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Sangsaka @ Seminyak, Bali

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Stoked by our visit to Merah Putih, I was pumped up for our dinner reservation at Sangsaka, also under the same group.




Appetizers on the house, each was exquisite and rich in flavour, and here we go on a journey into the modern balinese culinary world.


Nikas Sambal (IDR 10K)

Once again, a must. These chillies were similar those we had at Merah Putih and still as appetizing with the dishes ordered.


School Prawn Perkedel (IDR 50K)

These fritters are the bomb, I love how the whole prawn can be consumed into mouthfuls of crispiness. Excellently executed, these are best eaten piping hot and better still if there's nobody else to share with.



Celeng Guling (IDR 190K)
Suckling Pig, Basa Gede, Cauliflower, Sambal Embre

 This version and Merah Putih's had some difference, this was more ribs than suckling pig. I loved the crispy and sticky sweet exterior which in contrast with the sambal was lipsmacking good.


Papi Sapi Rujak (IDR 170K)
Javanese glazed beef cheek, soy, nasi jagung

 Blackened beef in a toothsome gravy and I had nothing to fault. 


Mie Udang (IDR 95K)
Homemade noodles, yabbies, chili, yabbies

Don't these noodles remind of instant indo mee? Except these handmade strands pack a dense bite and with yabbies? This was prawn mee luxe version. I'd wish for plumper prawns yet who can resist yabbies? The exceptionally sweet meat is such a treat.


Coconut Rice (IDR 5K) is always a must when there's a table full of goodies.


Ayam Padang (IDR 85K)
Charcoal Chicken, Coconut, Tumeric, Baby Beans

I'd have mistaken the white swirls for squid instead of coconut shavings, and it surprises me how many uses for coconut there are during this trip. Smokey chicken bites in a spiced gravy and topped with crunchy coconut, textures were fun and flavours so good!


Ikan Bakar (IDR 60K)
Roast barramundi, octopus, cilok , fennel, dabu dabu

This is surf and turf interpreted the Indonesian way, I was sold on the colours for a start, how the octopus was charred so beautifully. And in a strange manner, the roast barramundi was hardly second fiddle.  


Wagyu Beef (IDR 260K)
Wagyu beef, potato, greens, shallot parape

Of all the dishes, this was less outstanding for me. It came across more of a stew, perhaps the choice of proteins were very similar. 


Seafood Woku (IDR 165K)
Slipper lobster, grouper, Sulawesi coconut curry

Sold on sulawesi coconut curry, mildly spicy and so creamy. I'd probably need a loaf of roti to be satisfied dunking them in gravy. Firm and almost crunchy slipper lobster bites and grouper made this just so satisfying. 


Even the side of greens was so tasty!


Kenari Nut Tart, Coconut, Passionfruit (IDR 70K)

The nut tart was the bomb for me, nutty, scrummy and was too small for sharing in my opinion (I wish I had it all to myself!)


Caramelised Bananas, Coconut, Pandan, Black Rice (IDR 70K)

Equally delicious, I thought the desserts at Sangsaka were a better hit than Merah Putih's! This reminded me of deconstructed goreng pisang with so many asian influences which are all my favourites too.


Complimentary petit fours, these bite sized joyful bites of sponge cake and hazel nut spread spelt heaven. I loved the crusty cake tops that crumbled almost immediately. Sublime.

One good meal after another and I officially declared Sangsaka and Merah Putih my two favourite restaurants this trip. And does it surprise you it takes a foreigner to right the local cuisine?

Perhaps the locals beg to differ but it hit all notes of satisfaction and we're talking about trans generational satisfaction, and a unanimous agreement. My one and only teeny weeny grouse is it is 110% baby unfriendly, even their chairs are not made for portable baby strap seats. So there, a further affirmation babies are not really welcomed in Bali.

Jl. Pangkung Sari No.100, Kerobokan, Kuta Utara,

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