book and made an attempt on the movie. Julia Roberts is gorgeous as always but somehow the movie seemed doomed from the very start - I can barely last past 30 minutes..and proven TWICE!

Anyhow, my interaction with Indonesian food has been largely limited to House of Sudanese (or the equivalent), Rice Table and Ayam Penyet. I honestly did not know what to expect when I decided on heading to Bali - surprise, surprise...the population is largely hindu so they eat pork!


Cinta Grill - Accomodation so fine and dandy with awesome food and drinks!
Nefatari Villas - Utmost privacy with on demand Ubud service and amazing banana pancakes!
Kazara Villas - Our first experience with Airbnb!


Roadside Durians - Oh so random!
Cafe Wayan and Bakery - Desserts at a fraction!
Gelato in Bali - Strangely everywhere!

If you really need a bite at the airport

Prada Priority Lounge - Monopolised and I suggest you pack food outside customs!

National prides

Ibu Oka - Suckling Pig alert! If Anthony Bourdain says it's good..think twice. For fresher servings, go there in the morning please. The pig is left out for the most part of the day after they are all cooked in the morning.
Bebek Bengil - Duck confit, think a Balinese take on the French staple.
Mozaic - Only the "rich" would go, my guide mused. Judging from the turnout..indeed only the tourists are able to afford it. Ranked as Bali's top fine dining restaurant, I say it's worth a try.
Ku De Ta - Lifestyle concept. Loveeeeed it! My ideal kinda chill out place.
Naughty  Nuri's / Revisited - Everyone says it's good. I say so too. BEST ribs ever!
Bridges - Cosy and high on ambiance, mainly tourists form the bulk of their clientele.
Metis - Lost in the world of paddyfields,  european food gone chichi.
Sate Babi Bawah Legian - Pork satays only, and just SO GOOD.
Barbacoa - Spanish joint right smack in Seminyak.
Merah Putih - One visit is definitely not enough.
Sangsaka - By the guys behind Merah Putih, Sangsaka presents Balinese food with more finesse.
Fat Turtle - Red. Velvet. Pancakes.
Nalu Bowls -   Smoothie bowls made famous!
Bumbu Bali - Known more for their cooking school instead!
Biku - High tea the balinese way. 

Spa Hangouts

Putri Bali Spa - Leaving Bali without trying their spa is a heinous crime.
Kayma Spa - Tops my list for best spa to date!
Verona Spa - Rice paddyfields!
Therapy Spa - Pick the right masseuse!


Ubud Market - Bali at its rawest.
Tanah Lot - The most amazing sunset. Uber romantic place to be proposed at.


Luwak Coffee - Civet cat poop coffee.
Negari Luwak Coffee Plantation - Loving their cat poop coffee.
Kou Cuisine - Jars of balinese love to bring home!
Balinese Snacks - All the homegrown brands.
Balinese Snacks 2 - Rummage through 7-11 for some great finds
Magnum Mania - Half the price, double the pleasure


L.O.L. Bar - Reggae and really cheap drinks.