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Kazari Villas @ Seminyak, Bali

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I've never stayed in an Airbnb apartment before though I have heard and read so much about how affordable and comfy staying in someone else's vacation home is. We took the plunge this trip and booked a villa for 6 in Seminyak. For the price we paid, it seemed like a great deal given how Seminyak villas cost so much more!

So when the car pulled up at the Villa, I was not expecting Kazari Villas, it was more of a private villa than someone's home.


We were welcomed with thirst quenching watermelon juice and popsicles.


Wet towels to freshen up. 


Master bedroom!


The huge toilet with a surprise at the end of it.


Open air shower that was less of a superb experience with falling leaves and invading millipedes, and if it rains, it'd be showering in rain water. Somehow, my maldivian adventure spoiled me through and through. That gave a taste of what open air showers should be like!


The third bedroom was on a separate extension of the house, and on the second floor overlooking the main street.


Hello partially covered and open air toilet.


Love or hate the wood, this third bedroom was more rustic than the other two on ground floor.


View of the pool from the second floor!


Blankets for splashing good times!


The rest of the living room which we hardly made use of, I love that large sofa though!


And this pool, adequate for some water play.


We ordered our lovely pony float and it almost took up a quarter of the pool!


The somewhat deserted street leading to our villa.


Morning breakfast was served on the first day of three we stayed and it would come at a price of USD 10 for subsequent meals. It was adequate but not quite the kind of Indonesian meal that I wished for.


And fruits too!

The property was tired  and not exactly how the pictures captured (for real, this is social media and there ought to be some give and take on the actual state of things), security was all of lock and key and safes. The water from the taps are from their wells which made it unsafe for consumption (even showering was particularly troublesome since the water was too "hard"). I am sure there are nicer properties around Seminyak and I'm probably headed the resort way the next time! 

Airbnb, I'm done and likely to be my first and last. 

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