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Barbacoa @ Seminyak

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Barbacoa actually refers to a cooking technique for meats in the Carribean region and in Bali, that is exactly what they specalise in. Almost new to the dining scene, this establishment has been serving up wood fired meals since 2016 and delighting customers since.


It seemed to us that ordering drinks was a cheaper way to get through meals, since they cost the same as water anyway! When in doubt, just ask which juices are freshly squeezed, rather than having to pay for fruit concentrate.


Almost limp nuts in a cone, which were a huge pity. Crunchy nuts would have given a top notch first impression.


Grilled Corn (IDR 35,000)
Chipotle Mayonnaise Manchego Cheese, Smoked Spice, Lime 

These are great for gnawing at, loved the flavours but the corn could do with more char.


Fried Cauliflower (IDR 85,000)
Pint Nuts, Raisins, Parsley, Cauliflower Puree, Cumin

Cauliflower is not my favourite vegetable to begin with but parsley and cumin made this a game changer. I adore the flavours that came through, simply yummy!


Fish Taco (IDR 35,000)
Cabbage Slaw, Chipotle Mayonnaise, Mango Salsa

Put tacos on the menu and I cannot resist ordering. This was really just finger food and a by the way order which did not leave much of an impression as compared to the other appetizers.


8 Hour Wood Fired Suckling Pig 220gm (IDR 250,000)

Babi Guiling is the heart and soul of Balinese food, or at least Anthony Bourdain popularized it. To be fair, I find their other pork dishes more outstanding and Barbacoa's version albeit tasty and spot on with the crispy skin, is not a dish I would give up my sates and grilled pork for.


Spanish Potatoes (IDR 60,000)
Paprika Salt, Garlic Aioli

My favourite starch option, gotta love these crispy edged potatoes!


Charcoal Grilled Beef Ribeye (220 gm) (IDR 250,000)

No grilled meat meal is ever complete without beef. The glistening sheen and juicy red gave this slab the look for success, however it was just missing out on the key seasoning to make this a home run.


Lamb Cutlet (IDR 220,000)
Mint Salsa Verde, Burnt Carrots

Same goes for the lamb, somewhat underwhelming with more fat than meat. 


Pork Spare Ribs (IDR 190,000)
Chipotle Chilli Glaze

Strangely, the ribs turned out the best of the mains though I had higher expectations for the suckling pig. Fall of bone, finger licking sticky sauce and a tasty side of spring vegetables. Except this was no Naughty Nuri's at first bite.


Farewell, hogs!


The whole place after sun down exudes a particularly warm and inviting ambiance. So much so, I felt like I was dining in some communal dining hall in Hogwart's School.


Embriodery pieces lining the red brick walls.


Spot those animal hides!


Immaculate is what I'd describe the restrooms as, with very thoughtful features embedded. Spot those rolled towels tucked into pigeon holes. These were frequently refilled throughout dinner service.


Granted it is a place for foreigners and tourists to hang out, one is unlikely to spot locals here. Hearty barbecued fare for a first visit, and possibly just not memorable enough for a second.

Jalan Petitenget 14, Kerobokan

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