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Bebek Bengil @ Ubud, Bali

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Instead of the usual religious's one for the revered king of quack!

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Yet another of the pride of the Balinese - Bebek Bengil. I can feel their eyes lite up just talking about this and Ibu Oka.Reservations are highly recommended...especially for dining in their private pavilions. I got the pavilion but due to construction works just next to it, I had to make do with a normal table.That, irked me when I speficially booked a pavilion one day earlier! Not that kicking up a big fuss would get me one, given that most have difficulty understanding an irate customer.

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Crispy Duck 

Considered a signature and rightfully so. Balinese duck confit, I term this. The way duck confit ought to be - mad crispy skin with succulent meat with a firm bite. Some say the bones are deepfried till they can be eaten along with the rest of the duck; I beg to differ on this! Crunching through the bones was no laughing matter, the bones were not that easily digested either.I say, stick with the meat.

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Garlic rice...absolutely fragrant and fluffy! Paired with their power chilli paste...sedap!

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Balinese Smoked Duck -  order 1 day in advance.

It was hilarious because the lady furrowed her eyebrows when I requested for my order and double confirmed that I had "pre-ordered it". Honestly, you can swear by the ducks and ponds that you did (even if you hadn't) and probably still get it!

Their smoked duck resembled our braised duck with a myraid of herbs.Tender duck meat which was too high on the gamey-o-meter...I found it too much to bear. Does not help the cinnamon stick stuck up the poor fowl's bottom did little to prevent the smell from heading north-wards.

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Super duper fresh ducks used..the bones are white!

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The portion of this is perfect for two...yet when the rest of the set meal came, it was more than suffice for four.


Chicken Sate

Different from our satay, this was entirely chicken breast - juicy! Loved it.

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Stirfried beansprouts and long beans, albeit a tad bland but I missed my greens so!

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I wonder what they do with their keropok but it's freaking addictive!

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Fruit punch with a foamy texture from a starchy fruit blended in...somehow still prefer my juices clean-tasting (think apple,orange,watermelon!)

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Sweet watermelon juice meets icy milkshake!

Desserts were beckoning but those up for grabs were mostly cakes and french favourites like creme brulee.Was looking for an Indonesian touch.

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I like my dining table filled this way every meal!

A major pity by the time we stepfoot into Dirty Duck..the sun had long set and lighting was poor for any proper photography of the gorgeous place! Think ponds with lotus flowers and rice paddyfields all in one compound!

Great to drop by to experience Balinese pride and worth a revisit for the crispy duck! I found the service slightly arrogant for balinese standards.

Bebek Bengil

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